Light at the end of a long tunnel

By Lee Ryder on Feb 28, 07 10:42 AM

It seems like decades ago since Michael Owen's words could be lip read at White Hart Lane on the final day of 2005 in a dire 2-0 defeat against Spurs.

"I think I've broke my foot" uttered Owen, after colliding with Paul Robinson.

He was right and he played just 29 more minutes for Newcastle las term before the World Cup horror show.

A shattered knee and the £17million man was out of it, possibly for the whole season.

But what's this?

A tiny bit of light at the end of a tunnel of darkness?

Owen started jogging a few weeks ago but is now running in a straight line.

And more importantly the ball is back on the menu for Owen.

Owen admitted to the Chronicle he has yet to smash one past Shay Given in training but you get the feeling his statement was more of a promise of what is to come.

Yet Owen is only side footing the ball at the minute so we can't get too carried away.

Looking at Owen you can tell he is twitching to get back out there, almost to the point of irritation each and every time he is asked about when will he be back.

If we are only six or seven weeks away from seeing the ex-Real Madrid man in a black and white shirt, let's hope the time goes quickly.

Let's be honest, we need him!

To see a video of Michael Owen talking about his latest situation go to


Andy Rivers said:

Michael Owen? Owen? Michael?

Can't place him? Did he used to play for Liverpool?

Ian Teasdale said:

I hope we can at least get 2 seasons out of Owen before he goes back to Liverpool, although i think it might only be next season. Personally i think he owes us at least 2 seasons maybe more but i think that's very optimistic but we live in hope.

oxboy said:

Thats the fella Andy. Played for Liverpool, did well early on then was injured a lot then sat on the bench a lot.
Then he went to Real Madrid where he was injured and sat on the bench a lot.
Just as well we weren't daft enough to buy him eh!

Peter Harper said:

"light at the end of the tunnel" you say---but maybe not if the details of Michael Owen's contract as published in the"Times" are correct. Apparently Owen has the right to leave after 2 yrs for 8m.We paid £16m to Real Madrid.We pay approx £12.5m in wages over 2years.That is an outlay of £28.5m excluding agents fees.If my calculations are correct that is a minimum net liability (loss) of £20m over 2 years.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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