Bye Bye Boumsong?

By on Jul 31, 06 02:03 PM

BoumsongThe way Jean Alain Boumsong was talking earlier today you’d think he had the pick of the biggest names in European football to choose from should he be given the opportunity to head for the exit door at St James’ Park.

But as far as the majority of the Toon Army are concerned they won’t give a hoot where he goes as long as he goes.

The £8million French international revealed on his own website that Marseille, Monaco and disgraced Italian giants Juventus - now residing in Serie B due to a match-fixing scandal - are all in the chase for his signature.

Boumsong appeared to lose the plot at times last season and was even awarded 0 out of 10 in the Evening Chronicle for his performance against Liverpool - a game in which he was sent off in what was probably his worst performance in a black and white shirt.

Boumsong also had more the occasional blip under the man who brought him to Tyneside Graeme Souness and often left Toon fans wondering just what he was going to attempt next.

The English media have never needed much help criticising Newcastle defences down the years but in Boumsong they had a player who could hand it to them on a plate.

Defensive technician Glenn Roeder clearly did his best to get the most out of Boumsong but with the likes of Steven Taylor, Craig Moore, Titus Bramble and if required Peter Ramage all ahead of the Frenchman in the centre-back queue, the Toon boss won’t stand in Boumsong’s way - as long as the price the right.

It’s clear that once upon time Boumsong had something to offer but given the fact he has had more of an opportunity to prove himself than a whole host of others have, it’s probably better for all parties he goes.

Dare I suggest he is given another chance in a black and white shirt?

Or is it ready for the fat lady to start getting warmed up?



Phil said:

if boumsong goes we will have another big loss in transfer money, how did souness value him at 8.5mil!!! no chance, helping out an old friend i think, he might have pranced about doing flick overs in the SPL but he doesnt cut it. bah.

Paul said:

Can you please stop referring to fans as "the Toon Army", it's embarrassing. Go on any Newcastle fans' forum and ask fans what they feel about being called "the Toon Army" to get a measure of how cringeworthy this is.

WEISY said:

interesting read. as a stockport county fan we know all about joke defenders!!! fact, if you want to loan us titus bramble then we can play him with his brother tesfaye who is one of our strikers!! - titus has been spotted a few times at edgeley park.

there are another couple of interesting newcastle - stockport links. tony dinning has just joined us for the 2nd time - a former toon man.

then there is also alun armstrong who came to us and scored goals.

we had the lad smylie on loan last season - seemed to lightweight for the hurly burly of league 2 tho.

and now weve been linked with another of your kids - alan o'brien???....anyone know much about him?

Gerry Hagon said:

Although well past his sell-by date I can remember that Boumsong was a popular player with the crowd for some time. I had to explain to friends with me at the game that the Boo sound when he got the ball was actually Boum and was an affectionate joke - not for long though. But let us not encourage those so-called fans who are booing our players seriously. The recent treatment of Butt was unacceptable, and I am pleased that Roeder has made it plain that it was.

zorro said:

Boumsong is a flop just like the manager who bought ive said all understand how a geordie thinks you have to be a geordie..and wor glen is just that...godbless him..."the new boss ov the toon"

wayne said:

Maybe we should let him move to Sunderland! This way they can stay in the lower divisions.

Luke said:

Its best for Boumsong and the Toon that he leaves; the lad still thinks he's something he's not and I can't see him reacting well if he ends up sitting on the bench this coming season, his value will (continue to) fall and can't imagine that he would contribute positively to team morale; pray that we can get Gallas or Mathijsen in (if Roeder is happy with thier attitude).

Andrew said:

Another one of souness's misfits in the transfer market. Now Roeder has to stabilize the squad and needs to beef up the transfer kitty.

Gillian said:

At 60,000 pounds a week, he has nothing to lose at warming NU's benches week in week out.

It is not easy to convince any club to pay him the same wages and yet cough out a decent transfer payment. Offloading him is easier said than done.

zorro said:


tnsylmz said:

i heard that he ll transfer to the besiktas which is the best team in turkey


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