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By on Aug 24, 06 10:50 AM

Obafemi MartinsAt last it looks like Newcastle United fans can celebrate a new striker.

Is he 21? Is he 28? Is he from Cameroon? Is he from Nigeria?

My opinion is nobody will really care how old he is or if he comes from Mars - as long as he scores goals.

And so it appears to be Obafemi Martins who will join Shola Ameobi and Albert Luque in their mission to bring goals to Newcastle.

With 28 goals in 88 games Obagoal’s record seems good enough to me considering Serie A is usually a League dominated by defences.

We did hear that Portsmouth tried to get Martins with a last gasp bid but perhaps it would have been too dangerous for he and Lomana Lualua to be on the same pitch as each other given their identical backflip goal celebrations!

Realistically I don’t think Pompey had a sniff of getting Martins once the Lagos-born star knew United were in the hunt.

I mean be honest, playing at crumbling Fratton Park every fortnight with no European football or running out in front of the Gallowgate in front of 52,000 and UEFA Cup football to boot.

It isn’t bad is it?

I think £10million is a fair price for Martins and when you look around on what was available and what else was on offer it could turn out to be a shrewd buy by Glenn Roeder.

Roeder has admitted he wanted pace in his team and especially upfront, now I believe he has got that in Martins.

The United boss will also give Martins the choice to wear number 9.

Should he accept I think that is massive statement from the player and indicates he can live with life in the big time.

His education has come at Inter Milan watching the likes of Ronaldo, Vieri, Adriano, and Recoba amidst the backdrop of the San Siro which all also bodes well for the future.

Good luck Obagoal - the whole of Tyneside is behind you.



Gerry Hagon said:

Although I have seen little of Obafemi Martins, I think that he will turn out to be a great signing for us. Freddie and Glen are to be congratulated in sticking to their guns in the long drawn out process in getting him. Has Freddie started to develop some common sense at last? Is this the man who paid an astronomical amount for a player on a free just months earlier? I am gradually coming round to love Freddie - just a little. Perhaps the influence of Glen has something to do with it.
Looking at the players available for selection tonight can you imagine what we would be getting from Souness at this time. From Roeder not a mention that we do not have one fit striker available, he just tells those players that are available, to get on with it. He expects them to win and he gives them and us the confidence that we will. He is turning out to be the manager that we really needed after the traumatic days of Souness.
I am not sure if my sums are correct but the recent comings and goings have resulted in a net expenditure of £7.5 million for two players of the calibre of Duff and Martins. Good going, Freddie.

Mike moodie said:

Who cares, were gonna win the league

jackie w said:

Just watched the game and Martins signature could not have come at a better time ..tonight showed just how much we need a new number 9 and a big pat on the back for the fellow for wanting to take the shirt.a very good performance against a very poor latvian mob but nevertheless into europe we go and well done Glen.But lets put one thing to bed and that is luque is not a great player in fact he is not even a good player and never in a month of sundays is the bloke going to make it at Newcastle .He was absolute rubbish tonight against possibly the worst team we have faced in recent times , i have read all the shouts on here and taken most with a dose of salt but was still optimistic that he just needed time to adjust.Well that bubble has now burst the bloke couldnt trap a bag of cement and couldnt hit a cows rear end with a banjo . Sorry to all the dreamers but it aint going to happen.Getting back to martins the way he strutted on to the pitch was a good sign ,we need confident players and first impressions are good (Albert sort of shrugged in) the fellow looks full of confidence and cant wait to see him down the villa on sunday....and even if he doesnt score a sackfull we could probably make a few bob loaning him out to Gateshead Harriers for the 100m...Jackie

jackie w said:

We will have to agree to disagree on this one Adam i have read your postings on here and i know you speak a lot of sense on most subjects and i agree with a lot of your comments but Luque isnt gonna make it ..he will join the group of world stars who flop at sjp...thommason,anderson guivarch ,saha the list goes on not saying he is a bad player away from here (watched your luque can play tube video) but doesnt do it for me nor do i think he ever will in the black and white stripes...really hope im wrong as we could do with the player on your video but cant see it happening ..Jackie


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