We don't need no education!

By Lee Ryder on Jan 16, 07 02:32 PM

Is it just me or do you really want to see certain senior players back in the team at the expense of Newcastle United's super young guns?

They will get their chance against Birmingham in the FA Cup once more and there aren't too many Geordies complaining.

The kids have done fantastic since they come in but with Stephen Carr, Celestine Babayaro, Craig Moore and Titus Bramble all to come back, Glenn Roeder will have decisions to make when it comes to his team selection.

Like kids in all walks of life the likes of Paul Huntington, David Edgar and Matty Pattison have all put in solid but not, at times, perfect performances.

The same can be said for Steven Taylor and Peter Ramage.

However does it seem that long ago since the likes of Bramble, Babayaro and Carr were all being slated for the similar mistakes?

Alan Hansen once told us all you don't win anything with kids.

But although these young guns don't have the experience and are still being educated at top level they sometimes don't show it - ask Edgar or Huntington that one!

One of those kids Hansen spoke about turned out to be Nicky Butt and to our expense we lost the Premier League title despite flying into a 12-point lead with Man United taking the honours.

Those kids at Man U, Beckham, Scholes, Butt, the Nevilles have made star studded careers on the back of their early days, so all Magpies please take note...

You can win things with kids.

Middlesbrough took a team largely made up of kids to the UEFA Cup final and Newcastle could go one better.

Taylor is first choice these days in some people's eyes and his preferred partner in some people's eyes is Ramage.

While Paul Huntington and David Edgar have offered exactly what United have been lacking in recent years - passion, proper passion!

Perhaps he might be advised not to tell us about it next time he does it but when Hunty took out Aaron Lennon in the Spurs game, he did exactly what a lot of us would have done because he wanted to win the game so, so much.

Jack Charlton would have been proud of his effort.

In the case of Matty Pattison there could be more to come than just hard working performances.

Anyone who has watched him in the ressies knows he has a sweet shot on him.

And in Andy Carroll, Kazenga Lualua and James Troisi there could be more pleasant surprises to come.

Make no doubt about it the hard work put in at the Academy down the years by various figures is now paying off dividends.

Now the time has come to see off the Brummies and United should get through.

It won't be easy but after the Spurs delight the feelgood factor is back at St James' Park - for now at least.

Read an exclusive interview with Franz Carr on Oba Martins on


Ian said:

I think many people will agree with me when I say I definitely don't want either Carr or Babayaro back in the team any time soon.

Nobby has been a reasonable right-back (although not the long term solution) and a left back should be top of our shopping list.

I've never been a Bramble-hater, but I don't want to see him back in the team at the moment either, Ramage and Taylor should be allowed to develop their partnership.

Little Kev, Whitley Bay said:

I don't want to see Carr, Babayaro, Bramble or Ameobie back in the team. In fact I would prefer they were all sold to generate finances for new players, not that I think we would get much for any of them. Lee Ryder says the old and young defenders have made the same mistakes and the older ones got slated. There is an excuse for youth while they are learning the trade, there is no excuse for the older ones who just do not have the talent.

Rob -- Baku Azerbaijan said:

Totally agree with you Lee, as i posted on an earlier blog, the kids are doing alright and give more than our so called senior players in that they may be rough around the edges and give away silly mistakes, but the one factor that makes them rise above the players they are replacing, is committment and the never say die attitude which has been so lacking earlier in the season with the likes of Carr, Baby, and Bramble in the team. We have as you say some exciting kids coming through and with the right mix of youth and experience we should be ok, GR must buy and buy descent hard working skillful players who will match the kids 100% effort. The time will come when GR will have to play the likes of Bramble again as injuries and suspensions will warrant that, but i hope above all hopes that day is a long way off. People will critisise and say Bramble is being blamed again (aka Oxboy) but hey how long has he been at the club, how much did he cost, how many chances does he need, The same goes for Carr, Babyaro and in my opinion Ameobi, they have all be the managers pets for to long and given to much time to prove themselves, these young kids have come in and done a terriffic job, long may it last.

donie gould said:

I agree with Ian, even though i'm Irish and i like to see great Irish players develop in the league, particularily at newcastle i will feel gutted if Nobby is replaced by a fit again Carr. For me Babyaro shouldn't even be considered an option for the 1st team..I know we need cover, strenght in depth, but please ring in the changes. Is there talk of Bramble receiving a new contract?? However, even though all these players have had there disaster moments, yet i firmly believe that Roeder will get the best out of those defenders, he is a top quality manager and after all he is getting the best out of Butt.

jackie w said:

Totaly agree with Ian on this one and i would cash in on Carr and Babbs (if anyone wants them)and yes a left back is priority (Heinze ?) but i disagree with the right back slot and i personally think unless you lay out a mint Nobby is about as good as it gets,maybe not for the future but certainley for the next two years ,the link up between him and Dyer would terrorise any left back in the country.Also Duff comming back does nothing for me at the min and much like Butt has, needs to get his head around what Newcastle are all about and start to release the ball a bit quicker and find his shooting boots. Stil quiet on the transfer front and it would not surprise me if it fizzled out much like the beginning of the season,with maybe only a defender comming permanent and a loan striker .Hate to admit it but the mackems are forever telling me Keano is a winner ,I am now starting to believe it cause any one who can get a fee for Stead is a winner in my books ..Football is a funny old game....Jackie W

Donal said:

I partly agree with comments that have been made but i think we could do with Steven Carr back in team. Not only does he added experience but he always gives his fullest when he's fit. I think defence should be (right to left) Solano (he has been great), taylor, ramage, carr

Kieraen said:

I have been massively impressed by the performances of younger members of our squad. I am very impressed with Glenn Roeder's style of management, the "play well, stay in" attitude that very many of us have criticised with previous managers (remember Lua Lua, he left due to being 4th choice despite brilliant performances).
Taylor in particular looks like a certainty to be a future newcastle good player (and because he's a geordie defender he will be remembered greatly such is the rarity). Ramage, Edgar and Huntington, Pattison (remember the end of last year) as well as the more established N'Zogbia, Milner and Martins give a pleasant view to our future.

However, a word of warning. We had this under Bobby. We had a plethora of young, good players. where is Jenas, Bellamy, Ambrose, Hughes, Lua Lua now?
I think perhaps the difference here is that so many are products of the youth academy, are local and are being given a real chance. Thank You Glenn Roeder.

Mr Michael Wears said:

After all the good work lately, we self destruct against "Plastic Geordie" Bruces team. What an embarrasment. Dyer for England, 80 grand a week non tryer! We looked a tired team, nothing on bench to change things.
Keep your chin up Glenn, youve done us proud with what youve got. Mr Martins a pass at Birmingham would have made it 1-3, now were out. Newcastle United, the most frustrating team to support in the world. "MY TEAM"

Marc Duffy said:

Matty Pattison is one of the worst players I have ever seen in a black and white shirt. Ramage is not far behind him.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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