Titus has Toon fans at breaking point

By Lee Ryder on Sep 24, 06 08:27 PM

It might not have cost Newcastle United all three points against Everton but the red card for Titus Bramble against the Toffees has certainly left the Toon defender in a sticky position.

The reaction of Glenn Roeder after his second yellow then red said it all as the United manager simply blanked Bramble as he trotted down the tunnel.

It has to be said, Bramble has shown in the past what a strong tackler and imposing defensive figure he can be on his day, so why does he keep doing what can only be described as footballing suicide in Toon colours?

His days at Newcastle have been chequered to say the least and there are times when he must feel hard done by.

The lad has certainly got broad shoulders.

For example last season at Anfield he came on as sub to the biggest sarcastic round of applause that has probably ever been heard in football in response to his nightmare performance in his final game for Ipswich when relegated Town were hammered 5-0.

He was under the cosh again this season when many pointed the finger at his defending against Fulham to allow the Cottagers to perform and smash and grab win at SJP.

Many have questioned his concentration, bad timing and general lazy body language but yesterday his ridiculous lunge on Leon Osman took the biscuit.

Had Everton scored from the resultant free-kick it would have rubbed salt into an open wound, but when is Bramble going to learn?

It is true that when Bramble makes mistakes they seem to magnified more than anybody else but that is the price on the ticket as one former Toon manager once said.

It's also true that nobody was complaining too much when he smashed home the winner against Chelsea to get United back into Europe last term.

But his latest slip-up has tested some fans patience to the limit.

The question is can Bramble somehow bounce back from the latest on a long list of Toon misdemeanours?


Ian Teasdale said:

After watching the Everton game i'm trying not to use expletives so here goes.
Bramble by numbers alone makes more mistakes than he does saving tackles. He made a great saving tackle from Andy Johnson and also made three laughable errors of judgement, which if we were playing Man U could have conceded three goals from free kicks on the edge of the 18 yard box.
I think we would play better with Duff on the left wing, N'Zogbia left back Carr right back Taylor and Ramage centre with Moore as cover for either centre back. That leaves no roon for calamity Bramble.
Just my opinion but get rid of Bramble in January and try to get a big centre half in the new year. I know we tried to get Woodgate , and if we had i wouldn't be writing this but we need somebody like Sol Campbell somebody big and strong and cheap. Anybody other than Bramble.

KT said:

WHY oh WHY is Bramble in the Newcastle team? Isnt yesterdays performance enough already? I cant even begin to explain how frustrated I was yesterday. :-(

ZORRO said:

calamity Bramble......what can ya say.....i think he cant cope with the prem,,he,d be better playing in the coca....we need to move him on in january.....stop buying strikers...and only ...yes only buy...defenders....ok GLENN

malcolm said:

I felt nervous each time Bramble had posession, and he put the defense under immediate pressure with a couple of poor passes out of defence in addition to his lack of challenge to a couple of headers in the box.He's had enough chances and should be moved on as soon as poss.

Dom said:

There is only so much patience that can be shown towards a player. Surely Titus is in te same position as JA Boumsong found himself in the back end of last season. I have no faith in him at all, every time he had the ball yesterday we were all worried. He then compounded the missery with a shocking tackle from behind that only a dimwit would have attempted. It's time for him to move aside for Taylor, who I believe has already had to wait to long to nail down a place in the Toon side, he has hardly put a foot wrong when he has played.

Gary Hughes said:

We want Titus Bramble out all he does is make mistake after mistake and costs us points im fed up of seeing him give the ball away and every mistake he dose it costs us a goal please Glenn get rid of him now.

Ray said:

I always wonderd how come the mgrs keep with bramble, but everytime we hear about "his potential"; now at 25 surely its got past the point where we are still looking for potential and more substance.

get rid, bring back taylor. even ramage (who isnt a powerful guy) looked comfortable at west ham

Nigel said:

Titus Bramble. now what can i say about the man that hasnt been said before.we have given the guy enough chances and he has thrown them back in the toon fans faces. The guy needs to go. He is out on the town more than he is on the football pitch and doesnt have the quality for Newcastle United. Glenn Roeder needs to learn,that with the potential of our midfield and strikers, if and i mean IF we had half decent defenders we could seriously contend with the likes of chelsea and man u. The spine of our team will never be right with the likes of Bramble at the heart of our defence and Roeder needs to be strong and get rid!

Rachel said:

A lot of the patience people had with Titus were based on the fact that he had youth and potential. Surely now he's realised his potential and is no longer classed as a junior member of the team? He could be a brilliant player, or could have been, but enough is enough. We can't play someone in the hope they don't make fatal errors. If it was once or twice a season, then yeah, it's understandable. Not once or twice a game. If he wasn't on his last chance after Fulham, he must be now. Boumsong wasn't given this amount of second chances.

jackie w said:

the time has come for glen to admit to the fact although he did wonders last season and dragged us up the table with some brilliant team performances and a big dollop of luck ,he has entered this current campaign poorly equiped .striker crisis aside our defence is poor and taylor and ramage are a couple of kids albeit with a lot of potential and are just not ready to be trusted ,next season they may be our regular centre half pairing and i honestly hope this is the case but for now they are not ready.Where does this leave us ? Craig Moore is a competent centre half and would be even better with a big commanding partner , and then we come to Bramble,,, the bloke has never done it for us and i personnaly cant see why he is still here.I remember the season before we bought him and thought he would go on to gaining a regular england place,but i also remember watching his last few games for ipswich and his first few for us and thinking he was dangerous.As stated before my optimism usually masks bigger issues and but sadly even with my happy gilmore out look on all things black and white i cant see any logic in perservering with the big lump and would be looking to release him in the comming window.Loosing out on woody and cambell will prove to be a costly exercise and glen is still harping on about scouring the continent for strikers when really he should be out looking for centre halves..Rumour had it in the bar yesterday Sutton was interested and him comming could solve both problems as he can play a dual role ..........the mind boggles....jackie

weebowie said:

its about time the management at sjp finally came to terms that titus is not a premiership player,its a shame because he has all the qualities to be a top defender,exept a footballing nounce.time and time again his mistakes cost us which makes me now firmly believe the premiership game is too quick for him to remain focused for the full 90 mins.the time has comes to stop keep giving him chances and accept the reality.its a shame we never brought sol campbell in when we had the chance,his experience would have been invauable to the likes of taylor and would have been money well spent on his high wages.

Peter said:

Let's face it, there's always a mistake coming when Titus is around... we CANNOT build a consistently successful team unless we are secure at the back. For all his attributes, it's just not possible with TB in the team (sell and replace, forget stories of his potential). Pity we didn't go for Sol Campbell.

Barry Bumhead said:

Titus has had potential for 6 years now and has not or will not fulfill it.
His concentration is too suspect.
He is a modern day Glenn Keeley and he has got to go if Newcastle are to progress in the future.

Gerry Hagon said:

Strange, I think, that we are still obsessed with the sins of Titus Bramble. Yes, his silly tackle was unforgivable but the real problem on Sunday was the lack of our forwards ability to put the ball away. Chief culprit on that, without doubt, was Martins who had a half a dozen chances none of which were on target. We all know that our defence is suspect but a couple of those put away would have given us the points. Our shooting generally was very poor and also very rare, and let's face it a draw was only achieved by a gift from the officials. More and more Martins is illustrating why he was rarely selected in Italy. Fast, he may be, but he needs a lot more of the Terry Sheringham nous before he becomes a regular scorer. And please let us stop talking about Bramble's potential. For goodness sake he is 25 years old and it will not be long before he is thinking about retirement.

gren said:

I have said this before on this blog, Titus is always going to give you a roller coaster ride. Yesterday was no different, a silly tackle and no where near Cahill when he scored. Having said that, if Martins had put those couple of chances away then we would not be moaning so much about Bramble, cos we would have and should have got 3 points.Rossi came on for 10 minutes at the end and looked sharper and more likely to score than Martins. G R is always saying be patient with players like Bramble, Martins and Luque [ who? does he play for us?] but there are only 38 games in a premier season, how many more games before he stops being patient? The season is ticking away, we are short in all deparments apart from midfield, it's time to stand up and be counted with these players and a couple of others [Baba for one], not nursemaiding them.The squad is woefully to small to carry players who do not perform.

Mitch said:

At the end of the day its his errors that are costing points, I'm sorry but "potential" or not the lad has to go...

The only problem we are left with is who will replace him... I have an old door in the garden left from when we decorated, I reckon that with a few weeks training it might be as good as Bramble.. and at least it wont put in horror tackles.

Lee Ryder said:

Interesting you should mention Glenn Keeley, Barry.

He was actually my coach at the University of Central Lancashire.

Once he set up a shooting drill and I managed to send the ball, high and wide each and every time I went clean through.

"Are you taking the Micky out of me and this drill I've set up!", screamed Keeley.

No Glenn, I just couldn't finish my dinner as I was just a student at the time wanting a kick about!

I wonder if Titus ever makes it as a coach?

Steven Revely said:

Who is coaching the lad??...why go for balls that
arent there if you are second to the ball then be
second... jockey the player off by keeping tight make
the player pass the ball back or sides...all managers
and coaches at NUFC with bramble guilty of poor
instructions / discipline....clubs a joke!

weebowie said:

let me first say im not anti bramble, he seems to be a lovely guy and has a lot of good qualities, but a premiership player he is deffinately not!!!,again he went missing for both of boltons goals,which says it all, up till then he had performed reasonably well (apart from a couple of dodgy moments early doors), then lack of concentration or the ability to read whats happening around him, costs us dearly.i have to be honest every time he has the ball i get nervous.although taylor isnt the finnished artical and is prone to the odd rush of blood he is a safer bet than titus.i only hope when the transfer windows opens we sign TWO quality centre backs,and if the cash stretches that far a couple of full backs as well.the left backs at the club are dire, unless bernard quickly regains the form he showed before he lift.carr always gives you 100%, but for me gets sucked into the middle far too often,perhaps its because of his lack of confidence with his CBs.always the eternal optimist, im afraid even i have to admit it's going to be a long dark winter.roll on the jan sales,and hopefully some quality buy.still think we should have taken sol campbell on board.

ipswich toon said:

He cost Ipswich big time with his mistakes. He cost toon big time £4.5m & now he's costing even more because he does not have an ounce of footballing brain. Titus 'Ramble' is thick

Angela Bowen said:

Yeah sure Titus does make mistakes but there aint too many players on the Newcastle team that doesn't. Yeah I am glad that Titus will be moving on but only because he does not deserve all the stick that you lot are giving him. NEWCASTLE ARE NOT SCORING ANY GOALS AT THE MOMENT!! Or am I the only one that seems to be noticing that. The sooner Titus is away from you fickel Georgies the better!!


Lee Ryder

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