Time to show some pride

By Lee Ryder on Mar 19, 07 08:27 AM

Newcastle United go into their final eight games of the season in desperate need of clawing back some pride after the Charlton debacle.

Where do you start after the shambles that unfolded at the Valley just days after another confidence sapping sorry show in Holland.

It's not like United haven't got the ability - don't forget they raced into a 4-1 lead against Alkmaar just 10 days ago at St James' Park.

We just aren't turning up when we need to most.

The season is in danger of turning into a farce and at the moment even David Blaine, the A-Team and Anneka Rice put together would struggle to get Newcastle out of this one.

Wasted chances at Charlton then allowed the home side to take the advantage.

It was chance they were offered on a plate and being a side fighting relegation and the prospect of the Championship they ripped Newcastle's arms out of their sockets almost to take it.

Oba Martins has netted 16 times this season but how on earth did he miss that chance in the second half?

It was easier to score and almost impossible to miss but he done it.

To be fair Kieron Dyer was having a promising game in the exciting free role he was handed by Glenn Roeder until he was wiped out by Matt Holland who didn't want cover every blade of grass to keep up with him and so inflicted a 'reducer.'

Yes perhaps a penalty should have been there for United too but howay how often do we get penalties on the road?

And even when we do, we blow them anyway, just like we did at Everton and Wigan.

Sorry to sound so negative. But the patience of all Geordies has been pushed to the limit in recent times in a season that has at times promised European glory and a respectable Premiership finish.

It's not like the Toon Army are a bunch of moaners either.

We love to get carried away by the smallest scent of glory if a player does well or the team has a hot streak.

At the moment this isn't on the cards.

Last season we had a strong finish and ended it on a high to qualify for Europe.

Feeling as punch drunk as we do now, the prospect of making such a bold statement to say they'd do it again is certainly a daunting one!


oxboy said:

The defeat at Charlton was clearly Titus's fault, it always is or just the perpetual moan about the defence in general. That defence of kids, wingers and whoever is fit to fill the remaining gaps. Yet a midfield which creates very few chances and strikers who squander the precious few scoring opportunities we have seem immune to Roeders scorn.
No euro miracle this season boys cos we simply got a crap manager, chairman and an unmotivated, disorganised and over paid team.
Save your money and buy the club.

ray said:

what an awful way to play and an awful way to show us, the travelling support that the team dont really have a clue

i've travelled the last 2 horror shows into ldn (fulham being the other) and again it was awful.

one thing is for the players to play badly (dyer and emre being non existant -- the former at fault for not tracking his man on the free kick) but its another for the mgr to sit back and not notice and then not change anything.

get a clue glenn! the rest of us stood there could see that your diamond (or whatever idiotic formation) stopped causing them problems and with no width and trying to play through the centre then its was just all over since they wanted the ball more than us

and this aint helped by the idiot in charge; how can bent's shove on gooch not be a foul, yet solanos shoulder nudge on their chinese striker be a foul?

as far as i'm concerned, this goes for all of them: get a clue or just get out.

biggs said:

watch those season ticket renewals
drop off.if you really want success at st james park get rid of roeder he is simply not up to it .apathy will turn to anger soon and you will be in for an uncomfortable ride .no amount of apologys will do any good now we are sick of hearing them .

macs said:

To Oxboy,

How can you blame the defeat on Titus when he wasn't even playing!!

We need to give Roeder another season and judge him when ALL of the players are fit.

Sacking ANOTHER manager is ridiculous. If anyone can name a manager who would realistically come to us then I'd like to hear it...

Michael said:

Good Lord!

Can't we get a grip on our expectations here and look at the quality of people in charge of the club??

Roeder is a great servant but was never gonna be a good enough manager, especially with the meagre talents at his disposal.

When you talk to non-NUFC fans they'll tell you they like Martins, Parker, Emre, maybe Zoggy as well.... and thats yer lot. Our only decent quality players

Factor in a clueless management team (Nigel Pearson - I mean what effect has this fella actually had??!) and our current plight is merely the sum of what we can really achieve.

Jay Dee said:

Even with a fully fit squad the best possible XI is still mediocre.A wholesale look and clear-out is necessary.Can Owen and Martens play together? I doubt it.Is Sibi the long term big front man? I doubt it.

Ray Flynn said:

Its hard to blame the manager when you think of the injuries that we have had. However there has not been one scrap of improvement over the season.

The distribution from Shay Given remains poor, the defence cannot cope with crosses and set pieces, the mid field are incapable of winning the ball and holding the ball and so leave a poor defence more exposed.

Dyer has got himself back into the comfort Zone, Damien Duff was a waste of money, Scott Parker is NOT a leader and the way that Roeder appears to treat james Milner is ridiculous.

Changes may be required for next season, but where do you start? Top (Freddy), middle (Roeder) or bottom (the players)?

Finally can enyone explain what is Mr Shearers Ambassador role forthe club? I think we need more input from him.

mt1892 said:

People are talking about getting rid of Roeder, whilst I agree he isnt up to the managers job he is still a valuable asset in terms of the role he performed at the academy. In his time there the likes of Carroll, Edgar, Huntington, Lua Lua, Ramage and Pattison all came through. Why not keep Glenn at the club as a Director of Football to oversee the youth development and try to improve the image of the other words try to avoid any more PR disasters. The bring in someone who can attract the big players who want to play for the manager and not just come here because the club are willing to pay daft money. Maybe then we will stop rolling over in front of any team who shows a bit of fight and maybe go to the likes of Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge having a go a getting all three points instead of trying to avoid embarrassment. Season Ticket renewal time should be interesting....who will it be ...Eto'o, Trezeguet, Ronaldinho.....I cant wait

Genghiz H Sengul said:

This has turned out to be a very disappointing season. For crying out loud, James Milner, a 20 year-old was the hero for the season with the likes of Owen, Given, Parker, Martins, Emre, Ameobi, and Dyer. At least they know that Milner can play. Also I believe that Mr. Roeder is tired of explaining to everyone that the team had injuries. If it wasn't for the payroll, there would be no next season. What I'm trying to convey is the team has talent. Even without Owen and Martins. But in all reality Owen and Martins will be the strike force next year. Let's see what happens next week.

oxboy said:

To Macs:-
Blaming Titus cos he wasn't playing was the very point. For many seasons too many have simply blamed Titus for loosing games and missed the point that we don't score enough goals,strikers who contribute little to our overall game, midfield that doesnt create enough chances, midfield allows attackers to run at the defense at will and we haven't signed a decent defender for how many years?
The point is macs to those who, including Roeder, persistently blame one or more defenders look at the whole team and ignore Messrs Hansen and Lawrenson who write their scripts days before our games.

A Mcdonnel said:

I dont believe that Roeder is going to be given another season not after reading two recent articles emanating from Thomson House.

If Shepherd has let you guys off the leash then its a certainty that Roeder's days are numbered.

Which is just as well considering the performances against Birmingham, Sheff Utd, Alkmaar, Fulham, Charlton, Wigan, Bolton hang on I'll just check the rest of the fixtures to see if there was a decent performance this season.

bottlodog said:

I'm fed up to the back teeth of being left angry and frustrated by inept performances
Now I have to go to SJP on the 31st and sit in a church like atmosphere listening to nothing but whingeing and having to fac quizical expressions when me and my mate Talor try to offer a bit of vocal support - why do we bother- I honestly don't know any more, the teams' performances are garbage, the majority of the 'audience' would provide better support if they just stayed at home.
Why the hell turn up if all you are going to do is moan and then boo the team off - that'll boost their confidence, won't it.
It's far better going to away games - proper atmosphere, proper support.

Greg P said:

The simple answer is that the midfield don't have the desire and defence don't have the ability. Apart from Moore and Taylor, Shay is left on his own, and how often are those two fit? Dyer was a disgrace at Charlton with one of the worst performances I've seen, and while Sib and Oba worked their socks off it was mainly deep due to the lack of penetration from the midfield.
The one bonus was that 20 mins too late Glen listened to the crowd and brought on the Zog. I say bring on next season with Zog and Milner on the wings!

andy said:

to the author:
This article should have been written months ago instead of pandering to the clubs propaganda. You journalists should be reporting fans opinions not the clubs
You still claim we had chances? so what - what about all the games newcastle have undeservedly taken points in this season? What about the awful route 1 football we have been forced to watch. The manager has to go or I am.
L7 upper John Hall.Row N

I think we have offered a balanced view in the past few games.
We have been extra critical about the team because of the inept showings of late.
As far as the chances and points issue is concerned, creating chances and wasting them in games and taking points underservedly cannot happen in the same game.
I disagree about route one football, well partly, I know that the management team have tried to play good attacking football from the start but have had to revert to the long ball in desperate times - like the end of the last few games.
In terms of the fans views the text messages and punters panels have refelected this in the Chronicle.
And as for the manager, well exactly what would be the point in getting rid of a manager with eight games to go?
And who would you bring in?
With eight games left they wouldn't even scratch the surface with a squad that cannot be added to and clearly need people to go before new faces come in.
With the transfer window firmly closed now they would be in the same position as GR.

oxboy said:

Any manager who thinks that Anton Ferdinand is any better than what we already have at Newcastle is not good enough to lead this club forward.

macs said:

To Oxboy:-
I take your point. I think a summer clear out of most of the team/deadwood is what is needed rather than picking out individuals. I.e. I don't think anyone would mind if we got rid of Carr, Babayaro, Ramage, Moore (injured too much) and Bramble. I think Emre and Sibierski may leave the club in the summer too.

However, so many player ins-outs in one close season will be a hard task.






Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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