Wigan Pathetic for United (again)

By Lee Ryder on Feb 26, 07 09:05 AM

The last entry on Blog on the Tyne called for Newcastle United to make it up to their fans after two dismal performances at the JJB Stadium.

Well you can now make that three dismal performances and three dismal results.

It's no fun knocking Newcastle United for some people and I'm certainly one of them.

And although this was the best of the three showings at the JJB Stadium by some way, it still fell way short of the expectations of the 5,000 Geordies who made the journey to the land of rugby league, pies and a recently found Premiership football team.

The 1-0 defeat was bad enough to take but this wasn't a day when United couldn't chalk up any chances.

Damien Duff, Oba Martins and of course Nobby Solano from the spot all turned down the chance to put their side in front.

And as usual failure to convert offered Wigan the chance to take their chance, which they did, and the Latics pulled off a 1-0 win.

Missed chances late on for United meant they couldn't even muster a point on a day when all three were there for the taking.

It means United sink to 11th and talk of a UEFA Cup place or even an Intertoto Cup will only happen if they can conjure up some title winning form.


Adam said:

We were great in the first half but our second half performance was diabolical. With the players we had on the pitch, the very least we should be doing is creating a few chances against a side like Wigan. We couldn't even do that. I was very disappointed that Roeder didn't change our tactics - all he did was make two like-for-like substitutions, taking off two of our more impressive players. We seemed to really miss Emre's craft in midfield, but apart from that it has to be said we were not a long way from full strength. If that's how an almost full-strength Roeder team performs against Wigan, we may have some difficult times ahead.

Ian Teasdale said:

Yes, yet another game where we wasted countless oppertunities to get 3 easy points ( and i just mean Wigan are a team we should beat easily).

Yet again the Sunday papers are linking us with every striker who ever kicked a ball, and no doubt come August well have more or less the same team and be looking forward to January again!!

There is one name who never crops up, who i feel should, he is the nearest thing to a Shearer replacement that i can see in the whole of the Premiership, and we should break the bank to get him in black and white and thats Evertons James Beatie. He is top of my most wanted list for Newcastle, and second on that list is Woodgate. Although he loves the Boro we could still get him back.

gren said:

I saw 2 games live yesterday [ as I live abroad I got the Wigan match as well as the Carling cup final] The games were worlds apart in terms of quality. We were rubbish, again too many players under performing against a poor Wigan team that has been plunging down the table. Then you wonder who motavates these players? The cameras kept looking at the bench and all you ever see is Terry Mac huddled up keeping warm and Pearson doing the same, Glen Roeder just stairing about the place. Not one of them was ever seen urging players on or even getting exited. You have 5000 traveling fans urging them on and a bench showing the same attitude as the players, NO PASSION! If you ever want to win these fans over then show them guts and passion even if the quality is not there, mind you the quality should be there but is rarely seen. Now the cup final had quality and passion [ and a scrap!]Like I said we are worlds apart from the top teams at the moment, the Keagan era seems a long time ago......when we did compete with the best, come on Glen at least shout at your players when they are performing like headless chickens, remember those 5000 fans worked all week to pay for their Sunday trip to see that display.

Peter Lumley said:

Please , anyone who thinks we should sign another substandard clown that is James Beattie just look at the money we have wasted and think do we really want to add someone else to the list. The bloke isn't good enough for Everton, therefore he isn't good enough for NUFC.

oxboy said:

Peter Lumleys comments regarding the lack of encouragment and support from the bench say more than any platitudes that Roeder may invent in his post match analysis.
Oh dear Roeder wasn't happy. Glen, the time to say that, and the people to say it to are the players during the game not the poor suffering supporters after the event.
This apathetic style of midfield and forward play is now becoming a set pattern and not a one off. Its all titus's fault of course but a number of players in front of the defense need a sound thrashing or better still simply dropped.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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