Beckham in the Bigg Market?

By Lee Ryder on May 28, 07 09:07 AM

David Beckham is once again flavour of the month and it appears he could yet return to the Premiership next season, possibly in a black and white shirt.

With England in dire need of a shot in the arm to keep alive our hopes of getting to Euro 2008, Beckham is back in favour with Steve McClaren who has had to go back on his decision to axe the former captain and Three Lions hero.

Not only that but Fabio Capello has also had to recall him in recent months with the La Liga trophy perhaps Beckham's legacy to all at Real Madrid.

Not bad for a bloke who couldn't get a game for England or Real Madrid a few months ago eh?

But what are the chances of him coming to the Toon?

Well, if you listen to his coach at LA Galaxy, Frank Yallop - the ex-Ipswich Town man - then the chances are zero.

However, a simple block on loan talk will not end the speculation that he could replicate his international comeback by making an even more unlikely return to the Premiership.

The Major League Soccer season is well underway and the arrival of Beckham in the US will happen in August when he makes his debut against Toronto of all teams!

But when the season ends in November Beckham is then left twiddling his thumbs until March.

No proper club matches will trigger panic in the Beckham camp that he won't be considered for Euro 2008 if he isn't playing during the winter months.

That would give his rivals for a place on the plane to Austria and Switzerland the chance to be one step ahead of him and it is probably a scenario that Beckham won't like because this will be his final chance of playing in a major tournament.

So where does that leave Newcastle?

Well, Sam Allardyce was more than interested in bringing Becks to Bolton during his spell on the sidelines during the storm caused by Capello and his move to LA.

And the pair are said to respect each other enough for Becks to perhaps come to Toon and do a Larsson.

Now loan deals are loan deals normally from Paul Moran and Paul Bodin to Gooch Onyewu and Seppe Rossi, generally they don't work out.

But if this loan deal was never meant to work out and was simply a three month winter stint to suit both Beckham and Newcastle, then who knows?

Posh Spice in the Bigg Market?

Stranger things have happened.




I just dont see it. I cant see the Americans brokering a multi million pound deal then loaning Beckham out....and why would he want to come is not an issue and i can neither see him leaving Posh & the kids in Beverly Hills and he certainly aint going to commute. It's a non starter whichever way you look at it

Siomi said:

Well I can see it happening. The reason Beckham has turned his fortunes around at Real is because he lives and breathes football. It is his passion, the Hummers and sarongs are all now peripheral to his desire to excel at football. Losing the England captaincy and being dropped by Real seems to have reminded him about what is important for him. By all accounts he is fitter and more focussed than he has ever been. I reckon he will be desperate to play premier league football when the Major League season ends. What better place for him than Newcastle? Personal relationships will be a key issue for him (Allardyce and whoever finally makes up the squad), and whether he and his camp can be convinced that we have sorted out our injury 'jinx'. I would be very excited to see Beckham join us, even for a few months. In addition to his football, he is brilliant at inter-personal relations and would certainly inject enthusiasm and energy into the dressing room. I wonder what number he would go for? - If I knew I would buy the shirt now!

Sandra Stanley said:

Beckham in the Bigg Market?

I doubt it. Oba in Tiger Tiger on a Monday night is far more likely!


Of course it makes sense!! I believe Beckham wants to break one hundred caps for England, to do that he has to play competitive football in the Premiership this winter, what better place than the Toon.... he also knows playing in the US is equivalent to 2nd division football........ when was the last time a player from this lowly league represented England? -- by the by -- living in Toronto, I can't wait too see Beckham in August!

jackie w said:

Becks would be welcome in my books even just for the shirt sales . And on the football side he still has enough to offer for a three month loan stint.I have just been reading Sky Sports and a "Oliver Alan " has posted that Babbayaro and Carr are off to Wigan as part of the Baines deal. Is your boss starting a few rumours to keep us interested or do you two know something we dont ..Also heard a whisper in the bar last night Tevez is a target.Jackie

stuart malucci said:

david beckham at gallowgate? i can see the local and national press having a field day but i have a feeling if he does end up here, which i have my doubts about, there will be a lot of people thinking that he is in it purely for himself a bit like michael owen however stranger things have happened on the rollercoaster that is newcastle united? remember michael owen?

Al Shipton said:

Hmmm. Better him than that thug Barton. This club has been dragged through the gutter enough over the last few years (Dyer and Bowyer; Bellamy; Dyer's various other antics; Titus; Freddie and Dougie expressing their love for the fans etc etc).

jackie w said:

Sorry Al but "that thug Barton" is in my opinion exactly what we need to drag this club back up to where we need to be. Other than Lampard and Gerrard he is the best English midfielder around, we all know of his past but if Sam can calm him down and get him focused i believe he is an ideal captain for us.With Scottys departure looking more and more likely then we should be Signing Joey now and build a new team around him, the one thing you get from Joey is passion and that has been our problem this season and i think he would be a cult hero on tyneside and will deliver on the pitch...Jackie

Andrew Donohue said:

Beckham has been in good form of late;
He's an excellent dead ball player, which Allardyce will undoubtedly stress the importance of.

James Milner will be removed from the side.

As to Al's comment about Joey Barton, yes he has had a troubled past, but the players you mentioned, specifically Craig Bellamy, all contributed to the successful Newcastle United team that we're now horribly short of. The character of the player is irrevelant, as long as they can go out on a Saturday afternoon and win games for Newcastle United, we'll be a successful team.

Ryan said:

With Newcastle apparently looking more likely to bridge the gap with the top 4 than ever why does it not surprise me that Beckham (who let's face it probably won't join anyway) is about as ambitious as they can seriously think of. Yes Beckham is having a very good run of form lately, but there's hardly a player in top flight football who NEVER has a great run of form from time to time. The player is no longer world class and probably never was if we're honest (his reputation was built entirely on that he has a great cross and can take set pieces-hardly a unique set of attribrutes amongst wingers. If Newcastle want to bridge the gap they have to stop being interested in novelty signings and look at world class players, however I'm aware that Newcastle don't have an easy time luring top players to the club like the top 4 do, precisely the reason why the gap with the top 4 has never been bigger. Even with a huge injection of cash and good managers Spurs and Newcastle are simply lightweight compared to even Arsenal (who had a really awful season last year and still easily beat the 'dangerous' teams below them. If teams like Newcastle and Spurs want to become worth taking seriously for a champions league spot then they will have to do some serious improving and that doesn't include novelty players such as Beckham.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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