Surprise Surprise

By Lee Ryder on Jun 15, 07 07:04 PM

Cilla Black would have loved it.

I mean out of all the fixtures we are heading to Bolton and hopefully to beat them at their own game.

Come on, the last few years at the Reebok have been awful for Toon fans.

But now we are going back with the man who inflicted all the misery on us in charge.

From our point of view a great way to start the season.

For Big Sam, well in an ideal world he probably wouldn't have minded a couple of games to get his feet under the table.

Yet if anyone is big enough it's got to be the big fella!

He won't shirk this one that's for sure.

And what about the rest of the games!

In terms of getting those awkward fixtures out the way early, Mark Viduka's big day comes in only the third game.

I think Big Sam will get a decent welcome at Bolton but not Mr Viduka at Boro.

That will simply be a cauldron of hate, it always is anyway and Viduka will simply add spice.

The other derbies against Sunderland, don't kick in until later but out of all the fixtures pumped out by the Premiership machine, ours appears to have attracted the most attention.


garyshiels said:

its the perfect game for big sam to kick off the new era for the toon..a good defensive performance away from home(very rare in recent years)3 points begin season with and the satisfaction of letting all those bolton fans see what they have lost

Fast Eddie said:

Ah, Newcastle - Milburn, Harvey, Pop Robson, Supermac, Keegan, Beardsley, Shearer, Sir Bobby... and now who? Big Sam and Joey Barton. What a joke. Still, no doubt they'll appeal to people who wouldn't know good football from their elbow - like the mongs who stand behind me in the Gallowgate who only cheer when someone ploughs into an opponent.

Mark in Washington DC said:

Here's a few question for my kindered B&W fans: Do we want our team to improve this season...Got to be Yes. Do we want to see new faces in the team...Again it has to be yes (if their the right player for the Job). Do we want trophies..YES I hear you all cry. So then can someone please tell me why is it that everytime we try to move forward someone starts listing the old greats, plus putting our own fans down for cheering when a players puts the boot in. Earlier in the week Fast Eddie listed a Epitaph of names that would put the lords band of angels to shame, but thats what it is an epitaph, a potrait of bygone era's. We have heard complaints about signing players like Barton who has a bit of a temper (I say great, a player with belief). Now before anyone starts, don't mistake my enthusiasm for a fan who likes dirty play, far from it but I do like passion..but why not get some players back at SJP who have a bit about them. We all mention words like commitment, effort, determination as attributes we want to see from our players...well guys and girls its time to smell the roses, we have all seen our foreign imports and lets faced by and large they have been found wanting. What we need is a team of modern players with guts of old. I seem to remember a large contingent question Martins bottle when he came..but when he started putting himself about, my how the critics were silenced. Here's a closing question for you, which would you prefer a Stuart Pearce type player who wears is heart on his sleeve or a ballerina who falls over everytime a player go's past..if its the lata, me thinks you need to change the channel and stick to reality TV!!!!

Duncan Baines said:

The last few years have been awful for us at virtually every away ground besides West Ham and Sunderland!

magpie in boro said:

rob sorry mate as a geordie living in boro i vote for the tyne tees plastic derby to stay gives me a lot more ammo to fire at them if i classed them as the small yorkshire club they are..
And eddie even before a ball is kicked you complaining alladyces record is far superior to almost all previous managers barring sir bobby as ofr joey barton i suggest you check the opta stats for last year where he performed better than all our midfield yes he has had his probs but hey he starts with a clean slate(well with most fans anyhow)and who can blame the fans who cheer the odd late tackle they didnt have much more to cheer last year and pay their money and are entitled to cheer at what they want as long as they singing loud and proud for newcatle *united*(just for you that means everyone singing for the same cause)but im sure if we have a successful season with barton bagging a creating a few goals you will be saying to yourself(obviously a billy jealous of the boys singing with their mates behind you)that you said all along sam would do the biz and that joey would come good and if the standard of football isnt to your obviously high standards dont renew your season ticket we dont need half hearted support

Kev said:

I was annoyed when I heard about Shearer's comments on Bellamy's return. Who is he to tell our manager who and who not to buy? He might have been a good player, but he has absolutely nothing to do with the management of NUFC at the present time.I would do a swap with Liverpool, Owen for Bellamy as Bellamy always showed commitment to this club. I don't think Shearer's big friend Owen ever has. I think Sam could handle Barton (who Shearer has NOT called) and Bellamy. Grow up into a man Shearer instead of acting like a spoit child.

oxboy said:

Will we have 11 players to kick off the season?

Fast Eddie said:

Hmmm. I could never be jealous of the 'boys' behind me while they're laying into Oba Martins for being black.

As for Barton... well, I hope he does have a clean slate when he starts in September. I know what he's capable of skills-wise, although quoting Opta stats doesn't impress. I seem to recall David Batty scoring highly for us when most of his connected passes were sideways and to players three feet away! Those were the days. My concern is Barton dragging the club's name through the muck, because we've had enough of that from Dyer, Bellamy, Bowyer, the Dougie and Freddie act, Titus, Carl Cort, Gullit versus Shearer and Rob Lee and so on.

I'll support, skill, effort, passion and guile and I'll sing loudly and proudly, but, hey, feel free to patronise me again.

magpie in boro said:

eddie no one was patronising you was just a response to the amount you moan and when you have couple of people disagreeing with players showing a bit of agression/commitment(quoted the opta stats as reference for you)and batty may not have been the prettiest to watch but i wish i had 11 players with his level of commitment. you then change your version to stating racist comments why didnt you report this direct to the club to deal with as such behaviour shouldnt be tolerated ....again your negative comments lead me to ask you not to renew your season ticket but feel free to purchase one from the stadium of s***e where you can moan to your hearts content
ps you missed keith gillespies gambling debts off your list of shame

fast eddie said:

And maybe you should support boro where the style of football may be more in keeping with what you aspire to.

magpie in boro said:

i aspire to seeing a successful (newcastle) team wether by free following football or by true grit and determination so why the hell would i want to support boro and whilst never wanting to be ever compared to either would rather be likened to a smoggy than a mackem anyday

fast eddie said:

"I'll support, skill, effort, passion and guile and I'll sing loudly and proudly," as I said. And have done for many a year. I'm not about to give up now.

Billy Wanless said:

"alladyces record is far superior to almost all previous managers".

Eh? Compaired to who? Souness? Dalglish?

Alan Dobison said:

Rob Kirton, for Gods sake give them a chance,, condemming before a ball is kicked, must be a journalist in disguise.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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