Luque break

By Lee Ryder on Jan 8, 07 01:15 PM

He might have been a dream for headline writers everywhere but Albert Luque's nightmare stint on Tyneside could be about to grind to a shuddering halt.

United didn't get much change from £10million when they snapped him up from Deportivo la Coruna in the summer of 2005 but there was plenty hope that Luque would do the business in the Premiership after notching a half century of goals in Spain's La Liga.

But it never worked out that way did it?

First Luque picked up a nagging hamstring problem and depression soon set in when he failed to get to grips with the English language despite the best efforts of Nobby Solano who doubled as translator for the player in his early days.

It can't be easy for a player coming to a foreign country but in a city like Newcastle that is obsessed with football it should have been at least easier.

Geordies simply breathe football don't they? But it would appear that Luque has fallen out of love with the game.

The man in charge when Newcastle paid the money for Luque was soon gone in the defeated figure of Graeme Souness.

And when Luque left the pitch in his last game laughing and joking with Kiki Musampa against Man City it appeared that he'd lost the plot while Alan Shearer, Lee Clark and Peter Ramage trudged off either side of him.

In came Glenn Roeder but despite having long chats with the player in an attempt to get the best out of him he still didn't look like he wanted to be here.

Not just on the field of play but his everyday contribution and body language at the training ground.

His total of just 13 starts during his time on Tyneside could well prove to be an unlucky total with PSV Eindhoven now thought to be ready to offer him an escape.

He could even go from the reserves/bench at Newcastle to the Champions League after UEFA confirmed Luque can play in the competition today.

PSV are the first to show their interest but more may follow.

He has showed glimpses of his skill and goalscoring but no where near enough for the Geordie public's liking.

Too often he looked like he didn't care when wearing a black and white shirt even though he is a top bloke off the pitch.

Loads of ability, loads of potential but simply not at the right club.

That's how it works sometimes in football.

And sadly that looks to be the story for Luque at the moment.

Shame though eh?


Mick Wears said:

As poor as hes been, I saw him score at the Paladium.
Enough said.

oxboy said:

Sest la vie Rodders Sest la vie!

Y buenos noches Albert no Luque.

jackie w said:

Good riddance, sorry to be blunt but wrong time / club / place however you dress it up the bloke is never going to do it for newcastle and the sooner we are shot of him the better . Hopefully for a few quid towards a decent defender.Read the guardians sport section this morning and apparently martins is a target for chelsea ? and the talk down here in the smoke is a swap deal with schevchenco.It does not sound to great a deal at the min but if shev started firing what a pairing him and owen would be..all hypethetical but as you are aware we have been linked with everyone with a playing contract and sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction...On a more realistic note the charlton boys down here are pretty confident Bent is on his way north with Newcastle the likley destination,they are even talking about a deal including big sib,hope we dont sacrifice a defender to pay the ten million or so it will cost to snare him the circus is in town ....jackie

Adam said:

It's fair to say we only saw glimpses of Luque's talent, but it's also fair to say we only saw glimpses of Luque at all. He never had a run in the team and thus never had a chance to prove himself. People might say he never looked like he wanted to play for us, but you can't blame a professional footballer for lacking enthusiasm when playing for a manager who refuses to play you at all costs, can you? And it's hard to believe Albert wouldn't have read the criticism aimed at him from the fans and media along the way. Roeder has consistently played youth players and loan players ahead of Luque, as well as playing players out of position just so that he didn't have to put Luque on the pitch. It's pretty sad really, and I sincerely hope Albert has better luck at his next club and is happy wherever it is he ends up.

Peter Harper said:

We are paying somewhere in the region of £50,000 per week for Luque's services.In such an injury crisis as is being experienced it is dereliction of duty for him not to be selected.In my opinion he has not been given a fair crack of the whip.I hold Glen Roeder and Freddie Shepherd jointly responsible for this debacle-Glen Roeder for not picking him and Freddie Shepherd for not enquiring why he was spending such money with no return.Also where is Olivier Bernard-does the same apply to him. What a shambles!!. Peter

Peter Harper said:

Polygon and Belgravia,after lengthy investigation have both opted not to buy NUFC.This is extremely worrying as it may suggest serious underlying problems,most probably of a financial nature.It would be most enlightening if both companies could be asked their reasons for pulling out.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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