Entering the Valley of doubt

By Lee Ryder on Mar 17, 07 02:00 PM

We've been here plenty of times before but Newcastle United head to the Valley owing their fans a big performance.

The Toon Army have acted angrily and furiously to the no-show in Holland against Alkmaar that leaves the season in tatters and with plenty of work to do if they are to taste those European trips again next term.

It didn't help that United were 4-1 up at one point against a team - who aren't the best in their country - from a League that is rated only the seventh best in the Europe in the eyes of UEFA.

And it didn't help that United wasted a 14 game run in Europe that didn't even see them make the last eight.

But now United have got a chance to at least claw back some pride at Charlton.

The players must know the critics have hit them hard.

But that's life on Tyneside.

No place else in the world do you get so much praise if you do well than up here, sometimes more praise then you deserve.

Yet anyone who pulls on a black and white shirt and does well by showing 100% for 90 minutes for something which many see as an honour, will get the plaudits they deserve.

One per cent less than the above and you are on dodgy ground.

Serve up such a gutless showing like in Alkmaar and you are on a loser, big time.

Now United have to breath some life into a season in danger of being filed in the same folder as the likes of a certain Dutchman or Scotsman not too long ago.

At Charlton against, we face a team scrapping for survival and with problems that make ours look, well, straight forward.

But not being a straight forward team ourselves, it means we face yet another white knuckle ride.

Let's hope the lads surprise us with some blood, snot and hopefully no tears.


Genghiz H Sengul said:

The Premiership is ruthless. Three teams in relegation are finding themselves in quicksand. But NUFC have the players. Dyer is a big name, Emre, Martins, Parker, Given, and many other players that can change the outcome of a game. This Charlton game should be a walk in the park.

a Johnson said:

Freddie I hope you doing your homework for the next manager.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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