Taking the Michael

By Lee Ryder on Jun 12, 07 07:43 AM

Nice to see Big Sam keeping it all real with the Michael Owen situation wasn't it?

I mean apart from pinning the England striker up against the wall and tell him he's going no where, there is, as Big Sam says there is "nothing" he can do.

Mind you it’s also nice to see the new boss not begging to get him to stay.

Yes, in an ideal world you would want him to stay but you wouldn’t want to look desperate!

Basically it’s all going to boil down to whether one of the bigger fish in the Premiership fancy taking him on board.

Owen obviously doesn’t want to come out and nail his colours to the mast, just in case it gets thrown back in his face.

I remember when Owen was a Liverpool player and I used to dread playing them anywhere, because you just knew he’d score.

And it could be an action replay again, just with a bit more bitterness!

If he does go anywhere in the Premiership, more than likely to be a red shirt of some kind, just how are we supposed to look back on his time at St James’ Park?

Newcastle have stood by him through two major injuries, and all we’ve had back since, and I’m talking about the day he broke his foot at Spurs, is a few leg loosening games just to get him back to play for England.

I mean that hat-trick against West Ham just seems like a dream now!

And since the injury comeback against Reading there’s been little mention of how much he is really, really, really looking forward to playing for the Toon again and sticking the ball in the net for the Geordies.

Sadly there have been plenty of chances to do it and not many of them taken.

If he does go then every Toon fan will quite clearly feel used because their money will ultimately have been used to get him back on the road for England and then another Premiership side.

But you kind of get used to smacks in the face like this in the world of following Newcastle!


Goffy said:

Time to get off Michael Owen's back! He has told us more than once that he's looking forward to repaying the faith of the Club and the fans... and his golfing and racing buddy Alan Shearer has told us Michael IS staying. No offers have been recieved by the Club for Michael's services and nor has the lad indicated that he wants to leave. Yes,it would be nice if Michael broke his holidaying silence to once again declare his intention of staying - in the light of an almost entirely media induced whispering campaign BUT it would also be nice if our excellent new manager also came out and said in public that he wants to keep Owen - instead of covering his own back with comments about being powerless to stop him leaving.MICHAEL OWEN IS OUR PLAYER AND WILL STILL BE OUR PLAYER WHEN THE NEW SEASON KICKS OFF...LET'S REJOICE AT THAT FACT.

Andrew Johnson said:

In an ideal world the value of loyalty (and maybe a little guilt) would help Michael Owen make his mind up, but, unfortunately this isn't an ideal world. The silence from the Owen camp has been deafening and without a doubt he wants away. I do hope he stays but at the same time it would be a great deal better if he actually wanted to stay. We certainly need a decision soon though, so we can move forward and find a suitable replacement. I do feel however that he has been very unlucky with the severity and bad timing of his injuries and this is something you cant blame him for. If Owen had played 70+ games for us in the last few seasons then who knows what the situation would be now. If he stays, I'm sure he will apply himself in a professional way, even if he is not entirely happy, but in the end the lure of Champions League football might prove too strong for our current number 10. Fingers crossed that none of the big 4 come in for him.

peter watson said:

the silence of michael owen is questioned,
1 is he waiting to see if a better offer from some other club may come.
2 or is he waiting for liverpool his home town as he is tired of helicopters.
3 or is the pride in himself,his attitude,and his morals not questionable
4 if he does eventually remain at newcastle his commitment must then be on the table.
is it not time he shows some guts and ends all the speculation surrounding his future.
as we all know no one is ireplaceable.

Commulus said:

Sven was right, he was only here for the money, Freddie told a lie - there was a clause in the contract! And we have The world first 'million pound a game man!'

Teddy K said:

"But you kind of get used to smacks in the face like this in the world of following Newcastle!"

Yes, because of the almost constantly bad club management.

SHAUN said:

Goffy get in the real world HE WANTS TO PLAY FOR 1 OF THE TOP 4.I hope he goes and we just so happen to replace the team he goes to,in the TOP 4.This is the start of the revolution at the toon.

Mark Malpas said:

I have to agree with my fellow fans that it is time for Owen to get of the fence and make a decision now. With regards to the rest of the team, Big Sam obviously wants to make his mark and with the backing he appears to have there is a good chance he can do...However I am concerned by the fact that he might be trying to rebuild the same team he had a Bolton (style and shape). Come on Sam your a quality manager, your now at a club that will give you what you need to spread your wings....Lets see the Magpies fly high once more.

John Campion said:

Let's face it, the only reason Owen will still be here in August is if the top 4 don't come in for him.

I'm not sure any of the top 4 will. He will cost £9m and be looking for a 100k+ contract for say 4 years. That's a £30m investment and I'm not sure any of them will go for it. Who's to say at this stage whether he will get back to his best (or whether he was ever that good in the first place).

Dave Russell said:


weebowie said:

ok how many times has the chron actually got anything right.this is only lee personal view.lets be honest if it wasnt for all the media hype over owen would we be actually discussing this.... nope... but it's close season and papers need to be sold and wee poor geordies will lap up and buy up any news concerning our team be it fact or fiction.i'll say this just ONE more time, owen signed a 4 year contract, in his last interview concerning the toon he CLEARLY stated he was here for as long as his contract and after that it was up to the club, he also stated that his family had settled well and loved it up here. now i dont know, coz i aint privy to the inside knowledge surrounding the release clause, but it appears to be a common enough addition to a players contract these days (re;barton), and i think too much has been made of big sam answere to the question of it, all he did was state the obvious fact, "if he wants to go i cant stop him if someone comes in with a 9mil offer" but then the press put their own slant on it.lets just wait until we see how things pan out before we make judgement. i know one thing if i was micheal owen and the rubbish spouted on this forum and the media was a typical reflection on all newcastle supporters, hey id kinda feel i wasnt wanted and LOOK to be off

funlovingexpress said:

Why would he want to leave?
Yeah, he gets one season without European football but Newcastle is on the up.

It won't take us to long to successfully be challenging for the title, never mind the champions league qualifying places.

With Mike Ashleys money and Allardyces know how we are THE TEAM to join, not leave.

Only an idiot would want to leave now. That is why Scotty Parker and Sib made such a big deal about not wanting to go.

In 2 or 3 years if we are the leagues number one team what will he do then if he leaves now. If we are winning everything he will end up with nothing.

Its not like we would ever have him back after kicking us in the teeth is it?

We are on the up, he owes us some loyalty for looking after him. He will stay!!!!

Its the only thing that makes sense.

shaz said:

I'm a liverpool fan and i am desperate to see him back at anfield.I hope he does leave Newcastle.The club is a joke.He only went there because Real Madrid told him he would rot in the reserves otherwise.Michael should have won a oscar for his performance the day he was unvieled at St James.He was gutted to have not returned to liverpool but put on a brave face.Newcastle will get what they deserves.No clause hey Freddie?!

Fenhamfool said:

He is staying because no one else want him for what it would cost. He is yesterdays man due to his physical fragility. For the last two years he has produced very little at enormous cost. Both Shepherd and Allardyce have indicated in their own way that if someone else wants him, he can go. it is time to unload him and move on. But whether we can or not remains to be seen. He wants to go. The club wants him to go. Only those who remember him as he was, not how he is now want him to stay.

mjhash said:

well well well
newcastle get a new boss(one that hasnt won anything major) and suddenly they are going to be challenging the top four!ha dont make me laugh,the sleeping giant of a club was put done years ago and as for micheal owen well you couldnt blame him for leaving a sinking ship!!

john said:

He left Liverpool and they won the CL, with all the goings-on at the toon, is he not worried he will leave and then the Toon will say we could not have one X,Y & Z with Owen? That would really feel silly

mag in boro said:

if owen stays then great, we all know on his day he is still a great player but if he goes fine we will replace him and can people remember we have still got oba martins who will get goals playing off viduka.but his silence has been question and yes in past michael has stated he is happy here and wants to stay for full term of contract but with all the press speculation over the "is he staying or going to liverpool"surely it would be better if he came out and put an end to this with facts..but we cant expect loyalty from any footballer now as it seldom exists and no one player is bigger than newcastle united.


Michael Owen has to stay ....... at least for the short term! he will have to do a lot of hard work (scoring goals) before any major club would show any interest in him, Personally, I think he will have a tough time holding his position playing for England -- I don't think his so called "GOAL" from Beckam's foolproof cross was anything to write home about -- my granny could have popped that one in -- be a man Owen and tell us that you're committed to the cause!!!

hugh said:

all this speculation about Owen is getting really boring,I think he will stay and score a lot of goals.however a more pressing problem is our defense how about this one mica richards,jaap stam,steven taylor wayne bridge,would this back four give any forwards something to think big sam give this club what we really want success good luck.

Mark in Washington DC said:

I am getting really sick and tired of everyone getting on the Owen band wagon. Lets face it, he never really wanted to come to Newcastle and will never were the Black & White with the pride which is demanded from players and fans alike. A true Newcastle player would be up defending his position long ago. Lets be honest the closest Owen comes to being a true magpie is the fact he flew in, nicked all our valuables and flew off again. Instead of worrying about owen, how about we look at our own youngsters, young Carroll seems to be a better player than Owen, he has more in his arsenal i.e. speed, height (which Sam says we lack) and he definately knows were the goal is, as he has proved in the reserves last season. I say sell Owen, get some cash back, save a load on the wage bill and let Big Sam build a team of players who gel together and get a lump in their throat when they pull the shirt on and walk out onto the hallowed ground. Bottom line Owen needs to put up or just go. Are problem is not scoring goals its keeping clean sheets....lets just concentrate on our true....long standing problems...lack of first class defensive support for Shay.

Adam said:

I feel there is a certain irritating factor about Liverpool these days. Not from the personnel but from fans. Hansen's "why I'm certain that Liverpool will win" before the AC Milan final, for example, whilst Lawrenson can be irritating too at times, and a few Liverpool fans arrogant posts. On the whole, they have modest likeable fans (from those I've met) but a few you also want to toss into the Mersey.
Anyway, if I were Owen I'd find it the perfect challenge to try to help the Toon get back to the entertaining, winning football we had several years ago rather than go back to Liverpool. Crouch is more important to Liverpool than Owen would be anyway.
I feel that we'll have a good choice of forwards with or without Owen. It'd be a waste, the 17 million plus wages with only a 9 million return if he goes but I have faith in B.S to use the money wisely if he does.
I like Owen as a person and player. I'd like him to stay if he develops a genuine passion and enjoyment of being at Newcastle, otherwise best to sell him.

Dan said:

I think that Owen will be here next season. He has a debt to Newcastle for waiting on him. I'd like to see Mexican ace Andres Guardado here next season along with John Arne Riise. We need quality players Sam - HELP US OUT!

Zulu said:

Bottom line is not the 9 million transfer, but the weekly wages. Best bet at the moment is West Ham, they`ve got money to burn. Reckon OB and MO will both be off before season begins. More chance of OB getting a Top4 club - reckon it will be Arsenal, wiht some kids offered in part-ex.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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