Boos going sort this out?

By Lee Ryder on Oct 29, 06 06:17 PM

Who do you think deserved the boos against Charlton?

I know that people have got their view about some kind of magic dynasty that will take Newcastle back or beyond the highs of the Keegan or Robson eras.

And I know that Glenn Roeder wasn't everybody's choice as manager at St James' Park when Graeme Souness was shown the door earlier this year.

But the current puzzle at the manager and chairman's hands at the minute can't be easy.

Especially when the XI chosen to beat Charlton fails miserably.

So perhaps on the basis of Saturday's game the boos should be aimed at the players.

After all they went out with the message from Roeder to go for the throats of Charlton and to floor the side bottom of the table.

They attacked the Addicks well enough but football is about making and taking your chances.

Seppe Rossi and Damien Duff should be capable of bulging the net against that lot.

But they failed to do their jobs on the night.

It was getting desperate towards the end but perhaps those late corners should have been going beyond the near post if we are being realistic about getting the season back on track.

The effort was there for most of the game but in football you have to be ruthless.

You have to bully teams and you have to channel some aggression into the faces of opponents.

Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U have all proved being nasty works in the Premiership in recent times and they have the trophies.

You can ask the Keanes, the Vieras and the Terrys of the world that and they'll certainly agree.

Now the Toon players have to hit back and silence those boos.

And let's be honest if winning is their way of answering their critics and shutting up the boo boys, then nobody will be complaining if humble pie is on the menu for the next few weeks.


stephen said:

the players deserved the boos and glenn too. not freddie sheperd hes the one signing the cheques for the players, its the manaagers who sign the players,graeme souness takes most the blame though ,he wasted £20 million in the transfer market,are the club not checking out these players before they sign them too, the clubs scouts need sacking cos theyve got a crap judge of players. the coaching staff dont seem to be good enough either, the physios even, we always seem to have a lot of long tem injuries, at chelsea none of their players seem to get injured do they. the whole club needs restructuring from the manager downwards to even the tealady ha ha.we are a national joke,ps sunderland fans at my work always say we are 100 million pounds in debt i disagree,is that true? if its not is it far of that?

Lee T said:

The players put in a decent shift on saturday but Rossi is 19 and raw and Duff is a winger.
Freddie ahs known for over 18 months that Shearer was going to retire this summer and he has known since June that Owen wouldn't play this season and that we were still astiker light last season. Why didn't he plan properly? Shepherd also deserves the jeers for not using his head and appointing the person best suited to the job (Martin O'Neill)
Personally, I have near enough written off this season. If we can avoid relegation, hopefully we can rebuild in the summer with new management and new leadership in the boardroom.

Ian said:

True, we are in a dire state at the moment and that is down to chairman, manager and players.

As fans we face a difficult dilemma - on one hand we have to show our displeasure somehow, on the other we know that booing is counterproductive and only damages the lads' confidence.

On balance, I would say save protests for other times and get behind the lads when you're at the ground. I think the effort was there on Sat, just not always the quality.

Ian Graham said:

Hi Lee....
Watched the Charlton game live in South Africa and was pleased to see Newcastles open play has improved vastly. My worry however is who is going to get the goals required to win matches, at the moment it seems we are trying to rely on penalty claims to get the points. Rossi is looking good but cannot be played consistantly because of the european restrictions, Glen should talk to Alex to get his consent he won't need Rossi for Europe. He will probably try to shut up shop against Palermo like he did against Man U. It is a great pity that Dyer has an eye injury as his pace could have devestated the italians... anyway we live in hope.
Just to close GR has to ensure we take full advantage of the games coming up. We need the points to replace the 10 to 13 we threw away.

biggs said:

Who said "you dont sack bobby robson" than sacked him.
who told bobby robson this is your last season .
who sacked bobby robson with no long term plan for a successor.
who appointed graeme souness who was on the way to taking blackburn down to the championship (look at there transformation since he left).
who sacked graeme souness and did not have or could not attract a top class coach/manager.
who appointed glenn roeder who is not a stranger to relegation and no track record of success but he was the cheap option and addmitted he did not want the job.
who year in year out has made the transfer market a embarrasment with trophy signings to appease the fans ,hanging on till the last minute to swoop for players and missing out leaving us now in a right mess .

davojj said:

Stephen,When you say its the managers who sign the players and the chairman who signs the chequesits not the chairmans fault.I feel you are like many people who come onto these message boards and talk drivel.The chairman signs the managers and the the cheques and sanctions the signings,the chairman is the one to blame.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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