They turned down you down, they turned you down!

By Lee Ryder on Jun 6, 07 08:46 AM

Mark VidukaOnce upon a time there was a man who played as a striker that famously turned down a team that play in red.

He deserved to win something for his efforts but in the end he didn't win anything but boy did he score some goals for the Geordies, 206 in total.

Now it appears that history has repeated itself on a much smaller scale and hopefully this time it ends in silverware.

Mark Viduka isn't as big a name as Alan Shearer and Middlesbrough aren't a big club like Man United.

But history has repeated itself, in a way!

Viduka banged in 19 goals last season for the Teessiders last season but now he will sign for Newcastle and possibly link up with Michael Owen.

Owen's future remains uncertain but if he does stay, where will that leave 17 goal Oba Martins?

And at a crucial time in his career having just recovered from injury, what about Shola?

More importantly for United though Owen and Viduka can provide the goals and Martins and Shola would challenge or play a part in some kind of rotation.

However, Martins wouldn't accept being third choice at Newcastle but Shola would probably battle on.

And if Andy Carroll can somehow get in there, it would be fully deserved to get past so many high profile and more experienced names.

Looking at the kid's confidence in the ressies at Kingston Park on those cold nights last season when others were sat at home watching The Apprentice or something, he has actually got a load of talent to offer Newcastle United.

I don't want to tempt fate after watching shot shy United register just one goal from open play in their last half a dozen goals last season, but are we on the brink of a Toon goal rush?


Seb said:

If they get any good balls from the rest of the team maybe

Laura Marr said:

Let's face it, no matter how fat he is, he's going to get more goals per season than Shola!

Craig said:

..and it will be Viduka and Martins as Owen will be off to Arsenal mid July!

Cal said:

It looks like we'll have the power to get a hunge number of goals this season, but it all comes down to the service

John Walker said:

I wonder why you would think he has come to you? His motvation can only be the massive salary you mugs will be paying him. You finished below Boro, you're not in Europe, You are about to start playing long ball football so you will definitely need someone like Viduka who will hold up the ball well. On his day he is a great player but in 3 years we have only seen the best of Viduka for 6 months, most of that this season just gone. I appreciate that it's all going to be different under Sam just like all the other managers you've had this week.

oxboy said:

Massive Mark and Midget Michael could well be a force to be reckoned with.
What happens to the limited schoolboy Martins I care not a jot.
As a previous contributor said its then up to the midfield to do what they didn't last season - produce attacking football.

Gerry Hagon said:

Goal rushes I cannot see it yet but if Owen stays - which he should morally - we have an exciting year ahead. I see no problem fitting in Martins, Carroll and Ameobi. If we get any sort of run in the cups and are challenging in the league we will need these players.

I must say what a difference there is at the club. I feel now, for the first time in years, that the right man is controlling things. I am sure that he will now bring us a good left full back, which I personally hope is Leighton Baines, an experienced centre half and possibly another right sided full back.

We have strength enough in midfield already and have had for seasons. Although I shall not be renewing my two season tickets I will be watching from my armchair with renewed enthusiasm.

Thank you, Sam for cheering me up

Michael said:

erm.. lets not get carried away Lee.

Mark Viduka had an excellent season last year, but is in his twilight yrs, and the cynic could point out that he suddenly found form and fitness, and goals, during his final season at M'boro..

coincidence?? we'll see...

KEITH said:

You idiots. Viduka is a half a season man, he will spend more time on the treatment table, he only played well towards the end of his contract, You thick geordies, CARLING CUP WIN AND UEFA CUP FINAL RECENTLY

Ronnie Lambert said:

Well, after reading many quotes from Toon fans on Viduka's possible move last season i.e. we don't need a fat smoggie reject etc., I reckon we'll see a few u-turns of opinion this coming season. Firstly, what about his excellent goal talley against top teams, teams we couldn't score against, and without a full season under his XL belt ? Secondly, we used to have two podgy players, still revered by ' true ' fans, in Gazza and Mickey Quinn. Scoring goals is an instinct and a skill no matter what your size or shape is, ask Gazza, Quinny, Cantona, Maradonna and Matt Le Tissier. No doubt Sam's fitness experts will hone Viduka down a bit, but not too much that it destroys him I hope,as happened to Olivier Bernard. He's got great feet in tight situations, can score with both and can head a canny goal. Perfect foil for whomever he's partnered with, a rich man's Sibierski if you like, or dare I say Shola ? Perhaps Freddy and Sam made the same comparison, to poor old Sibi's chagrin. Either way, the acquisition of ' Boom-Boom Barton ' and silky-smooth Viduka are BIG steps forward for the club and supporters, who were dreading next season, even threatening to ditch their season tickets. It'll be interesting to see just how many ticket-holders don't renew on recent developments, not many I reckon. Keep it comin' Mr. Ashley, and Big Sam.

Billy said:

The Magpies can get all the high glitzy rated strikers they want, but if there's no creative industry in midfield (which has been the case for the best part of 4 years) by way of provision of good service for the strikers, regardless of who they may be, then we're all just wasting our breath. I'm fed up of the lack of effort and motivation in the squad!

John said:

This last 2 weeks, has me dismayed, barton coming in was bad enough, but mark viduka, please, dear me, what do we need him for, he is injury prone, so he scored a few goals for the boro, but is that enough for him to join us? a free transfer, have we strengthen our squad? the answer is no

Dave C said:

To Ronnie Lambert and Oxboy, smoggies who commented above.

So, its well seen that the toon look like becoming the top NE team again ehe (restoring the natural order) you moan on about Viduka being crap yet I have heard nothing but bleating from loads of smogos that you desperately want to hang on to him. Lets face it, he is leaving because he knows you are a small club with very little ambition, pathetic crowds even during your "GLORY DAYS" in the EUAFA cup last season. He also knows that with Mike Ashley and Big Sam NUFC are going places again and he wants to be part of that, who can blame him.

Bring it on, Toon Army forever.

Carl Redman said:

What are you on mate? The title is incomprehensible... "They turned down you down, they turned you down". What is that supposed to be?
And then to try such a tenuous link between the signing of the £15m penalty taker and Viduka is just ridiculous mate. Viduka is already at Middlesbrough - Shearer was at Blackburn. The one thing they do have in common is that they just went for the gravy. That is if he does go.
If Shearer had wanted silverware, he certainly went to the right place didn't he? All those Premiership titles, Champions League and FA Cups at Man U.... I am sure he is at home counting his money, reflecting on his glittering haul money. Don't give up your day job.

Steve said:

Oba and Owen to stay then we can either play Dukes up front with them two playing off him, which would get us many goals or we could play 2 out of the 3 which would provide good competition and good back up in case of injury! Shola's not good enough, wish he was bcos he's a geordie, but he's simply not! This has to be the season where shola is shipped out, even if its on loan to prove his worth elsewhere!?

James said:

I know people hear this all of the time but I've heard through a very reliable source i.e one of the first team players that Baines really wants to come to Newcastle, that said a deal still needs to be thrashed out with Wigan and wages etc agreed, but it will be good to see someone who really wants to play for the club coming in, not just someone with pound signs in their eyes!

Phil said:

Oxboy- Probably because he wants to play premiership football for the rest of his career, which isnt going to happen staying at Middlesborough. Derby, Wigan/Birmingham and Boro will go down. All Boro fans come on here with sour grapes, if he'd signed on for you again you would be saying he's the best striker in the premier league!

Coz said:

'You idiots. Viduka is a half a season man, he will spend more time on the treatment table, he only played well towards the end of his contract, You thick geordies, CARLING CUP WIN AND UEFA CUP FINAL RECENTLY

Erm I dunno, finished 3rd,4th,5th. Got to the Champions League 2nd Round.Bought the best english goalscorer around.Been bought out by a billionaire who is ploughing loadsa money into the club, to help us compete with the big boys again.......oh yeh and signed your TOP scorer

Ronnie Lambert said:

What are smoggies doing reading Toon blogs and sending scathing letters ? I'll tell you what, they've got nothing better to do. Half empty stadium, disgruntled players ( bye, bye Yakubu ), an inferiority complex as big as the Mackems' and precious little to look forward to next season, as the Mackems will leapfrog them in every department. It's quite sad really, can you imagine Geordies spending/wasting time skulking through their blogs, if they have one ? I for one would rather do the dishes for wor lass. As for Viduka's carreer being over, Big Sam has a knack of resurrecting the ' old gadgies ', see Gary Speed. Grow up smogs.

mag in boro said:

a message from a magpie loving living in boro at the minute...all the bitter posts from you smoggies really dont reflect the views i hear day in day out which are you are absolutely GUTTED.19 goals lost and only yakubu left and he wants to leave....good times to come on the tyne and boro the mags will smile as you will struggle to beat the mackems which is about par for your half filled stadium good luck for your relegation battle next year and hopefully trips to crewe and burnley the following year at least then you lot will get the football your fans team and ground deserve....

big jon said:

small team in yorkshire your just a small team in yorkshire small team in yorkshire your just a small team in yorkshire...and so on big duke theres only 1 way up the a19 glad you got out before the ship sinks

a said:

I've followed Viduka's career from the start. It's not just the goals he scores, it's the other players he can bring into attack that makes him such a valuable player. Just look at his record!

games (goals)
Melbourne Knights 48 (40)
Croatia Zagreb 82 (40)
Celtic 37 (30)
Leeds 130 (59)
Middlesborough 72 (26)

Any club would be lucky to have him - and I don't even follow Newcastle - Aston Villa's my team!

Paul Bowen said:

Carl Redman: "He also knows that with Mike Ashley and Big Sam NUFC are going places again"

How do you mean, "again" Carl? See, I'm only 47 so I don't remember them going any place ever.

mag in boro said:

to the smoggie you lot seem so interested in toon message boards while you here read the headline in todays chronicle from your ex striker...
HE CANT WAIT TO PLAY IN FRONT OF 52000 FANS...he could never say that in boro..go back to your parmos and feeling inferior to the best team in the north east..and hope you lot replace duke with collins john give us mags something else to laugh at

Carl Redman said:

To Paul Bowen.....

Hi Paul - just to put you right mate, the post writer is shown at the bottom of the post (not the top), so the guy writing the nonsense you correctly picked up was a guy called Dave C

Cheers mate!

Gerry Hagon said:

To clear up a few bloggers.

The Smoggies do not have an inferiority complex ........they are inferior.

Mike said:

Middlesborough 72 (26)

games played shouldn't include 10 mins as a subsitute, of course the manager had to deal with keeping Hasselbaink happy during his first 2 seasons.

broken down to mins on pitch, he scored the equivelant of 14 in 23 games last season and don't forget he's never been in a premier league team that provided a lot of service.


Lee Ryder

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