Welcome aboard Gooch

By Lee Ryder on Jan 31, 07 11:20 AM

He's big, he looks hard and he looks like he'll take no grief from anybody.

And if he stops United conceding sloppy goals it can only be a good thing, right?

Welcome aboard Oguchi Onyewu.

The big American defender arrives at 24 as one of Standard Liege's best players but nobody can get too excited by that can they?

After all the Belgian League is hardly Serie A.

But move on we must.

Marseille also wanted the man we are going to call Gooch as did Fulham along with a host of other clubs we are told.

Yet he's opted for Newcastle and as we sit and wait for further news today, it doesn't as yet look like he will be joined by anybody else.

French striker Fredi Piquionne may also jump aboard but with his club St Etienne refusing to budge due to their insistence, the loan deal must be made permanent in the summer, the 28-year-old could be staying where he is.

And that means that Albert Luque could also be staying put because PSV Eindhoven won't get their man if Piquionne doesn't come to Tyneside.

But would United need Piquionee after the season's out with Michael Owen and Shola Ameobi both set to return?

Catch 22 indeed.

However, who would have thought that Antoine Sibierski would have rolled up with the clock close to midnight back in August?

Even if anyone does sign today it's a million miles from 20,000 fans turning up to see Owen put pen to paper on a day in 2005 that now seems a decade ago.

But grumble we must not.

Don't forget there is the small matter of a game of football tonight against Aston Villa too.

And with the American owned club being the visitors the same night Gooch watches his first game he'll feel right at home.

Well almost!


Peter Harper said:

Newcastle United have made a big mistake with the signing of "Gooch".The mistake is not signing him on a permanent deal."Gooch is as good as Philippe Albert but with more pace.I hope at the end of the season he doesn't sign for Arsenal Man Utd,Chelsea etc because once he is seen in our league that will become a distinct possibility.

ZORRO said:


Taos said:

Treat him well, Toon Army. He has learned, adapted and excelled at every level he's stepped up to. He'll make a mistake or two and then dominate. Piss him off and he'll be off to a CL team for next season. Make him feel at home and he'll reward you with honesty, hard work and allegiance. I have no doubts that Onyewu can do this job...I do have doubts as to Geordies screwing this up for themselves.

Adam said:

I gather we've reached agreement with Liege over a fee to sign him if we want to - I'm guessing (or hoping) that means we have first refusal? Either way, I wasn't overly impressed by him at the World Cup but I've heard some pretty decent things about him since so hopefully he will do the business for us. And with Sib back in the goals up front, who needs Piquionne?!

Cambspie said:

Perhaps I am sighing with relief too soon! (Full backs seem very frail at the moment!)
However let's pray that Gooch does not use Titus as a role model. Indeed Titus take note; skill normally equals slim let us pray, indeed, that we have found the player who will convert Titus from chrysalis to black and white butterfly.

Dan Darlington said:

I should probably reserve judgement until I have seen Gooch play.....but he does seem to bare a very striking resemblance to Jean Alain Boumsong!

Big, hard, and muscular he may be, but how will he cope with the speed of Thierry Henry, and the wit of Wayne Rooney?

I've never heard of the French striker Piquonne, who ditched Newcastle for Monaco. He is 28, and if he is such a great player, I am suprised he has yet to make a name for himself on the global stage. I dont think it's a great shame that we werent able to capture his signature!

It is though a dissapointment not to have been able to offload Albert Luque. You get the impression that he has a draining, negative effect on the whole squad! Even the celebration of his goal against Sunderland last season was a bit half arsed and pathetic!

The Spaniard is like a leech sucking all enthusiasm out of Newcastle United!


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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