Wouldn't you just love it?

By Lee Ryder on Sep 29, 06 04:43 PM

It’s right up there with going to the dentist or going to visit the in-laws on Boxing Day, yes it’s that time of year again – time to go to the so called Theatre of Dreams.

You know the place we all least enjoy going in the Premiership.

And you can’t be a spring chicken if you were there last time we won, yes way back in 1972, when Supermac and Bob Moncur were pulling on a black and white shirt and hippies were popular (probably).

Because that’s just it, isn’t it?

None of us young guns know what it’s like to see those smug smiles wiped off the faces from all those buses that have made the journey from Torquay, West Yorkshire, Newport, Milton Keynes, Tokyo, Mars or Pluto, before it was wiped off the Solar System that is.

Of course we can remember the wins in the semi-finals when Big Al done the business then said: “Old Trafford hasn’t heard noise like that for a while.�

But as memorable as those days were, it wasn’t beating Man United was it?

And in the mean time apart from the odd draw and when Rob Lee was decapinated by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer just as he was about to score the winner in 1998, United have suffered some awful days out in the North-West.

If it hasn’t been Keith Gillespie, it’s been Andy Cole, if it hasn’t been Cole, it’s been Wayne Rooney and so on and so forth.

So is our luck about to change?

Well that really is a question, there aren’t too many that would put their mortgage on it that’s for sure.

On the plus side we can go there on the back of a two-game unbeaten run and with Oba Martins hopefully going into the game with some confidence after the two goal blast against Levadia Tallinn.

OK, he’ll do very well to repeat the trick against Man U but we can always hope can’t we?

And one thing that is for certain is that the travelling Toon Army always beat their extra special high standards when it comes to visiting Old Trafford.

They can turn the volume up on the speakers full blast to try and whip the Torquay faithful into a frenzy but for some reason the Toon fans always drown out the home crowd.

As one great philosopher once said: “I’d love it, if we beat them, love it!�


Decky said:

Never mind dreaming about beating Man Utd, lets look at the big picture...Right now we are a club sitting 13th in the league, a team bursting with so much talent and money that we should be envied throughout Europe, we have brilliant fans and a fantastic stadium, YET we barely made Europe last year, the year before that we were 14th and like i said we are currently 13th and on the brink of our 4th defeat already this season. WHY are we like this? Freddy Shepherd thats why.

Time and time again I and many other fans despair when we look at who runs our club, and the worst thing is what can we as Newcastle United fans, we as the foundations of Freddy's fortune here, the worst thing is we cannot do anything about it, sure we can decide not to go to games, but someone will always take our seats, someone will always buy the merchandise, someone will always take our place in filling Freddy's pockets. Where has Freddy gone wrong?

Bob said:

Lee you are a supreme optimist and I like and admire that in a man. But I have to tell you that it is due to people like you, happy to feed off crumbs and forever clutching at straws which has put this potentially great club where it is today. We are the laughing stock of the football world. The champion losers and excuse makers. This is no great mystery. We have a very poor Board, a Manager with a proven track record - of failure and, with one or two honourable exceptions, a squad of third-rate players. I was told reliably that at Man. City last season the Newcastle supporters sang " we're poor and we know it". And still they go on supporting. Loyalty or stupidity? A bit of both I think. It is time we tried to force out the useless morons who run our club. And looking at the past through rose-coloured spectacles and dreaming of glories that, with the present set-up are never going to happen, is not the way to do it. If we the fans, the only real asset the Club has, could unite we could do it.

Lee Ryder said:

Well Bob

If I'm the supreme optimist you sound like the ultimate pessimist.

I'd borrow a few quid of you any time because you'll never expect back! (joke alert).

In terms of looking at the past through rose tinted come on Bob, I'm talking about 34 years of hurt at Old Trafford!

Looking back I'd have rather had a blindfold yesterday - it was simply a matter of time before we cracked.

John Quinn said:


stephen said:

after reading decky`s comment i have to totally disagree that its freddie shepards fault for whats going on at the moment.over the years the board have been more than kind in the transfer market i blame the managers who have been here for bad buys,and theres been some shockers too.we need a good manager in look at arsenal and man united theyve stuck with managers for 20 and 10 years repectively and theres jose morinho fair enough hes had millions to spend but hes spent good though benitez at liverpool has made great signings too why is it that top class players fail at nufc, its because we change managers far too often and its unsettling.bobby robson was here for 5 years and he had success a little cos he was given a bit of time.we made a huge mistake getting souness in,we all know that.even now im not too sure about gr,ive nothing against him but we need a higher profile manager,i would give al a go

Barry Bumhead said:

Stephen says..."i have to totally disagree that its freddie shepards fault for whats going on at the moment.over the years the board have been more than kind in the transfer market."
You are entitled to you opinion, but who appointed these "wasteful" managers in the first place and also how much of his own money do you think Shepherd has spent. A BIG FAT NOWT, thats how much.
This close season, Newcastle raked in between £7 & 8 million in transfer fees and got nearly £8 million in prize money from the Premier League and FA Cup, this was spent mainly on Martins and Duff. I didn't see Fred dipping his hands his pockets to buy the neccessary defenders we desperately need, did you?


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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