Magpies? More like sitting ducks!

By Lee Ryder on Mar 28, 07 01:32 PM

We're more than aware that Newcastle United's current position is less than acceptable and should they finish the season in the same place, the demand for heads to roll will be heard from Byker to Basingstoke.

Newcastle shouldn't have went out of Europe in Alkmaar, they didn't perform and they threw in the towel.

And even though many people thought it wasn't possible to do it again at Charlton - a team sinking like a stone - they did exactly that, well it was probably worse.

There's no excuses Newcastle haven't done the business this season.

You can't even use the worst injury crisis in the club's history as an excuse without being shot at.

Nor can you point to where Newcastle might be with Michael Owen, you know him?

The £17million man who scores goals without even thinking about it!

Even during international fortnight we're still getting picked on!

Shay Given, the nicest man in football no less!

Shay will equal Pat Bonner's record of 80 caps for Eire tonight and it's something he will no doubt be looking forward to.

Yet because it's Newcastle, Roy Keane decided to stick the boot on it and have a real go at our superb keeper.

Take away just 80 of Shay's appearances for Newcastle in his 10 years here and I bet Newcastle's positions down the years would be worse, perhaps those years when we flirted with relegation, we'd be down.

So where would that have left the Republic of Ireland?

Keane's done a good job at Sunderland but that job shouldn't include slating the good guys like Given - for no reason whatsoever!

Getting back to Newcastle, Glenn Roeder today has come out and answered the fans with some hard hitting stuff in the Chronicle and for my money you wouldn't get too many Premiership bosses doing that.

Roeder knows better than anyone the position Newcastle are in isn't good enough.

Last year Roeder went round several of the region's watering holes to answer fans at talk-ins including places like Wallsend, Stanley and Gosforth, somebody put it to him that you wouldn't see Jose Mourinho doing that.

And they were right, at least this manager is hands on to answer his critics and face to face if needed.

Yet this season now all boils down to the last eight games and it really is up to the players to do the talking with their feet.

Yet perform like they have in the last two games and the rotten veg will be coming their way again.

Unfortunately that's Newcastle for you. Sitting ducks indeed.


Jo said:

Toon's always been a pressure cooka

oxboy said:

Roeder on tour - same old questions, same old patronising, jam tomorrow, footie men know all and fans know nowt answers.
Even I am amazed at how many long standing ie 30 years and more, fans are heartily sick of the club and its attitude and are now staring to turn their back on what was once their pride and joy.
Interesting times ahead cos I can't see Freds usual tricks around season ticket renewal time working this year.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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