Chopping and changing

By Lee Ryder on Jul 12, 07 01:16 PM

Micheal Chopra

So Sunderland's first big strike in the transfer market is a player who could hardly hit a barn door in the Premiership in the eyes of thousands of Geordie fans.

OK, he didn't get a run in the team like some players have but given Michael Chopra's reputation as a predator, the chances he did get - he didn't take.

Chops did brilliantly for Cardiff last season but what evidence or erroneous information has been provided for Sunderland to splash out a big chunk of their kitty to make the Geordie a Black Cat and expect him to repeat it in the Premiership?

Would I be erroneous or ridiculous to report that Sunderland have wasted their money on signing a player that couldn't cut the cloth in the Premiership?

Don't get me wrong, every Geordie wanted Chops to get it right at Newcastle, but now what will Toon fans want?

Good luck to Chopra and a huge pat on the back to him for being so brave.

Not only to go out and attempt to prove the world wrong but also to win over the Sunderland fans who are still reeling from THAT goal in the 4-1 demolition job in the derby last time around!

I mean if 206 goal Shearer is c*** according to those on the Wear, where exactly does that leave Chops?

This week Sunderland fans were told to chill by their leader Roy Keane about potential signings but it's United transfer targets - the likes of Gabriel Heinze - that have caused a stir all the way down the A19.

So has a summer of constructive work and recruitment of four proven players by Big Sam actually stunned United's rivals into action by signing anyone they can get their hands on?

Chopra at Sunderland? Tuncay Sanli and Jeremie Aliadiere at Boro?

Hardly proven quality like Viduka, Geremi, Rozenhal or Barton is it?

If Newcastle struggled in the Premiership and finished 13th with the likes of experienced campaigners like Duff, Butt, Carr, Given, Dyer, Parker, Milner, Babayaro, what can be said of Boro and Sunderland's chances this time around, with no experience and in Boro's case, a weaker team than last time out without 19 goal top man Viduka.

Traditionally, the view on Tyneside is that nobody really cares about finishing above Sunderland and Boro in the table.

The viewpoint in my opinion is the top four is the target and if you finish around that area, you will finish above them both anyway.

I mean if you finished 12th but above one of your rivals, would you care about being North-East Top Dogs?

But with all three clubs back in the Premiership, it's going to be interesting.

Especially with Chopra leading the line for Sunderland.

See Chopra's only goal in the Premiership for Newcastle.


Big Bad Bob said:

Only Newcastle could barely play then flog the player who scored the most goals in the reserve league then take the second highest scorer on loan - and barely play him!

Paul Patterson said:

The problem with Chopra was that he was slow (and he hasn’t shown to me that he’s got any quicker)
Don’t get me wrong, he’s not physically slow (although not lighting quick either)

To Simplify, take Alan Shearer, now Alan in his time playing with Chopra was never going to outstrip him for pace, but the thing which made Alan “Quicker� than him was up here (Im pointing at my heed)

Alan Shearer knew quite a few years ago (Through injury) that everything about his game was to be absolutely spot on otherwise he wasn’t going to be able to do it past about 31 (He retired at 35)
He got all aspects of his game, his touch, his heading, anticipation, strength, placement, power to perfection, which gave him a far greater edge over the Bellamy’s and Chopra’s come Saturday 3pm.

Now Chopra might go out and get 20 goals next year, but wouldn’t the big four have got him if that were true?

Personally he might get 10, is that enough? Not if he’s leading scorer it’s not, Newcastle now have three players capable of getting 20+ goals (even with their faults) plus 10 more in Shola, can any side in the league say that?

No. Boro have weakened their side, Aliadiere indeed, apologies if I giggle too much. Tuncay might be good but I can’t see him getting more than £15 goals if that, so yes Boro have weakened their side, remember they had Woodgate last year so really haven’t strengthened at all.

Im pleased with Newcastle’s buying this summer and we haven’t spent anything yet.

With the club promising “A big one� in the near future, it all looks rosey, unless we sign Aliadiere and Chopra for £40m? Paul.

M Green said:

I can see chops scoring a brace in one of his first 3 matches, but ending up with less than 10 league goals at the end of the season. By then the mackems will be in open revolt against the geordie SOL plunderer.

However, I would guess that it's 2.5 million more, than anyone else would have paid and all he has to do if he wants to move on, is to get photographed wearing a toon shirt on the back of it. ]:)

Duncan Baines said:

Chopra won't get twenty goals next season and I don't want Sunderland to stay up (or avoid setting a record low points tally!)

mag in boro said:

it doesnt matter how many/few goals chopra gets keane has bought a fine championship goalscorer for the future when they back where they belong
cracking bit of business by cardiff though
you can hear the cheers now when taylor(true geordie) gets chance to say welcome home
so best of luck chops hope the 20 pieces of silver worth it

joal david said:

chopra lacks composure in front of goal...he's kinda unpredictable..but he'll get arounf 20 goal in all competition for the black cats ...but sanli tuncay on a free transfer is a very very good piece of business..he's good with feet and in air..wunder why sam didn't go for him considering with emre in squad we had a better chance of landing him..

Mr Michael Wears said:

The Makems words in the bookies in Jersey last week.
"But hes an ex Mag".
Much laughter off myself !
Howay The Lads.

Genghiz said:

Off the subject of Chopra and on to the team Captain. Taylor would be an excellent Captain as stated in the sunday Sun. Although it wouldn't show for another 2-3 years in terms of his full influence on the team. That would mean Allardyce is rebuilding and not looking to win this year.

Paul Patterson said:

You may have to start a new topic for the latest turn of events.

With regards to the morning raid at St James' Park this morning, the three clubs involved are Portsmouth, Rangers and ourselves, now lets not get Columbo in to follow the clues to fill in the blanks.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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