Will United be saved by the goalpost?

By Lee Ryder on Dec 29, 06 11:52 AM

So Newcastle United are interested in Peter Crouch.

And why not?

After all he did become a cult hero during the summer and he would be the perfect foil for Oba Martins and Michael Owen when he eventually comes back from injury.

And with the big man benefiting from crosses more than most, James Milner will be rubbing his hands at the prospect, not to mention Nobby Solano who played with Crouch at Villa and the pair remain close pals.

Crouch - who stands almost as tall as the posts - flirted with skill and success throughout a journeyman career.

He was deemed not good enough by Spurs as a kid and then went on to QPR where he caught the eye and then he moved on to Pompey and forged a fine relationship with ex-Croatia star Robert ProsineÄ?ki.

Eighteen goals at Portsmouth prompted Aston Villa to snap him up where he then scored on his debut against Newcastle.

But it didn't quite happen for Crouch at Villa and after a loan stint with Norwich he made his name again with Southampton eventually alerting Liverpool to cough up £7million for his services.

And if he epitomises the cliche "he's got a good touch for a big man" he certainly didn't show it in his early career with Liverpool when he "could not hit a barn door."

He did get off the mark but the true Crouchy was still struggling to fulfil his potential.

Crouch is conscious of his enormity at times and in turn this has an effect on his confidence - that was until he did THAT dance.

His cult hero status began during the summer when the feel good factor was with us all at the start of a long World Cup.

David Beckham's party before the tournament resulted in Crouchy getting jiggy on the dancefloor with pals and pulling off a robotic dance that would change his life.

All of a sudden everybody loved the Crouch, even Prince William, with the big striker asked to perform the dance in his presence.

He then blasted home a fine goal against Hungary and a hat-trick against Jamaica before netting a crucial goal against Trinidad and Tobago.

Many have questioned the quality of his goals and the quality of opposition but he's still got 11 in 14 for England.

And 14 in total this season for club and country.

It's not a bad tally and although the robotic celebration has been put away for a while until he scores a big goal, in his own words.

Crouch though would be a good signing for United.

That said there looks to be a few stumbling blocks.

Firstly the price. Can United afford between £7million and £12million?

And secondly the fact that Liverpool want to buy David Villa from Valencia and Valencia don't want to sell the Spanish hotshot.

Liverpool want to offer £25million but Valencia recently insisted that only £100million will do!!!

So there you have it the first big name to be linked with United and the transfer window hasn't even opened for business yet.

Would you like to see him here?


oxboy said:

We are desperate for a line leader. A player who can hold onto the ball and lay it off and not just let it bounce back onto our defense.Also he needs to be able to make incisive runs to create space for others and be reasonable in the air.
To what extent Crouch fulfills these requirements is debatable but he scores goals and is improving.
If Crouch is the man what then of Ameobi, similar in style and pace. How many Ameobi's do we need?
With Martins running in tramlines down the pitch perhaps mobility is the key quality we need and on that basis Peter falls somewhat short for his height!

gren sowerby said:

Crouch? in the past I have slagged off Crouch BUT he has got what we lack up front, height. I agree he could be a perfect partner for Martins and Owen, with some quality crosses coming in from Milner and Solano. The price tag will be high but when you look around there are not a lot of good proven strikers up for grabs. Don't expect to have the pick of the crop in January just because the window is open again. Every club knows we have injury probs and will adjust their price tags on players accordinly.This is always a concern when we go shopping,some bad overpriced buys in the past have led clubs to push prices up when it comes to dealing with us. We have a name for throwing money around, thanks to a generous chairman who has picked one or two managers who don't know players true values.example Souness with Boumsong and Louque. So good luck to Glen next month in his search for a striker and a couple of good defenders. Not an easy task in these days of inflated prices. If Crouch came it won't be cheap, but who is? and he is a proven goal scorer at this level His extra goals could keep us going and with Owen back in April and Martins hitting form, we could be pushing for europe again. A few weeks ago I would not thought that was possible but who knows with the right signings and if we keep showing true geordie grit [ and less injuries!!]

Adam said:

Crouch would be a good signing - his height is much needed by our under-sized (in more ways than one!) squad. I'd also love to see us sign Gareth Bale and a good centre-back. The trouble is, there are so many stumbling blocks - will clubs sell the players we want, do we have enough money, are the players interested in coming to Newcastle, etc. Hopefully Glenn will be more successful in this transfer window than he was in the last one!

Dave Johnson said:

I would only sign Crouch for Newcastle if Roeder got a new coat for christmas and needed a coat hanger for his office. Crouch,£12 million pounds,l ets get real.
Dave Johnson said:

I watched Peter Crouch against
Blackburn last week. ? They had just come off a 6-2
defeat v Arsenal.
Crouch missed more excellent chances in 60 minutes,
(He was subbed because he was an embarressment)
than most TEAMS get in a month.
I would sooner sign Alan Shearers dead Granny than this
spider. I'm 70 but could blow him off the ball every time his team
mates land it on his head.
Newcastle have imported enough rubbish from Liverpool
think Sourness, Owen. millions of £'s for tripe.
Don't we have enough problems without importing more. ?

Maggie Suported. (for fifty five years.)

Ray Wilson said:

James Beattie is now 4th choice striker for Everton He would be revitalised
in a Newcastle shirt. Peter Crouch has shown good form this year and is also
not that happy unable to hold his place at Liverpool. Somehow I think
Beattie would would jump at the chance ,whilst Benitez at Liverpool has
constantly re-iterated in the local press here that he would not sell
Crouch,Liverpool have new found sponsors and owners with cash to spend. Lets
not bark up the wrong tree.Beattie will be gone in the window let him come
to us. We will not get Crouch,I can assure you. Happy new year Lee. Ray
Wilson Birkenhead Wirral.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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