Newcastle and Spurs play hide and seek

By Lee Ryder on Oct 20, 07 12:38 PM

Well something certainly has to give if we are to believe the vibe coming out of the respective dressing rooms as we go into the big one.

And I'm not talking about the egg chasers in Paris either!

We don't need egging on whatsoever when it comes to having the odd drink in Newcastle so I'm sure the rugby world cup final won't be any different.

But for us it's really all about Monday night and Tottenham Hotspur.

And once the likely partnership of Michael Owen and Oba Martins gets going it should give us an indication of just what way this game is going to go.

Alan Smith may well be in the sin bin but he feels that United could go goal crazy against Spurs and he told fans this week via the Chronicle: "Somebody is going to get a right hiding sooner rather than later."

Ironically Spurs striker Darren Bent followed this statement up in crazy fashion when he uttered: "We know we've got players in the team capable of winning games for us and we also know that some team is going to get a hiding soon."

Spooky huh?

But it all appears to be wishful thinking from Bent though.

United of course have racked up six goals in their last two home games and have been good value for that.

There have been complaints about a lack of creation or that bit of magic from midfield but with and without Emre and certainly without Joey Barton, United racked up 19 efforts at goal against Everton.

Ten of which were on target and three of which flew past Tim Howard.

Can Big Sam beat 65 attempts at goal?It may be a million miles away from the whopping 65 attempts that came back in the Keegan years when we clashed with West Ham on a different Monday night TV clash back in 1996, but after last season's shot shy efforts under Glenn Roeder, it is massive step in the right direction.

And with Spurs incapable of keeping clean sheets and leaking goals 'all ower the shop' we should be in for a few more on Monday.

They leaked four against Aston Villa and two in their last Premier game at Anfield to go to the boat load before that after conceding 18 in nine games.

United appear to be water tight compared to the shambles that is Tottenham's defence and in Faye and Cacapa have a partnership capable of going on to be something special.

Sorry, for going back to the KK era again, but remember the night we thrashed them 7-1?

That was one of his last ever Premier League games at St James' Park of course but what price something similar on Monday?

Big Sam's policy seems to be getting the ball into the box as much as possible and with that policy comes plenty of pops on goals.

It doesn't look like attack, attack, attack but the stats afterwards are telling a different story which hopefully continues on Monday night.


mike said:

dream on mate

Ryder's reply: Wake me up at 3-0 to us!

alvan said:

If we are not capable of beating the spurs , the players don't deserve the big fat salary ! Or who can we beat at home anyway?

ray sundin said:

We need to forget ENTERTAINMENT and concentrate on winning matches which is what Big sam is trying to sort out, drop the Keegan talk once and for all

Action Steve said:

After all this talk of how many goals there are in ours and Spurs' games, this is a banker to be 0-0.

Teddy the Wonder Lizard said:

Never apologise for harking back to Keegan!

I'm optimistic about tonight, even though I haven't been thrilled about several of our performances so far. I hope Barton plays and shows us what he can do in footballing terms and I'd like to see Martins have a good game too. If Emre's fit, he has to play because he was the only central midfielder with any genuine flair in the last game. And please don't stick Charlie on the right and Milner on the left. After Fat Sam did that, our game suffered.

Anyone see our old boys beat the Mackems on TV yesterday? A sight for sore eyes, although it's taken Curbishley long enough to let Nobby play. Anyhow, this is totally off topic, but Sunderland's forward looks a hell of a find. Maybe when they go down we can pick him up. It struck me watching him that years ago Ameobi had that promise and now, four deluded managers down the line, he still fails to deliver and last week he was complaining that he wants away if he can't get first team football! Has he not seen a recording of the Derby game? The last time we had a player as self-deluded as Shola was David Batty when he wanted to use video footage of him pushing a ref to prove that he didn't push the ref! Off you go, Shola. Maybe you will get first team football on a regular basis elsewhere - Port Vale need a centre forward?


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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