Oba and out!

By Lee Ryder on Dec 16, 06 08:17 PM

Not so long ago the capabilities of a certain Obafemi Martins were being questioned by this blog and the rest of the media that follow Newcastle United because the £10million man did not appear to be producing the goods in the famous number 9 shirt.

I wasn't the only who wondered if Martins was about to join a list of overseas mis-fits.

But after four goals in his last three Premiership outings and eight now in total in a Toon top, Martins is is starting to justify why Glenn Roeder wanted him so much after his latest brace against Watford.

Some people are still questioning his positional play and it has to be said they are right to do it.

But at the end of the day football boils down to goals and if a striker is to be judged on anything, it's bulging the onion bag on a regular basis.

Now he's doing that, he's doing his job, simple as that.

His efforts against Watford won a pretty bad game of football.

The United players have told us how good Martins looked in training during his average start to life at Newcastle.

Top corner jobs, headers, volleys, free-kicks, cheekily struck penalties - you name it Oba can do it!

Now if the player can just sort out his predatory department, time his runs to perfection and generally knock his granny over to get more goals, he'll have a happy life at Newcastle.

At 22 he's going to learn but will he get better?

Time will only tell won't it?

But raise a glass for the backflip expert who is starting to show us what he can do because he's just won us three very important points against Watford.

Please Oba can we have some more?

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Chris Davis said:

hes on a good run,just in time for xmas !
come on Oba son

Ian Teasdale said:

I think Martins is settling in to the style of the Premiership earlier than i expected.
In European football you get more time on the ball and space in which to score lots of goals, space and time the premiership doesn't allow you, which is why many players from abroad often struggle to settle in (Luque to mention one).
To his credit after a slow start Martins is in a rich vein of form and long may it continue.
If we can keep our midfield fit and playing well we might be in the top half of the table after the new year. and that would put this talk of a take-over on the backburner where it belongs and let the players and the fans go home after the games to come smiling like we deserve.
All the best for the new year to all who read this.

jackie w said:

Oba has certainley suprised me in the way he has picked up his goals and once he realises we will be happy with it going in off his backside/elbow/shin or any other part of him not just the spectacular he has the potential to go on to hero status .Contradictory to what i have said previously but i am over the moon to be proved wrong.Average performance against a plucky Watford mob but 3 points is 3 points.Wednesday has come a little quicker than we would have liked due to our walking wounded but my stars are saying i am in for a suprise midweek so i am going for a 2-1 win with Oba grabbing the winner...Happy Christmas to all ,,,Jackie W

oxboy said:

I had and still have doubts as to Martins ability to hack it long term in the premiership but as a toon supporter I welcome his recent goal spurt. We have waited long enough for it!
As our chairman proclaimed Martins is a stand in for Owen so I would expect someone who scores goals from the off and not a player for whom we have to wait until he "settles".
Sad to hear Glen knocking those who doubted ther under performing Martins, as if he is always right about a player. Managers are wrong more times than most so if we have now seen the best of Martins I wonder if Glen will be as outspoken then!
Still things are looking up and we have a team of tryers which counts for a lot.
Merry Xmas to our crazy gang and all toon supporters.

Ray Wilson said:

Hi Lee. Great double blast from martins,He is adjusting a lot more to the
Premier,Still think he needs a hunting partner as we still dont score a lot
of goals,and we cannot always rely on one man, It is a long time since we
had a goalscoring midfielder who could rely find the net,and the wide men
dont look likely scorers either,though I think Milner will in time score
goals,after all people forget he is still only 20,and he is playing in a
tough league,but once he gets a thirst for it ,the goals will come,Zoggy on
the otherhand has always wanted to score goals but not sure if his
confidence has been a bit at a loss this year since he has competition from
Duff, To me Duff has not shown anything since he came and I am still waiting
to be impressed, OK his pass gave Martins our second goal,but in fact it was
another useless cross as it was deflected of a Watford player straight to
the feet of Martins.If you look at our stats we have performed admirably
without both Duff a nd Parker,who may both be good players but in my opinion
never release the ball fast enough. I am more than impressed with Niky Butt,
I think his form and commitment to the cause have been excellent and I dont
think on present form he should make way for anyone,his crossfield pass
which went to Milner who then whipped in the perfect cross for Martins first
goal was superb. Taylor and Ramage have been fantastic,Young Huntingdon
looks a fine prospect,and all in all we have a lot going for us,if Glen does
not get blinkered again with his team selections,form players should always
be picked no matter how big the name on the bench,and when that happens
teams get better,the guy on the bench knows he has to work harder to be in
the team,and the guy in the team knows the bench is being kept warm for him
if he does not perform. What you dont do is drop the guy who is playing out
of his skin as Buttie is at the moment ,that simply gives him a message ,why
bother it does not matter what I do I know I am not going to be first
choice,footballers are not all daft ,they know hen they are playing well
enough to hold down a place and when they are not. The message here is if
Emre is fit ,then Parker and Dyer will be with him in midfield, and our best
midfielder at the moment even though every one will cry he is a holding
midfielder has to be Nicky Butt. Hope Glen reads this though I doubt it.
Cheers Ray.

Paul said:

Makes me mad how fans don't appreciate the efforts of Martins, the guy is working very hard to please his fans. If it were not for Martins, Newcastle would still be struggling, and not wining games. The guy has helped us in almost every win. Most other teams are scared of Martins for a reason. People need to understand that his a support striker, not a stand alone striker and what we need is an additional stand alone striker with Martins like Louis Saha etc
For those of you who have forgotten, Martins helped us win the following games:

West Ham 0-2 Newcastle
Newcastle 2-1 Levadia
Newcastle 2-1 Watford
Newcastle 3-2 Reading
Newcastle 3-1 Blackburn
Newcastle 3-1 Tottenham

By the way, Martins created most of these goals and has created several other chances!


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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