Sibi bows out with respect

By Lee Ryder on May 22, 07 01:48 PM

SibierskiSo it's the end of a short road for cult hero Antoine Sibierski.

The man that Man City couldn't even get 50p for back in August and who was laughed out of the City of Manchester Stadium leaves Newcastle with a lot of respect.

A contract wrangle in which Sibi wanted two years and United could only offer the 32-year-old just one, means it's all over for the tall striker who cost us nowt!

OK, he never did and never was going to hit the heights of Andy Cole, Les Ferdinand or even Craig Bellamy.

But when he arrived he appeared destined to join the same infamous list as Silvio Maric, Fumaca. Rob McDonald or Lee Payne.

Now he leaves on par with a Temuri Ketsbaia, a Stephen Glass or a Clarence Acuna, not world beaters but all of them knowing exactly what was expected when a black and white shirt was pulled on.

A goal on his debut against Levadia Tallinn got him off to a fine start and it was obvious that Sibierski was a player prepared to work hard for the team.

The player himself will be first to admit that not everything came off for him.

And he is probably still haunted by that miss at Sheff United that could have cost Newcastle so dearly in the crucial win over the Blades.

Yet eight goals in total, some of them crucial, proves he is probably one of the best free transfers Newcastle have ever pulled off.

And in a season in which Shola Ameobi and Michael Owen were both missing and Alan Shearer was never going to be involved in after retirement, in years to come perhaps the bridging job that was provided by the Frenchman will be deemed upon as a positive contribution to a dire season.

Thanks for the memories Sibi!


oxboy said:

Not the benefit of hindsight but I was one of the very few who said that Sib could do a job for us and he has.
Time to move on now to better things but thank you Antoine, you made us smile in a dark and uninspiring season.

Ted Kane said:

Ha! I only wish Acuna had been given more of a chance by Bobby! Great pity Sib's going. He seemed a genuinely nice and intelligent guy (and barring Nobby, there's not too much of those qualities left at the club). Blame his agent, who I hope to God doesn't palm the dreadful Barton off on us.

Duncan Baines said:

Acuna was a great player! Look at that fantastic goal he scored against Leeds away.

Brewcastle said:

Thanks Sib. Your attitude should be an example to follow for some of the "up-nosed" players in the squad. After only one season you will be remembered as a big profile in NUFC. Well done, and good luck!

Andrew Donohue said:

Thankyou Antoine. Your fantastic attitude, and pride to wear the black and white shirt will always be remembered. Best of luck for the future!

jackie w said:

Cheers sib, but lets get this one right , he would not make the bench of any of the top four so dont shed to many tears. We have a new Manager and now it seems a new Benefactor so lets think big and hopefully the champions league could be a real possibility .Jackie w

zulu said:

Agree Sibs was a gem. This issue of looking to give over 30`s a one year contract is daft. Look at Gary Speed, Bolton got three more excellent years from a 750,000 investment. Best of luck to a real gent.

Teena said:

Au revoir Ant1 - sad to see you leave, not too many true professionals & people in general in this game.. you where there for us when the chips where down, thanx for the goals, the attitude, the memories - I for one will always remember you as a player worthy of wearing the black & white!
All the best for the future - wherever you go!!

rich said:

stephen glass??????

Gavin Rogers said:

Thanks alot Sibba son, great bloke understood wor passion.

dave straughan said:

what a guy thanks a lot sibs fo the short time you were here, you were the magic spell we were lokking for, good luck

dave straughan said:

what a guy thanks a lot sibs fo the short time you were here, you were the magic spell we were lokking for, good luck

dave straughan said:

what a guy thanks a lot sibs fo the short time you were here, you were the magic spell we were looking for, good luck

kirk floyd said:

sibierski was a good man who put in a lot of effort for our club but could you see him helping us win a trophy or see him playing next to michael owen upfront but thanks to him for his commitment thorugh out the year


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