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By Lee Ryder on Sep 14, 06 01:03 PM

Funny game football isn't it?

This time last year we were looking forward to Alan Shearer's farewell season alongside England star Michael Owen now we go into today's game against Levadia Tallinn with Antoine Sibierski leading the line for Newcastle.

OK, it is not the big-name signing everybody wanted.

But can you blame the Frenchman for nearly snapping Glenn Roeder's hand off?

Be easy if we had a crystal ball to see what the cut-price last gasp move to Tyneside will turn out like.

But we haven't, United cannot sign anyone else until January and we have to get on with it.

Sibierski has already told us he will give it his all, and although Temuri Ketsbaia was certainly not the best player to don a black and white shirt in the club's history, he certainly gave it his all.

I can see similarties here, not because of the hair loss, but an overseas player who arrives at a club with big expectations without any expectation from the Toon fans, get the drift?

Forget what Man City fans are saying, remember the way Jon Dahl Tomasson looked like a world beater after Newcastle at AC Milan?

Sibierski hasn't come here as a big name but has vowed to give it his all.

Importantly for him and the fans - he wants to be here.

And there is a sad list of players you can't say that about in the last few years isn't there?

Let's hope Sibierski bursts the net on his debut tonight.

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Chris Gray said:

I do not understand what all the fuss is about. GR must be given time, and not forced to compromise the future by making poor signings just to keep fickle supporters happy for a day or two until they see the Luques of this world actually play. We got Duff and Martins over the summer - Duff is the business, let's hope Martins is too. We got Bernard - a good acquisition - and Sibierski is a perfectly decent short-term squad player who gives us an extra option and might do OK. We spent as much as virtually anyone else before the window closed. If it hadn't been for 10 mad minutes v Fulham we'd have won 2 lost 1. Why is everyone moaning? GR is the right man - let's back him and in a few games time see where we are. I don't think we'll be doing too badly. Top four is well beyond us - top seven again isn't.

Gerry Hagon said:

Quite right, Chris Grey, nothing yet to whinge about at all.....but!!!. It is quite clear that the excesses in the transfer market by Mr Souness are still influencing our ability to bring in much needed reinforcements. Glen's actions are obviously dictated by his chairman and he was being told to sell before being allowed to buy. This will continue at the next transfer window in January and Glen's problem will be to find buyers for players like Luque to finance any transfers at all.
I sincerely hope that this does not mean that James Milner will once again be sent down the M6 for transfer talks with Martin O'Neil. He with Nobby is our best crosser of the ball and would be a criminal loss to our club.
To be completely fair to Souness his buying of Parker has been the best purchase since Shearer and Craig Moore has let no-one down. So, as Chris says, let us give Roeder time, pray that Luque comes good, that Bernard is back fit and that Sibierski carries on scoring. By the way anyone remember the Fulham match two seasons ago. We had 34 shots on goal, Crossley had a blinder; they had 4 shots (1 pen) and beat us 4-1. I have been unable to forget it as the most one-sided match won by such a margin by the worst side on the day.

davojj said:

Lets get this right,when Roeder took over he knew we needed defenders to strengthen our back four.We get Bernard for nothing,if he had stayed with us we would be looking to give hima free transfer.We need players who will improve our team not be as bad as we already have.Roeder is the wrong man for the job and you people who say give him a chance,well he had his chance we he was given the job after 15 games.Roeder must go.

Lee Ryder said:

Roeder earned the chance to do the job by taking the team from the lower reaches of the Premiership and into Europe last year.

This was done with just three months of the season left, without his own team and at a time when the camp's confidence was low.

Now United are just five points behind fourth placed Everton with a game in hand and it is still early days in the season.

The performance against West Ham was an example of how well United can play under Roeder and with just two defeats in 15 games the stats speak for themselves.

Anyone who went to West Ham yesterday would say United's away performance at West Ham has to be one of the best in their Premiership history.

Getting rid of Glenn Roeder would be one of the harshest dismissals in football.

He deserves a fair crack of the whip.

So far he hasn't had that.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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