Do you remember the last time?

By Lee Ryder on Aug 17, 07 07:07 AM


Remember the day that Russian president Vladimir Putin criticised the United States for its "almost uncontained" use of force around the world during his speech at the 43rd annual Munich Conference on Security Policy?

Ah come on! You must do!

On that day I bet you had a big smile on your face and if you drink you probably over indulged.

OK, I'll put you out of your misery - it was the last time we won at home in the Premiership more than six months ago - February 10, 2007 - the day we beat Liverpool 2-1, the day before the wheels started to fall off for Glenn Roeder.

United will go into their game with Aston Villa for the first time in eight years with no Kieron Dyer on the scene.

Ironically Dyer made his debut in the 1-0 defeat against Villa in 1999, the same day that Alan Shearer was sent off and Ruud Gullit lost the plot when he ran on to confront Uriah Rennie at the end.

Well, saying as we've spent the last few weeks talking about Dyer and whether he will or won't stay, now is surely the time to focus on the players who are here after a club from the East End finally ended the soap opera that has been Kieron Dyer on Tyneside.

But even though I have always been a fan of a fully fit Dyer on the field, I can't help thinking as he drove over the Tyne Bridge for the final time (without crashing) he must have been left wondering 'what if', because even though he had some stormers in a black and white top, he never found the consistency required at top level - if he had, he could have been a real star.

Now though it's time to talk about just whether Newcastle can keep up their 100% record and win at St James' Park for the first time since February, oh and we haven't scored for 470 minutes in home Premiership games!

Against Villa we get the chance to do both and United fans go into the game on the crest of a wave after beating Bolton 3-1 at the Reebok.

To be fair Bolton were all over the place in the first half but you can only beat what's put in front of you*.

For Toon fans though, it's all about home games and winning at home ahead of anything else.

And Villa are a team that Newcastle fans expect to beat.

Early indications suggest that United will be unchanged for the visit of the animated Martin O'Neill and his side, meaning that Michael Owen could be on the bench.

Brazilian new boy Cacapa will probably be there to keep him company but the game comes too early for Jose Enrique.

Meanwhile it looks like Nobby Solano remains a United player and the Peruvian was at St James' Park signing autographs at a Junior Magpies session.

It is now common knowledge that Solano wants to go and play down south which I think most of the Geordie public will understand.

But if he manages to get on the field against his old club Villa tomorrow for one last contribution in a black and white shirt, what price him departing Tyneside with a final gift for the Toon Army?

A fairytale would be great but a straight forward three points will do.

*Courtesy of Ron Atkinson's 101 Great Cliches

NEWCASTLE UNITED fans are hoping to Bring Back the Noise to St James’ Park this weekend but those who manage to bump into the famous 118118 twins could end up getting the chance to prove they are the best.

For the dynamic duo have been scaling the length and breadth of the country to find the number 1 fan’s chant and on Saturday they will bring their cameras to St James’ Park.

The pair will be scouring the ground before the game armed with a cameraman who will film a video of them chanting before posting them on the website

And if their chant is good enough it could reach number 1 in their chart.

Organiser Tim Hampson said: “We are on a mission to find the loudest, funniest, most bizarre football chants in the land and are scouring the nation’s football grounds to find them and film them so that the public can decide who are the ultimate fans.
“Every week the 118118 boys go on tour around the grounds and film supporters chanting. Check out the website to see how the search is going so far.�
“Fans have also already started to film their own vids and post them up there - this is set to become a Football Fans YouTube.
“Interestingly we are in Sunderland the following weekend so this is Newcastle fans chance to set down a marker!�


Paul Patterson said:

Woahh Politics!!

What are you like??

I’ve said before the sight of Solano and Dyer in the same team with Bellamy and Shearer and Robert ahead of them with Gary Speed alongside was a dream combination six years ago.

But time moves on, Nobby is 32 and we can now safely say, we’ve had the best of him, unlike Sir Bobby’s reckless decision to dispense with him in 2003, when he was still creative.

I have no beef with Solano, he’s given us nigh on 10 years of great service and will be treated accordingly if he’s asked back as half time hero in the future, but Mr Dyer??

Wasted talent, springs to mind, injury prone? DEFINITELY.

No matter, our run from February has been awful and one for which Roeder had to go regardless.

Sadly Im working on Saturday, so unless I can pull some rabbits out of a hat, Im stuck, either way, I just can’t see anything other than a victory for one of the two sides tomorrow*

My bets on Newcastle.

* One of Sir Bobby Robsons finest quotes.


Mike Gadd said:

It was nice to see some refreshing honesty by Geremi as to how Newcastles "last major honour" is really perceived by the club.
We haven't won a MAJOR TROPHY FOR OVER 50 YEARS says Ron Geremi. All of Teesside has been telling you that the Inter city thing you won was only the equivalent to the Anglo Scottish, Texaco Cup thing and that it does not count as a major trophy. Maybe its for the best that you leave all of the Major trophy winning to the Boro, after all we are well experienced at it.

Jon Preston said:

That last post by the Boro fan has cheered up my whole day!

When I was a lad, Boro and Coventry were always quoted in the same breath as being the two clubs with the most barren history in terms of winning anything. At least Coventry can now look back on their 1987 FA Cup win. Boro? Oh yes, didn't they win that Carling/Milk/whatever League Cup thingy a couple of years ago?

Compare with Newcastle who apart from winning the Fairs/UEFA Cup (you might belittle it on the grounds that it didn't become the UEFA Cup until a couple of years later but you won't find any fan anywhere who would exchange it for the League Cup!), still have one of the proudest trophy-winning histories of any club ... even if Geremi is correct with this 50-year remark.

All that smog down the A19 must make people delusional ...!

Steve K said:

I'm concerned we might get brought back to earth with bit of a bump this week. We certainly will do if we take Bolton lightly. I was at Bolton and although we outmuscled and outplayed them, particularly in the first half when we camped in their half, we weren't particularly creative either. Scoring 3 goals is impressive, but we only had 4 shots in total that I remember (Geremi's freekick into the wall being the other although Lee I'm sure you will correct me on that.)

Villa will come to defend and try to cause us problems on the break like last season, when we were a tad fortunate to win. Unless we get an early goal it is imperative the home crowd stay with the lads instead of getting on their backs and as long as they do so we should nick it.

ps Mike Gadd- What is the relevance of your point to this article? don't "you on teesside" have better things to do with your time (ie fret about 0 points out of 6) than try to jealously rubbish another club's European heritage that you wish you had. Just to put you straight, the intercities fairs cup became the UEFA Cup the next year- and I remember you all wetting your pants from excitement just because you got to play in that tournament not so long ago.

Egbert J. Souse said:

Actually, that's the one time Gullit was dead right.

Personally, I'd like to get another year out of Nobby.

Sam said:

well if anyone still remember that solano and milner played briefly for the villans once. well both were and are the best performer we have seen during our last campaign. Although nobby probaly is leaving I really hope BS will field them against the villans as last tribute and shows what the other club are so lacking for.

mag in boro said:

well here we the boro fan who kindly posted on here..
less than 20000 season tickets sold for a team that tasted recent major trophy success..fantastic fans we get more for a friendly... 2 games into new season ZERO points against mediocre prem teams,fans who dread going into the winter months knowing
their team is as poor as a third world country...and if you think this is a magpie just spouting suggest asking these questions in the pubs around boro because your views are in the minority as most of you know your place as a small team in yorkshire(hopefully in the future you will be stuck back in the north riding)and most say and i quote"i hate to say this but think newcastle gonna have bloody good year" and "we need rid of southgate as he aint got a clue"
As for teeside telling us who the hell are you kidding seperated by one lucky win where we took you apart for 80 mins and yak got a fortunate winner to send you home knowing your giro had been well spent
NOW TYNESIDE IS TELLING YOU..we dont give a flying **** about your sad bunch of stay away fans who come out of the woodwork when you win a cup game we got a proper derby(look forward to leeds next year for yours)
and hope you so happy with your new signing who is only there as didnt want to go in mood with brucey or pay 6 mil to replace a far better player who walked to a proper club on a free...geremi who as a loan player won your player of year was so happy he left but then again who wants to play in front of half empty stands even the scum draw bigger crowds(same levels of intelligence though)
your one true legend grove hill hero brian clough went to the mackems
even your women are disillusioned by your class and decided to marry black n white
so come aug 26th park end pally park grove hill easterside grangetown linthorpe whinneybanks st helens marton etc unite in your grief and hear the cheers from the riverside to redcar(even louder if duke gets the winner)

Egbert J. Souse said:

Terrible game. You can blame Villa's tactics all you want, but we weren't very good. We miss Nobby, even if he's only going to be used for part of the game (though he's certainly better than Carr). We need to hang on to him and get Barton involved. Owen, naturally, is short of fitness, but I would've taken off Viduka before Martins.

There was some terrible central defending yesterday. No change there, then.

Peter Harper said:

Whatever way you look at it, four points from 2 games is excellent.That cannot hide the fact that Newcastle United performance-as the home team-was poor.It is no use having great forwards if you cannot give them the ball.N'zogbia played very well but he's not a full back.That's why we bought Enrique and please don't tell me he needs time-he's 21 and naturally fit.
Unfortunately Carr is still at Newcastle.He will do a job in the Championship for a team but not in the Premiership.
Last but not least I hope Sam stops the defence from hoofing the ball airborne from defence when not under pressure.
Progress Report reads:- good start-must be a little more adventurous especially at home.Keep your feet (and the ball) on the ground.
The Geordie Nation expects.......


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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