No show at the Villa

By on Aug 28, 06 10:02 AM

You have to say that Newcastle United players let more than themselves down at Villa Park.

There was always a chance that it is was going to be Villa’s day with newly installed tycoon Randy Lerner sat in the stands for the first time.

And then there was Villa hero and lynchpin Gareth Barry also on a high after penning a new deal at the start of a new era under Martin O’ Neill.

But the fact is Villa are still a poor side and United should have more than a 2-0 defeat to be mulling over during the international break.

And as Cleveland Browns chief Lerner will find out - Villa Park won't always be this full or as noisy without the Toon Army in place.

Where were Newcastle United yesterday though?

Turning up at Villa less than an hour before the kick-off certainly didn’t help United after getting stuck in traffic.

And from the minute the first whistle sounded things just got worse.

They were 1-0 down inside two minutes, Emre could have been sent off after clashing with Gavin McCann, Nobby Solano and James Milner endured miserable returns to Villa and just when United thought they were on top, they were hit with a sucker punch from Juan Pablo Angel.

Yet there can be no excuses, United’s players let their huge travelling army down and their manager.

Even debutant Oba Martins failed to provide some much needed spark in attack and ended the day stretchered off.

It could have been worse but in the end it turned out to be a dead leg and Martins did not look in too much pain as he boarded the team bus afterwards.

In the end it was sloppy defending and failure to convert chances in the final third that cost United, on a day when they had enjoyed plenty of possession.

The defeat isn’t the end of the world though.

Martins, like new signings at any club, will need to time to settle and patience is certainly the word.

And there are foundations in place at Newcastle to have a good season.

Albert Luque on the other hand is different story, his second half substitute appearance brought little or nothing to the team when they needed some inspiration.

Did the £9.5million man break into a sweat?

His performance must have had the huge travelling support tearing their hair out with his feeble backheel early in the second half summing up his contribution.

Others did have an off day but the majority of the side are the team that hadn’t tasted a defeat in the previous 12 games, and I for one would be more than happy if we only lost once in every dozen competitive games.

To be fair to Villa they took their chances and then defended like their lives depended on it.

But as much as the performance will have hurt Roeder and the travelling Geordie support, Newcastle already owe the boss and the fans a good show in their next game against Fulham after the international break.


Chris said:

I think you're showing the typical Newcastle fan's lack of respect here.

You were outmuscled, out thought and out played yesterday.

Newcastle are not as good a side as you may want to believe, in fact the 11 v 11 yesterday - Villa were the better side without doubt.

Did Martins get a touch of the ball or has Mellberg not let him play with it yet?

Anonymous said:

If we are to make the most of what we have at Newcastle I'd like two things:-

Passes from midfleld for Martins and Luque to run onto, ball to feet, balls from midfield into feet in the box, neither are headers of the ball in fact Martins joins the majority of the toon players in the "undersized" measurement - no wonder we can't boss ganes physically.

I'd also like to see our so called supporters to shut their gobs. Already I read the told you so comments, knocking all and sundry, next month it'll be Glen out, Martins no confidence, bad buy etc.

We are all disappointed at yesterdays performance and result but too many sound more like Mackems than geordies.

Mark Goodwin said:

I'm afraid from Newcastles point of view it looks like you have the same old failings. Very good going forward but dreadful at the back. Luque looked as if he was dazzled by the colour of his boots and Milner didn't look interested. I thought at half-time we were lucky to be infront but with your Dads Army style of defending games like this are always going to happen.
As soon as Martins went off the game was as good as over and I was a bit disappointed we didn't really put you to the sword.
Villa fan

jackie w said:

Fair shout Mark Goodwin we still have the same failings as previous seasons ,but Glen is looking to put this right and with a bit of luck we should have the necessary players in by Thursdays deadline.Remember Glen is a defender by trade and after his season saving efforts last term knows exactly what we need and hopefully will achieve this by the 31st.We all know the problems with Luque but they are the same problems you expierienced with Angel so its still early days .Milner is allowed an off day but is still a quality player as you well know ..And as to "put us to the sword" come on this is villa ,Birminghams second team we are talking about and all the billionairs and long ball managers in the world does not mask the fact you are a poor team..Once the money comes in and o,niel gets to work this will change but at present your not that good , you are still in the honeymoon period and once the dust settles your problems will be exposed ..and for a put to the sword performance we will show you how to do that when you come to ST James Park .....Jackie

davojj said:

I feel we missed the boat on Sunday,Villa are only an average team like ourselves and we should have had 3 points.We are carrying players not good enough for the EPL and they need to be replaced.I feel it is to late now but we may make changes for January in the sales.I hope its not to late by then.

Julian Duncan said:

At Aston Villa we saw a classic example of a team motivated under Martin O'Neil and a team devoid of any motivation under Glenn Roeder. There was no passion or commitment and yet once more i call into question the appointment of recent managers for a team that has one of the most loyal and fervent supporters in the game of football.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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