Carroll service at KP

By Lee Ryder on Oct 30, 06 10:16 PM

It was meant to be a night that Albert Luque forced his way back into the first team picture with a couple of goals at Kingston Park.

But instead it turned out to be a memorable night for Academy goal machine Andrew Carroll who notched the only goal of the night.

The young Geordie had already sprinted in for a challenge by the time Albert Luque had slammed the tunnel door shut and headed for the showers in tonight's reserve team game against Blackburn Rovers.

Not that the Spaniard would have needed one.

It's fair to say that there are plenty of United fans who would love to see Luque do what we know he can do.

But for some reason and far too often Luque doesn't look like he cares enough to do well at the club.

We saw him belt in two crackers in the reserve team win over Liverpool recently yet it was back to the abject side of Luque against Blackburn.

In all the loyal fans who turned up at KP watched a 55 minute shift from the ex Deportivo striker.

Thankfully it was one of the potential future stars of United that saved the night with a great piece of skill that even Dennis Bergkamp would have been delighted with.

Carroll chested down before screwing a cool finish into the bottom corner.

Not bad for a 17-year-old rookie.

If only Luque had have been there to witness it.


Lee T said:

In Luque's defence, his good performance against Liverpool reserves was rewarded by being overlooked for the first team yet again in favour of a cricked Ameobi and an utterly talentless Sibierski. Where's the incentive to do well? He could play his heart out but Roeder wouldn't put him in the side.

And good for Andy Carroll as well but if he's sensible he'll leave Newcastle at the first opportunity. We never give youngsters a chance and prefer to stick with old favourites or throw tons of cash at second rate players. In the last 10 years we have brought through precisely one player of any standing (Ameobi), and Taylor and Ramage with potential. Chopra was never given the chance when he was 18/19 and was banging in goals all over the shop in the reserves. We are a club that ruins young players because expecation drives managers into conservative decisions. The purchase of Martins was very conservative - spend a whopping sum on a striker with a decent record in Italy. Maybe we could have spent a bit less on promising young strikers like David Nugent or Luke Varney but there you go. Roeder is as gutless as Souness. Even Gullit had the bottle to make big and unpopular decisions.

Andy Rivers said:


Albert Luque?

No - sorry - can't place him.

Wicked Willy said:

It's time to give the kids a chance like

What harm would it do to give Carroll a run out in Palermo?

Ian Teasdale said:

I hope Andrew Carroll doesn't go the same way Michael Chopra went, whoever let Chopra walk out the door must be hoping we get relegated so we don't have to face him next season.
I know its only 2 games next season and Chopra's never going to win the premiership golden boot,Chopra is black and white through and through, yet he walked out after being insulted with such a poor contract offer. He would also have been a better bet for the No9 shirt than Martins.
To let him walk out the door is gross negligence.
How much do you want to bet we have to pay millions to get Chopra back, just like we did for Shearer?

Linzi nd lar said:

Andy Carroll we think you are soooo sooo fit!!!!! linzi simpson mark simpsons daughter wants too see you


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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