Big mouth is back in Toon (and he's bringing some familiar faces)

By Lee Ryder on Sep 21, 07 11:08 AM


He left with his tail between his legs last time but he's back this time with another point to prove.

Bellamy grabbed the opener last time out against Liverpool but Newcastle won 2-1.

The only problem being was United didn't win again at home in the Premiership that season and were soon dumped out of Europe.

That of course, is an entirely different tale.

Now Bellamy - who is expected to shake off a tight groin - to play at St James' Park is ready to return and silence Gallowgate.

Love him or hate him, Bellamy's stint in Toon coincided with two seasons of top four Champions League qualification.

And it was only when he fell out with Graeme Souness that his career on Tyneside crumbled.

This time he'll be back on Tyneside and he'll have some pals with him!

Our friend Mr Bowyer will also be in Toon and the in-form midfielder will bring with him our old captain Scott Parker, who is poised to make his debut.

And then there is the small matter of Nobby Solano, who will be the only player to be certain of a good reception.

If you are a booer, then you might be out of voice by the end with so many targets!

If you are a realist, you will know that one of them is likely to score or play some part in a goal.

But don't forget there is the small matter of bouncing back from Derby.

So on the day that the East Enders are in Toon, is another soap opera ready to unfold in front of the black and white public?



Sid said:

Try reverse psychology - cheer their replacements.

Who can forget Bellamy's face as he left the field at Ewood after the Owen and Shearer double in the 3-0 win...he much prefers boos than to feel he's not missed.

Peter Harper said:

When Craig Bellamy left it was a sad day. I believed Bellamy's version not Souness's.When he played he he played with passion.He whinged from start to finish but boy didn't he have the will to win.He is an excellent player with great speed and vision and I wish he was still here.Welcome back Craig Bellamy.From a footballing point of view you were a great loss when you left.Oh and by the way I hope you lose on Sunday!!

Paul Patterson said:

Boooooo, Boooooo!

Personally Im not too bothered about who may or may not be returning on Sunday, just what our own players get up to is all that concerns me.

I hope Sam Allaryce dispenses with this silly concept of 4-3-3 (Keep it tight) format at home.

Enrique and Beye MUST be installed in their respective full back positions and N’zogbia allowed to fly down the wing along with Milner, with Butt and Geremi in the middle (Even though them two are far too similar for my liking)
Stick Viduka and Martins up front and we will at least get some joy.

Bellamy was a revelation when he came but I can’t understand why someone didn’t grab a hold of him sooner than Souness did.

I liked Scott Parker and thought that with the right coaching he could have been a Frank Lampard type player, scoring plenty goals, but he never got the coaching did he? Instead being left to spin to the right, then to the left, then back to the right, look for a pass forward, then send the ball back to Shay Given.

Nobby Solano doesn’t need mentioning at all, he knows what he’ll get.

Bowyer was a decent player, but sadly never lived up to it, I still remember when we started our second Champions League campaign in 2003, I thought we would go into the season, armed with players that would compete on the European stage, a top defender here, another great striker, there, a new flying winger maybe, all no doubt costing a packet, but knowing that our squad would be sizable and strong enough for all competitions, What did we get?- Lee Bowyer on a free!

Sadly I’ve got a bad feeling about this one, I think we will be on the losing side, as too many things are set to bite our bums, 4-1 away win.

At least were spared Captain Bling’s return.


Davy west end best end said:

I think Bowyer was a class player and we shouldnt have got rid, same with Bellamy

skye blu said:

Scotty Parker and Nobby should never be mentioned in the same breath as Bellamy & Bowyer, the latter two epitomising what is wrong with footballers these days,overpaid, spoilt petulant,whinging,self centred brats - how they were ever signed for the toon is beyond me - desperation ? Scotty and Nobby are the epitomy of true professionals its a shame that they have left the toon as I feel they still had a lot to offer us.
Lets see what Sunday brings and more importantly the new signings before we become to critical of Big Sam.

Siomi said:

Boo Whoo?

Players expect to be booed, means you notice them and miss them. Shearer loved the boo treatment - it really fired up his play. I like Sid's idea of just ignoring them - Bowyer who?

And by the way, I wear my old 'Bellamy' home shirt with pride, and like most Newcastle fans, I would go a long way out of my way to shake the hand of Solano. Why on earth would I want to boo them?

M Walker said:

Bellamy should never have been alowed to leave. Yeah he was/is a nasty little man, but he was our nasty little man! He has apparently said some bad things, but haven't most people. I would sooner have a passionate Bellamy in the side, someone always willing to put it about than a Michael Owen only bothered about playing for England, getting his money so he can buy some nice new stables.

Blacky said:

In reality I wouldnt have any of them back minus Nobby for sentimental reasons.Bowyer was a massive dissapointment at Newcastle the crowd warmed to his effort but there was very little else his goal record for an attacking midfielder was terrible.I thought it was the best bit of business all summer exchanhing parker for barton and making a profit if I seen that little spin on the ball 1 more time I would pull my hair out ! That only leaves Bellamy the most talented out of the bunch. I just wish the little welshman had somethin between those lugs cos he really brought us another dimension. We have never looked as good goin forward since but as we all no he hasnt so Il be there on sunday singin


Darlo Doug said:

Souness!!! What can we say about that disaster. When he arrived at the Toon he had every intention of getting Bellemy out and did it in double quick time. We got 4.5 million off Blackburn then gave them about 1.5 back as compensation for taking Souness! How could anyone demand compensation for that incompetent individual.

Still he used the money wisely to buy Boumsong, Baba, and Faye!! oh and reward Dyer with a new contact.

Possibly the worst managerial appointment in NUFC's history

micky rave said:

boo em all
no room for sentiment!

Davie Chilton said:

Hes got everything we havent got has Bellers, pace, finishing, and a will to win,
yeh he's an angry little thing but he shows he cares
perhaps he wont get more goals that than owen this season but hell spark a reaction from his team-mates

mark Blades said:

Souness was a crap manager, but was real bloke, Bellamy is a little S__T and got what he deserved being sold. Souness tried to protect him and he went on tv and contrdicted his manager..what a berk....slate him..canny player though

Joe Kearney said:

Bellamy was (and is)a whigning little git, when he played for us he was our whining little git but the ammount of balls that went past him co's he was busy whinging. He could have had another ten goals. Really could be class but he was too far up his own backside.
Give me players like Steve Taylor who want the Toon to do well co's its the TOON.
And can anyone tell me just why Mike Ashley wears a No 17 shirt with Smith on it?
Get the ball to the bye line and cross it!
Then as always you will score goals.

Kenny said:

M Walker, I couldn't agree more. I would swap Owen for Bellamy any day, any month, any year. Bellamy totally fought for the team, for his love of NUFC. Owen fights for the team for his love of England, to keep his place. Fans have short memories of what Bellamy did for us (Champions League included).He does have pace and vision and he loved our club. The only reason some hate him is because of the Shearer incident, nothing more. I've spoken to other fans that's how I know. Shearer's gone now, bring him back Sam, warts and all!!


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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