Snap back to reality

By Lee Ryder on Sep 18, 07 01:21 PM

Perhaps we should have known better or maybe you did know better and fully expected Newcastle to fall flat on their faces in terrible fashion last night at Pride Park.

Either way, you won't be a happy bunny today.

The Toon are brilliant at leading their fans into a false sense of security and then whack!

They go and serve up a performance so bad they lost to a team that the bookies have already paid out for to those who placed a wager on the Rams being relegated long before the middle of May.

Worse still the 1-0 scoreline doesn't tell the entire story, no, no, it could indeed have been even worse.

Let's be honest had Steve Howard been in better form it could have been six!

But let's at least have a serious look at the real damage caused.

Newcastle shouldn't have lost last night but if anything, and yes it's clutching at straws, they gave everybody a reality check and proved that nothing comes easy in the Premiership.

Graft and only hard graft gets you results and if you have a bit of skill, a bit of a plan and a guy capable of putting the ball in the onion bag - you win football matches.

And sadly Newcastle didn't look like they had any of that at Pride Park.

Last season Glenn Roeder's side fell to plenty of defeats last season which started at Aston Villa in their first game.

That team didn't learn, this team still can and after regrouping after the squad spent most of the last fortnight globetrotting while the rest of it played in the sea at Tynemouth, perhaps a result against a Derby team that thrashed out their problems together, with only a handful away on national team duty, was on the cards.

Indeed, life is what happens while your busy making other plans.

The plan now being to dismantle West Ham and the delights that go with home games at St James' Park.

Already stick is flying around for the manager, certain players and even frustrated fans taking it out on each other.

But on Sunday, we are one again for 90 minutes and all want the same thing which is three points.

If that happens the rollercoaster will be going up once again and we'll all get a little bit carried away again, whether it be privately or with friends.

You know what i'm talking about too, looking at the Premiership table and seeing where three more points would take us, we've all done it!

But until then that rollercoaster is sloping down, roll on Sunday then and hopefully a set of not so happy Hammers.




james said:

when were newcastle last united?

Desmond Tseng said:

please big sam...never put Shola in the starting line-up again...he really aint good enough to play regularly for our team....not even closeeeeeee

james said:

last night i watched the worst performance ever. the ref and linesmen were a disgrace it was one wrong decision after another all night.goal kicks that should have been corners 3 that derby were denied as i remember. players wrestled to the ground in the area not given .players well off side not spotted the worst offside i have ever seen owen in his own half but at least they spotted the vicious shirt pulling . derby are going down they are the weakest team in the division anyone could have beaten them last night except us. WE WERE DIRE. no idea no fight no ability . I haven't been impressed by our games since the win at Bolton geremi has been a waste of a shirt is he going to be another of our players who keeps his place due to one good game.cacapa was poor is he really a defender or world champion backwards runner ,we have enough of geremi's backwards running looking for space when the opposition has the ball.what does smith add to the team apart from keeping the yellow card count ticking over.butt had a poor game but at least he tried .at least we appear to have a new crab in faye I am a season ticket holder who has followed newcastle home and some times away since 1965 .i have seen some bad matches we have played .But now and again they do something outstanding to keep our expectations high . fa cup semi final against burnley 73/74 fairs cup run and win 1969 left me hoarse for days avoiding relegation to div3 at the start of our best period king kev's years . I thought sam would make us a professional team who fought for everything but after last night the jury is out on sam. if the worst happens and owen wants to leave at xmass i would not complain he wants to play with a professional side who tries .come on sam wake up you owe us a team that at least will fight . an unhappy leazes ender

Anonymous said:

What a lot of moaners.

I too was very disappointed, but if the officials had played fair then then the game would have taken a tottaly different shape.
Yes Derby came out fighting and were always fouling & not playing the beautiful game. They weren't allowed to get away with it at Liverpool and look what happened. There is only so much that a player can take, if the ref won't listen what chance do you stand?

One comment I must agree with is that I don't think Ameobi's style of play was suited for a starting place and 442 may have been more suitable.

Come on Sam and let us knock a few past the cheating hammers.

Terry Wiseman said:

After Mondays dismal display I just hope we can deliver on Sunday against West Ham, if not I think its over for another season??? I am sorry for been a loser but after Mondays diplay it worries me.

Paul Karter said:

This result could well be a blessing in disguise in the long run.

You simply can't play a centre half at right back, and a midfielder at left back.

Why no Enrique, push N'zogbia to left midfield, move milner across and drop Smith. I can't see what Smith offers on the right wing.
Also, surely Sam must realise that Shola will never cut it for us. He should have taken the money from the smoggies when he had the chance

gavin said:

it makes me furious to hear all these people going on about lasts nights match against derby and how if we dont win on sunday then sam must do something quick , for gods sake how fickle, do you just expect success to come over night sam himself said it wont and i aggree with him if you think its just gonna change around like that then your wrong. Heres a headline for ya WE WILL LOSE FOOTBALL MATCHES , plain and simple some we will lose like that ( although a one off i hope ) and some we will play out of our skins and still lose football matches. yes it was a terrible performance and yes the refferees and linesmen didnt help but for christs sake cut them some slack it was one game , 1 game out of many this season , if for instance say we played like that for three or four games in a row then yeah fair enough you know the alarm bells could start ringing and things would have to be changed but if any of you are a real supporter of the club know matter how many years you have been with them you grit your teeth and you put up wit it because once them players get on that pitch it aint gonna help their game knowing that people dont have faith and only wanna slate them . that will do their confidence the world of good won't it ?

supporter said:

i have been genuinely optimistic since Sams arrival but monday nights display has shaken some of that optimism. in truth it was back to square one. no real difference from displays under the previous manager. this in spite of a new manager,new players,new chairman and a new owner. my expectation was that under Sam we may not win every game but at least we would fight and compete, but no it was the same old lethargic, timid performance. the team has no width,no shape, and is not making chances. most goals in football come from crosses, until we go wide and get in many more crosses we will struggle to score goals. Sam must know we have to win games,if you drew all your games in a season you would get relegated with 38 points. we need more goals, more energy and more fight

Rushabh said:

i agree.....the mondays result wud be a blessing in disguise...I think geremi is not good enough to be Newcastle's captain(i wud prefer owen)....With the return of Barton and Emre,we wud get much of creativity and goals from the Midfield which at present is one dimensional....plzz BS smith is not a winger.....
My Team For The West Ham game
Talyor Rozy Cacapa Nzog
geremi Emre Butt Milner
Viduka Owen

Craig Colquhoun said:

What Mr Sam needs to understand quickly is that every toon supporter deserves to pick there team for every game and letting one bad result go is not acceptable especially when it is so really bad as Monday eve how on earth are we supposed to be going into Europe on this team SELECTION and Performance it was horrid
SA is not near good enough when will any manager realise this get smithy up front where he belongs not dying out on the wing or at least central behind front two
get Zog forward and JM on the right and give the captain some boots that go forward and finally get the best keeper in the country back in goal !!

Paul White said:

I always find a roller coaster is more exciting when its on its way down, pretty shady metaphor there

Anonymous said:

Bebe Capcapa Roz Enrique

Milner Butt Emre Zogs

Martins Owen

Put this lot out on Sunday and we should see a different Newcastle. Watching the game on Monday was painfull but Faye was probably my biggest concern , he looked like a rabbit in the headlights and his control was on a par with shola, i just hope he turns out better than his namesake we ditched last year..Did any one else think the Derby song played at the kick off was more like the tufty club theme tune than a football anthem and that wierd dance they all did when Miller scored was a bit camp? Outside the ground was also a bit wierd, everyone thinks you are Ant or Dec and wanted to stand and chat ...not being rude but ten o clock on your way to the 45 min cue to exit the car park after being trounced by the worst team / ref / linesmen in the league the last thing you want to do is chat to some wurzel..Roll on Sunday..Jackie

mag in boro said:

well it doesnt take long for the knives to get sharpened granted it was as bad a performance as you could get and granted the officials performance matched ours....but the prev 4 games we made chances defended reasonably and everyone was praising we are back to doom and gloom on the pitch and judging by some of prev posts off it bad game dont make a difference in course of a season and think we would as a UNITED club players and fans better off putting it to bed and forgetting about it because come sunday if we show any lethargy from derby there will be 4 ex players waiting to show no remorse at cmon stop the whining and lets get on with job in hand turning over the bloody hammers because i for one want to see bellamy walking off with his head down


Keir Waugh said:

it was sad to see last season creeping back on us.

no surprise owen is injured again...i dare hell get himeself fit just in time for england again.

time to cash in on him now

Tom Riker said:

Beye Rzy Cacapa Enrique
Milner Geremi Butt Zog
Martins Owen

Smith, Emre, Viduka, Tayls, Harper
Seems pretty simple to me.

Andrew Davis said:

Hi Lee.

I did watch the derby game on sentanta at work and you may remember me from a email i sent to Alan Oliver as i am the guy in america who works for Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream if you remember me....

My point is that it was a international week and we had a lot of players on duty and we don't really have a creative midfielder as yet and we are starting from scratch in regards a new team, and if we win against west ham we will still have a game in hand and we may have a chance of being in the top 10.

We should be better but its a better start than normal and yes i was mad at the performance and non performance and we have a lot to look forward too.

Be confident Lee as i try to be positive.


Mike Anderson said:

One thing hasn't changed over the past few seasons; no bottom of the league club need fear a visit from Newcastle.

Ron C said:

The main thing upsetting me is that Big Sam keeps insisting Obafemi Martins plays only when we use 4-3-3. Why not use 4-4-2 with Martins up front? With Owen off the field there was no need to go 4-3-3 (notice that Owen never has to put up with 4-3-3).

My fear is that Martins will leave, in frustration at not getting enough games, and Owen may well also leave after that, once he has proven his fitness and ability over a season and a Champions league club activate that famous clause (I think the $9m drops to 6m next year, so he is even cheaper).

I'm still happier about the team than last year, but these little niggles are a worry.

John Conway said:

Taylor Rozy cacapa Enrique
Milner butt Smith Zog
Owen Martins

i think everyone had fair points but come on it is only one game. we gota beat the hammers and beat them wel and start playing as a team.
we definately need barton and emre because the midfield isnt cutting it at the moment, we need given back and either play smithy centre midfield or centre forward or dont play himat all.we need milner on the right where he can do the most damage or behind the strikers bcos i tot e did wel wen we were playn 433. what is the story with enrique??when is this lad gona paly the full 90 and finally i nevr rated shoala and the match on monday just proved that he doesnt cut in and andy carroll would have been a better addition

Stuart said:

Lee, you said Rozenhal put in a "solid shift" against Derby. It was far and away his worst perfomance, he was dreadful after missing that chance. Hes a decent player and I dont want to knowck him for one bad performance, but I couldnt let that go past.

Len Charles said:

This weeks no brainer. Which Newcastle player has been given every chance to prove his class under a succession of managers? Which payer has consistantly failed to prove he is class? Post your answers here!

mag in boro said:



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