Over to you Harps

By Lee Ryder on Jan 24, 07 01:22 PM

Injuries at football clubs are supposed to come and go aren't they?

Well, not in Newcastle United's case and certainly not in the case of Shay Given.

True, they do come and go but that doesn't mean to say certain players won't suddenly pick up a different injury in a different place.

And why not chuck in a nice twist of irony as well?

That's twice our top stopper has been hurt against the Hammers!

Shay will now miss a month and Peter Ramage is also out for three weeks with a hamstring problem - and that's just one game!

Given of course had already suffered a damaged bowel at West Ham after a choice challenge by Marlon Harewood resulted in scenes mirroring TV series Casualty after the game in the tunnel.

Now against the same side Given's groin problem means it is almost a case of deju vu without the paramedics that is.

So it's over to you Steve Harper.

The chance is there for Harps to come in and do a job - just like he did earlier in the campaign and on countless occassions before that.

The Toon 1999 FA Cup final keeper - who at that time was keeping Shay out on merit - won the acclaim of the Gallowgate when he came off the bench against West Ham for the second time this term.

I might be wrong but I don't think there is another keeper in the world that Toon fans would prefer to see between the posts in Shay's absence.

Don't forget a clutch of Premiership clubs wanted Harps when his contract was up and some have even gone as far as saying he'd be one of England's top three goalies if he played every week.

It's time to show the world again Harps and we are all right behind you too.


oxboy said:

In the past Steve has been a bit of a goalkeeping version of Titus. Brilliant for 89 minutes then that slip.
I must say though after the Liverpool debacle he did a sterling job and I am pleased that his loyalty has been awarded this season with opportunities to show how good he can be. Keep it up Steve and good luck.

al_the_mag said:

I don't have a problem with Harps in goal - I feel he is at least as good as Seamus anyway, and some aspects of his game are superior - his kicking for one, as Shay's has been dreadful all season.

Much as I am grateful to have Shay, I don't like the way he has spat out his dummy whenever Harps has been picked ahead of him and handed in a transfer request - what is wrong with healthy competition for places?

Harper for England!

Dan Darlington said:

Yes Steve Harper is loyal, and that is a very commendable quality - Alan Shearer was also loyal, but do you think Big Al would have hung around if he had only been limited to a handful of appearances? Not a chance!

Why has Steve been so content to sit on the bench all this time? Its a shame to think that his loyalty to Newcastle has held back his own personal ambitions! Might he be challenging for the England jersey now, had he moved a few years ago? Who knows?

Is Tim Krul still injured?

I would be tempted to play our talented Dutchman. I was excited by what I saw against Palermo earlier this season and I hear rumours that this precocious teenager is destined for great things!

Plus he offers Newcastle something they have been missing for a long time! A goalkeeper who has the presence/height to dominate his area, his defenders, and come and catch a few crosses every once in a while!

Andrew said:

Steve is an OK keeper, not brilliant, but good. But Shay is a class above. He has great positional sense, sure hands and can manovre with both feet better than any keeper in the Premier league. As for having someone taller who can dominate his area . . . . just look at David James (hot & cold) and remember Joe Corrigan, perfect size & height but lacking in instant speed and agility. No, I think Shay's a rare talent and the sooner he's back in goal, the better.

Jacobs Francois said:

About the injury's at newcastle united, for a start they bought Amiobe with a hipproblem you do not get this kind of problem overnight! the bought Barnard the former left back with a medical problem the let goalkeeper Krul play and he sufferd a kneeproblem!! in my opinion the medical staf at SJP is not good enough!look at MLAN IN Italy they had one injurie last season, the dokter there says the footballplayers are all different in muscles so for every player they got a different traing! he claims that they train more iduviduel then in group!! mayby newcastle should go and find out how it realy works!!

al_the_mag said:

Erm ... when exactly did we buy Ameobi?


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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