Hammer time?

By Lee Ryder on May 31, 07 09:41 AM

Scott ParkerScott Parker looks to have kicked his last ball for Newcastle United but the big question for the Toon Army has to be: Will we miss him?

Alan Shearer's retirement at the end of last season did not leave United with too many options in terms of a ready made replacement skipper.

And even when Glenn Roeder opted for the Londoner to follow in his and Robert Lee's footsteps as cockney captains, many were left wondering whether the decision was correct with Shay Given overlooked.

Parker impressed many of us with his energetic performances from the middle and bursting runs which often left him bordering on the point of exhaustion!

But there were some fans who couldn't see what else he had in his locker.

Many people didn't like the way he appeared to face his own goal too often and searched for support behind him rather than in front.

Indeed the demand for attacking positive football at Gallowgate and Leazes appeared to result in the player being singled out for being too negative.

Forget, Opta stats and Prozone for a minute.

Newcastle fans want to see one midfielder to sit in front of the usual dodgy line of four we have the cheek to call our defence and the other to bomb forward, Bobby Lee style, and get the goals to support the front two.

That theory was underlined even more so by the fact that many felt that Parker and Nicky Butt could not play together in the same team.

And even though Butt has lived a charmed life on Tyneside, it could prove to be somewhat of an irony if the former England man ends up starting the season as a Toon player, 12 months after his career in black and white looked over and Parker was destined to finish his career as captain.

As one well known former cockney footballer may put it, it's a funny old game!


SHAUN said:

Personally i wouldnt sell but the impression is that the player wants to go.Parker was messed about by 2 useless Managers.He seemed confused about his role in the team.To me he is an attack minded defensive midfielder and will do well for West Ham.
This leaves us short of about 7 players!

Ian said:

Lee, I think you might be being a bit unfair on Toon fans here - I mean we all appreciate Parker's work rate, who wouldn't?

But a lot of people have seen that our performances have been considerably more fluent without him in the team.

I for one would like to see him stay and operate in the Makelele DM role - but he would need to develop a lot more discipline to do that.

If he leaves I'll be disappointed, but I don't see it affecting our chances for next season.

oxboy said:

Will he be missed you ask, depends who we replace him with Lee!
Parker clearly underperformed last season as we created pitifully few chances.
We are desperate for a hardworking, attacking midfielder who can push through those canny, probing passes our strikers need to run onto.
Who would such a player be I wonder? Has kangaroo sam got a joey in his pouch?

Steve Patterson said:

I think Parker's work rate was commendable, however, I am with Malcolm Mcdonald when he said Parker spent too much time on the floor. Also, If you watch him, He gets the ball, puts his head down and spins on the spot, many times missing a pass to set up an attack. If we could get 7-8 million for him and buy Joey Barton, who is in my opinion is a better player despite his baggage, that would be good business. Interestingly, I have heard a rumour that Ben Haim has asked for in excess of 100k a week to sign for us! Another sign of players seeing NUFC as a big pay day!

inky said:

A new dawn awaits? Bramble,Moore,etc gone for good it only took a few years for management to realise what the fans knew all along BAD sigings.
Scott Parker on his way out ? big hearted player with limited capabilities reap the rewards and let him go.
As for the thorn in Newcastles side namely Owen -what gives him the right to think that he can play with the fans and the board - 2 years, 11 games, $17 million pounds,injury picked up on England duty, operation paid for by Newcastle and he can,t even commit to Newcastle ? Greed, greed, greed, its obvious he,s going back in the shop window with the upcoming England games, if he plays well he gets his escape clause and runs out of town with a suitcase full of cash and a totally rested body,good on you NUFC, are there any other players would like to come North and recuperate,he shouldnt even be allowed to wear the black & white shirt.
Wether he stays or goes my mind is already made up, somebody should ask Michael if he has made his up ?

siomi said:

I think the problem here is we get confused between a player's ability and how they (are allowed to) play in a team. We have countless examples of players with great ability who perform wonders before they arrive at Newcastle (Duff, Emre, Owen, Oba etc etc.) and players who magically start to perform wonders when they leave us (Jenas and Bellamy two of a long list). It was obvious that nobody really had a clue what they should be doing as a team last season, and with little positive direction or meanigful strategy they turned up and tried to do their stuff. I will be sad to see Scottie Parker go. I thought he brought huge committment and energy to a pretty lacklustre team last season. True, he did tend to pass the ball back instead of forward, and many of his passes looked meaningless, but I don't blame him for this. I am sure he would have a great 2007/08 for us, but I am equally sure he will be doing the business for the Hammers next season and will join the list of the "well why couldn't they play like that for us?" players.

Andrew Donohue said:

He's a good player, but was never really used properly under Roeder. Souness managed to get the best out of him in his maiden season, but unfortunately too many other mistakes were made during his reign which led to a disappointing campaign, although I'm sure no-one needs reminding of such an obvious fact! To be honest, I never thought Scott Parker had his heart set on playing for Newcastle United and it is for that reason that it is time for him to move on to pastures new. Hopefully he'll do well for another club, but not as well as his replacement at Newcastle! Give Nicky Butt the captaincy, he's proved this season that he does have the best interests of Newcastle at heart and he's a damn good player too. Joey Barton should be brought in to replace Parker and give the midfield some energy.

Ed Hannigan said:

Putting it bluntly, there were times last season when Parker just disappeared. During the second half of the last game of the season, I had to check to see if he was still on the pitch!
With the obvious exception of the Liverpool game (where he more than matched Gerrard) at SJP, I'd be struggling to think of any genuinely good Parker performances. Yeah, he was tough tackling, and while I know sections of the crowd get off on this, he lacked guile. To be honest, I thought he promised a lot, but all too frequently he was slow to pass, tended to move sideways or turn around on himself giving the opposition time to regroup or deploy. Half way through the season, I think most fans could see this.
Generally, I thought we were more secure with Butt and Emre in the centre of midfield last season. I am not, however, looking forward to Barton's arrival - if this turns out to be the case. Let's hope Freddie's way of dealing with his 'issues' isn't to chuck money at him, because this didn't work with Dyer or, eveidently, Martins.

All the same there are other players who I would have put in the queue before him:
Dyer and Carr spring to mind.


Well the toon look like they're gonna sell Parker and replace him with Barton. My personal opionion is mixed. I think with the right management Joey Barton could become the next Roy Keane of the Premiership. If Barton gets the right management he could learn how to journey his angst in the right direction, and rather than punch team mates or stub lit cigars in their eyes, he could inspire them, and in due course add to the one England cap he has already received. Big Sam has managed players with troubled back grounds before. El Hadji Diouf for example. Here we had a player who at Liverpool looked like an average player at best who was best known for spitting at fans. Sam has argubly turned his career around.

On the other hand Barton could very easily end up like a certian Lee Bowyer, and I can't help wandering why we always seem to be the club who ends up with players who are simply trouble.

Here's hoping if we do sign Barton, Sam can get the very best out of Barton. Final thought, I think he's worth a chance.

Ian Teasdale said:

Parker works his socks off almost every game, but that's not enough for the premiership. You need more skilful passing and a good footballing brain mixed with raw talent.
On the other hand players like Martins have loads of raw talent but no hard work. What you need is a few players with both (in other words a team full of Shearers).
I don't think even Big Sam will keep Barton on the straight and narrow. Once he gets down the Quayside, has a few too many beers, and starts picking fights with people, disrupting the dressing room (SOUNDS LIKE BELLAMY).we'll be back to where we were with Souness, shipping players out on loan just to get rid of then. There's no doubting Barton is a decent player but so was Bellamy, and Fire crackers like that will eventually go off in your face, Its just a case of when.

Mark Watson said:

why would u sell parker? hes the captian. committed. and wears his heart on his sleeve. surely this is what every newcastle fan asks for? personally i think hes one of the best players we have, and letting him go in a season where nearly EVERY player underperformed is ridiculous. if he goes he's been forced out by a minority of idiotic fans who cant see that parker is a new gary speed. the fans got on his back, but did you notice the whole that was left when he wasnt there? parker is a top top player, great in the tackle, always committed and exactly what newcastle need in the centre of the park. selling him is absolutly stupid.

Kavo said:


Wallace said:

Parker is a player who doesn't know what he is going to do until he gets the ball; hence the pirouette. Good players know what they are going to do before the ball. I think Barton comes into that category. He ran the show when we played Citeh

Terence Ross said:

my opinion is that it doesnt matter how big a player is if they are not commited to the newcastle cause theres no point in them staying . weve had too many years of money grabbing has beens and false promise , i cant believe that after all that has happened that m . owen hasnt publicy commited 11 games for 17 million i dont remember liverpool, man united or arsenal taking the gamble two years ago i hope under big sam us fans are given the performances and a team of fighters who want to win , scott parker good luck cos west ham are a step backwards

Anonymous said:

i was under the impression that parker was signing up for the dancing on ice tour, where his pirouette can be better appreciated!!!

good business, and about time we made money on a flop who the club was too big for, next get rid of the other homesick boy, duffer

Brewcastle, Oslo said:

Tony Gale told the Chronicle: "Scotty seems to be ready to come back down south, and that is a really big shame for Newcastle United.
"He is a quality player and West Ham will have a competitive midfielder who is also excellent at lifting others around him.

-It's no shame for NUFC if Parker leaves. Parker haven't lifted others around him at NUFC. He have too many times been the one that have given the opponents the oportunity to read NUFC's plans as an open book.
It didn't work well for him in NUFC. If he does better in another club, good for him. But still no loss for NUFC!

kenny mcmanus said:

if parker goes what do you replace him with bearing in mind that he alway`s gives 100% regardless of the know nothing whingers who probably never kicked a ball in their lives oh yes HE ALSO PLAYS FOR ENGLAND


i do feel a bit sorry for scotty he lacked a bit of quality though he was tough tackling and gave a full hearted effort he often failed to inspire other players around him give shay the captaincy he deserves it by proving himsef season in season out parker wasnt the right man barton has definatey got ability but has to curb his temper and i just have the feeling that allardyce could be the man to dom it

stuart malucci said:

although scotty parker had an unbeliavably fantastic first season with newcastle i think the decision by glenn roeder to make him captain was a mistake and it came to soon. when that happened the added responsibility became to much and he couldnt reach the heights of the prior season. given or solano would of been my choices., still getting an extra 2 milllion pounds on a transfer from two seasons ago represents good business for the club and if we can get either joey barton (despite his past) or kevin nolan then thats even better

callum said:

I think it is pritty obvious that micheal owen is going to manchester united in the january taransfer window.Joey Barton might be coming in and he will be a good player.I think Sam Allardyce will get some experienced players in for about 2 years then start to bring some younger players and build the team up.

trev said:

Attack minded defensive midfielder? What's that? You're either one or the other.

Parker is a hard worker but with a limited game. Regrettably we Geordies sometimes believe that hard work can overcome skill, and indeed, sometimes it does. However Parker's game is built on hard tackling, often from behind the opponent, giving away a free kick, or continually pirouetting with the ball which always allows the opposing defence to get back behind the ball.

If he can't take criticism and feels the fans expectations are too high, then he should go. So be it.

Paul O'Neil said:

I Have to say that I totally loved Scott Parker in his first season - so much so that it made the pain of losing Alan a little more bearable, as I honestly thought we had found a natural successor.

This season starting promising - a win against Wigan at home with Scotty scoring the winer and celebrating being captain - where did it all go wrong? I'll tell you where...

In his first season i was just chuffed that we had a player that could actually tackle in the middle of the park while others could attack, I was chuffed that someone looked like he actually cared about wearing the black and white shirt. In truth this was blinding us at the fact that Scott Parker has no skill, therefore he has to make up with effort and worst of all he is only bothered about his success NOT NUFC's which means he is a terrible choice as club captain.

Too many times this season I have seen a team crying out for a captain to drag the players up and rally them on to earning respect if not points! And to this day home and away I havn't seen Scott Parker do this. When players are in a tussle & need team mates around them Scotty is no where to be seen, when they need organising for a corner he is no where to be seen and worst of all when they need their captain to lead by example he is no where to be seen.

When i watched NUFC's worst home performace that i'd ever seen in 17 years of going against Sheff Utd and Parker shouted back at the fans I new that was the beginning of the end for him and he hasn't been the same since. Did you ever see Alan Shearer a) bottle out of a tackle and b) talk back at the crowd? of course not - come to think of it you didn't even see the likes of Brian Kilcline, Rob Lee or even Warren Barton do anything of the sort.

The simple fact of the matter is Scott Parker is greedy - greedy for his own success. He left Charlton because he thought he was better that them (he isn't!) He wasn't good enough for chelsea and he isn't good enough for Newcastle Utd. Even when he eventually got an England call up after that his form dipped as if he had nothing to prove!

One last point Nicky Butt has show him up this season, not just for his footballing performances but for his leadership on and off the football pitch becasue Nicky Butt is a team player that knows how to win! & for this I eat my words about what I said about him!

Good bye Scotty...your just not good enough for the top half of the premiership!

ZORRO said:

u cant tame a wild animal...and thats what barton is...wild with no professionlism..just a typical street fighter...not a good role model for the kids, is it...get paid loads to fight on pitch...put him in the u.f.c and let iceman chuck liddel to show him who can fight.

kirk said:

Lettin scott parker go is a massive mistake as he is the only newcastle united player except for nicky butt, james milner, shay given and steven taylor to actually try to win games, he is outstanding in the middle of the field with his superb tackling. Yes, he hasnt had as good a season as he did lat year bt he has still wore the captains armband with pride and this showed every time he scored he was delighted. I know he had a run in with the fans but part of that was down to the fans as they got on the players backs and did not encourage them which tells me something that they are to blame for scott parker's decision to move on

Callum from Australia said:

Losing Parker could quite possibly the worst thing to happen to Newcastle United in the summer. Ever since he joined in the dark days of Souness I felt he was the only bloke giving it his all for the club. The game at St. James' in his first year where he was battered all day by the opposition but he got up everytime and fought on was the best moment of that season for my money. To see a bloke who had no connection to Newcastle before that year giving his all so that the team could get three points was astounding. I thought he was the best choice for captain last season and I still believe he is the right man to replace Shearer. My personal best case scenario on this issue is that the Barton deal falls through and Big Sam decides to keep him, i love this guy as a player because you always know he will always give the club 100% in every single game. To say i would miss Scott Parker would be drastically selling myself short!

SeNioRe said:

parker good tackler 26 defensive 8.5m
barton good tackler 24 creative 5.5m

weve got a good deal if we do this sam will calm joey down whatever happens whoever is at st james next season we should cheer them

rick said:

rubbish player...whats he done for the club. runs around in circles with his chicken wing and passes the ball sideways or backwards. he has been on mega money foe two years and has spent large chunks of that time injured and when he has played he has been average at best rubbish at worst. he had one good game against aresenal at home and people say he tries hard but so he should for 60grand a wk but my gran tries hard but she isnt nufc tells you alot when home fans boo a "trya". good riddance

ben said:

mr going round in circles or the crab as i like to call him. if there is a more over rated player i aint seen him. my great gran can wrk hard and pass sideways


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