Dutch danger lurking ahead

By Lee Ryder on Mar 15, 07 04:05 PM

Lee Ryder reports from Alkmaar

As the main square began fillling up this afternoon in Alkmaar it was clear that many could scent danger between their nostrils ahead of the second leg clash with AZ here in Holland.

The red AZ scarves many had tied around their neck as momentos from their trip could still become a sad reminder of a game that promised so much.

Don't forget we started this tie like a house on fire, three up before the half hour mark and 4-1 before the break.

But gradually we began to go through the motions and as far as Newcastle are concerned the game needs a shot in the arm.

Memories of Sporting Lisbon have hanuted many of us for two years and that night United got the shot in the arm via a 1-0 lead on the night and aggregate 2-0 lead before they crumbled.

And if anybody needed a warning that could happen again later at the DSB Bank Stadium - it's Newcastle.

It's a game that could still go either way, the knife edge is there.

Yet the destiny of the Mags is in the hands of the Toon players who have to play for the shirt more than ever this evening.

Glenn Roeder said ahead of the game: "You have to look forward in life, look back and you are forever tripping over in front of you."

Those two away goals therefore cannot be dwelled on for too much longer.

It's knockout time in the UEFA Cup but let's make sure it isn't hit the canvas time.

Over to you Newcastle


ZORRO said:


Mr Michael Wears said:

I am one embarresed 43 year old man.
We laid down and died, players were you up for it ! Yous players go & spend your fantastic money now, & leave the true fans to worry.
Weve done it in the past.
Yous are all ARSEHOLES.

Darren said:

Taken from the Guardian website...

"Weak when they needed to be strong, anxious when they had to be assured, Newcastle United deservedly bowed out of Europe in a small town north of Amsterdam last night. Big reputations and even bigger pay packets were made to look every bit as inflated as we generally think they are. AZ Alkmaar are no world-beaters - they were 4-1 down in 37 minutes in the first leg at St James' Park eight days ago - but they were made to look it."

All in all it was a disgrace - what makes it worse is a paper like the guardian summing it up for what its worth, they are right.

We were a shambles.


and more,

A sad night (yet again)

Mark ginnelly said:

What newcastle need now is a big clearout starting from chairman manager and then that so called defence ps not 1 player deserved to wear the newcastle shirt last night just a bunch of over paid tossers

Kaaskop said:

I understand it's hard to grasp for the English, but the AZ performance at SJP was hardly representative of the AZ that many Dutch football fans have grown to love... A daring side with a lot of talent and spirit.

Yesterday they had a good performance. Just acknowledge it instead of looking at a 4-1 situation and proclaim yourselves to be worldbeaters.

Gerry said:

I looked up the word 'abject' (as in "abject display")and it was defined as "utterly hopeless, miserable, humiliating, or wretched".
Just about sums it up, doesn't it?

carl said:

Freddie ,
Please go out and get a top , top manager in this club . Not some average no hoper who can take us mid-table .
It is time for a top one who has a pedigree of winning trophies .
Roeder - How can you Milner out of the side , he has been Newcastle"s best player this season !!!

Fraser said:

Unlike a lot of you. I stuck up for many of the players deemed unfit to wear the Newcastle colours but last night just tipped me over the edge. This club needs to have a long hard look at itself if it has any ambition whatsoever. We dont need wholesale changes just fine tuning. Mr "I will wait for the right signing to come along, I will ont waste money" I would prefer a waste of money left back in that position last night than an out of his depth young inexperienced centre back.... Only one word sums up last night and thats...... SICKENING.

johnNICHOLLS said:

poor its what the club deserves for not getting glass defenders last summer surely roeder must see that carr and babayaro r awfull and always injure while getting loads of money out of the club takeing the mick

Molly McGeady said:

The problem for the club now is that the fans are growing totally apathetic and fed up with the state of things.
For the club to take off again, there must be a change at the top (YES FREDDIE, THAT MEANS YOU!) and a complete overhaul of the playing staff, in which wasters like Dyer Duff and Bramble and Luque must be moved on along with the injury prone "I'm on holiday at Newcastle on mega wages " crew such as Moore, Bernard, Babayaro and Steve Carr , not forgetting the whole hearted but ultimately never will be good enough brigade like Ramage Pattison and O'Brien.
Its time to clear the decks now otherwise the crowds will disappear as they did 8 miles away and the dark days will return to St James.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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