Is the writing on the wall for United at Reading?

By Lee Ryder on Apr 29, 07 07:38 PM

On a weekend of watching other teams play/fail/succeed or watching managers quit their jobs with plenty left to play for, Newcastle United enter the ring at Reading knowing it really is the last chance saloon if they are to get something out of a campaign many just want done and dusted.

All that is left on the shelf is a place in the Intertoto Cup and not many of us are even excited about that.

True it would be a return to Europe for the Magpies for the second year running via the much maligned route but let's be honest, do some of the players at Newcastle actually deserve to be playing continental football next season?

Hoping that Spurs finish higher than Portsmouth and that we beat Reading, Blackburn and Watford is without a shadow of doubt, clutching at straws.

But somehow Newcastle still have one finger on the edge of the cliff.

Two players will be at Reading to try to help pull them to safety in Michael Owen and Shola Ameobi but despite the £17million man and big Shola certainly a massive plus, will they be enough?

It seems too little, too late.

Yet victory at Reading would keep Blackburn in sight and provide a chance to overtake them in the last home game of the season.

Oh yeah, we need Spurs to keep winning as well.

Even by Newcastle United's standards, it seems very much a no-goer.

Time will only tell but many have long since dashed to the travel agents to book their summer holidays instead.

And it could easily be a case of "see you by the pool" come the final whistle if the same approach is taken by the players at the Madejski Stadium.


Dave Russell said:

56 years old. Followed NUFC for 48 of them. Never felt so disinterested in then as I do now!!

Dave Russell said:

56 years old. Followed NUFC for 48 of them. Never felt so disinterested in theM as I do now!!
Souness was bad Roeder is worse.
Squad full of players, a-la Duff, who say they want to "end their careers ar SJP". I bet they do, as long as we pay them £25k/week more than Tottenham would!

Time to stop this, put the money into the Academy,
Sack Roeder. Bring in a proper manager, don't care who but someone who can "inspire" the players and take NUFC forward.Big Sam maybe? like most people I thought he was a joke but having had a full season of GR I realise how wromg I am.

GR out, SA in, NUFC up!!

Tony Poolan said:

Can't see any point in wishful thinking. This season has been poor and although an Inter-Toto place would be welcome it would merely paper over the cracks. With Glenn Roeder in charge I can only see us drifting - I have nothing against the man but following his recent 'siege mentality' and particularly his inability toget more that a couple of players playing well at the same time he has shown that he will make no further difference. He should be moved on now - along with a large number of the players - while there is still a little spark left in the club - another year of mediocrity is just unsatisfactory and will lead to our demise as a 'big' club - if we aren't already on the way down now.

Blandandtedious said:

Yes I did!

oxboy said:

After that display Lee its a case of see you IN the pool - face down! I've just read that Taylor thought we were very good in the first half, well its time I gave up cos I thought we couldn't control or pass the ball, were bereft of ideas and looked disorganised and disjointed. Second half was just a total mess.
Maybe I need new eyes or the footie part of my brain has ceased to function but all of a sudden watching Coronation Street seemed preferable to the soap opera which followed it.
Time for a rest me thinks. Close season can't come quick enough - oh and by the way we seem to be retreading more old and discredited paths by the day. The youth policy which let SBR down so badly is rekindled by Roeder now we have Lee Clarke swanning off to Bocca Juniors or somewhere (cos we got nobby there) to view south american young talent. Two own goals in one - how short the memories from our more recent south american purchases. Someone tell them that Solano is not Brasilian please ....

jackie w said:

Posting this after the match so wont be smug and predict the score,But i was in the bookies in shepherds bush (my career takes me to all these wonderfull places) and some mockney twerp seen me writing out my owen fist goal and toon one nil slip ,He was quick to tell me that there boy Kitson was on fire and would be looking for his 50th goal , so being the cosmopolatin i thought what the hell and put twenty on each with there respective teams winning one nill,,,,,crap game (shola and micky looked half decent) but hand on heart at the time i was fed up but as i am now leaving to go collect my winnings (25-1 i think) it was not a bad night after all , any geordies in the walkabout shepherds bush green ,tonight free beers on me and that ginger bloke Kitson...Jackie W


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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