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By Lee Ryder on Jan 15, 07 04:05 PM

He didn't look like he gave a monkeys when he returned to Newcastle in the summer after a depressing season on loan with relegated Birmingham.

And even though Glenn Roeder welcomed him back with open arms, something wasn't quite right.

Could Nicky Butt ever be the player he was for Manchester United again?

The answer now is turning out to be yes, with the performance against Tottenham big proof that Butty is back and loving football again.

This Blog has already slated Butt before and may do again.

But now is not the time for slating the Gorton-born midfielder, just simply heaping high praise on him.

True, he shouldn't have got involved with Pascal Chimbonda but when you are as passionate as he is, slapping him in the face isn't exactly going to make him laugh is it?

He did react but after all football is a contact sport, it's not a tickling contest.

As we know things spilled over in the tunnel and Chimbonda and Butty had to be torn apart during the break and just when you expected somebody to get sent off, the ex-Man U man only goes and scores the winner.

And this after spending much of the week in bed with a bottle of flu medicine.

Before Butt's winner we'd watched Paul Huntington grab his first ever goal too in the middle of Spurs' 1-0 and 2-1 up.

Oba Martins then hit THAT strike but the day has to go to Nicky Butt.

Wins like at Spurs could become a regular feature for the remainder of the season if Butt can keep that up.

Cannot wait until he's got rid of the flu all together!

Latest guest at the Idols pre-match talk-in is Kevin Carr from 1.45pm - admission is free.


Chris Dickson said:

Nicky Butt has probably been the player of the season so far. He sums up how much fortunes can change because he looked to have no future at the club last season. If the other senior pros had shown his attitude we would be higher in the table.

Mr Michael Wears said:

Once again the lads devestate the Jersey fans of other clubs, there silence is deafaning.
There not singing anymore !
Roll on the cup on Wednesday, there gona get a beasting.
Well done Nicky Butt, it was nice to take some money back off Mr Hill yesterday, 10-3 away win, Yes.

Ian Teasdale said:

Nicky is almost as good as he was when he played for the other United.He has taken his second chance to win the fans over and is now enjoying the benefits.
I would also like to say i hope Nobby finishes his career with us. If it wasn't for him we would have been dead and buried in the second half on Sunday.Given was also fantastic and with more service from the wings Martins will keep on scoring fantastic goals,but whats the betting Martins goal won't even make the running for goal of the Month because he playes for us? If he played for one of the top four it could have been goal of the season.

Adam said:

There's a lesson to be learned here - forgive and forget! Nicky Butt is a top professional and a passionate and talented footballer. He's doing brilliant at the moment and has to be one of the first names on the teamsheet - I wonder who Glenn will pick in central midfield when Parker and Emre are both back?! That's just the kind of dilemma managers love. Now, if only Glenn had those kinds of problem when picking the defence...!

oxboy said:

I'd go as far as saying that Butt is having the best season of his career.
Perhaps he realised after the Brummy fiasco that he had to try harder if he was to end his career in a dignified manner.
Whatever happened I'm glad he has been here this season, as M Wear said he must be close to player of the season so far.

John Gilroy said:

I last saw Nicky Butt play, live in the last Eefa cup game anthought he was brilliant.

Unlike some jounalists, who shall remain nameless, I thoght we had a chance of getting something from the Tottenham game.

donie Gould said:

the defence against Spurs was the greatest ive seen in a long time. Roeder is right in saying Given is the best in the prem league. Mourinho is right saying that Newcastle are stronger than chelsea, when we have an entire 11 injured we have no option but to call on young boys to do a mans job, to stand up and be counted..Hunty, Ramge, Taylor, Pattison, Edgar lads you have all played your socks off..Toon for 6th place

Adam said:

That's an excellent point from Ian T about Goal of the Month - it's ridiculous that Emre didn't get in the top 10 for December!! Howay Hansen man...

jackie w said:

I stand corrected and nicky showed in the last game just how passionate he can be .I slated the bloke in the close season and was all for kicking him out but if he keeps turning in perfomances like he has been doing then he can become a terrace hero..I read that rag the sun yesterday and they gave him 4 out of ten ???? i know the southern press are biased but come on ....jackie w


HI Lee well I did say we would win against Spurs. Note your comments on TB,CM,CB,SC.They are no where near good enough for premiership standard and if GR cant see that and brings them back in we will end up where we were before he plunged the kids in .These young lads have done fantastic and they are the future,keep them in and Zoggy when he gets fit and lets move on. They will make mistakes { who doesnt }but we can live with it,at least they are proud of the shirt and they show it.The Academy must go on though and kept in the right hands,as we will always need to produce, I cant remember a time in my life when Newcastle have produced so many youths all at once and with so much quality. PLEASE KEEP FAITH WITH THEM GLEN.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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