Newcastle fans turn up the heat on Big Sam

By Lee Ryder on Nov 24, 07 02:40 PM

Sam Allardyce was the target of angry Newcastle United fans today after Liverpool pulled off an easy win on Tyneside.

The fact that Pepe Reina wasn’t even tested in the Liverpool goal summed up a miserable day at the office for Big Sam as the Merseysiders could have left a rain swept St James’s Park with an even bigger scoreline.

The Geordie crowd then turned on Allardyce when they chanted “You don’t know what you’re doing� and “Big Sam for England.�

And Liverpool fans were also happy to join in when they chanted “You’re getting sacked in the morning� and “You should have stayed at the Reebok.�

Gerrard goal

Newcastle started the clash against Liverpool with a 3-5-2 system which resulted in a recall for skipper Geremi.

The Cameroon star was deployed as a wing back as Jose Enrique, David Rozehnal and Habib Beye lined up the heart of the defence while Charles N’Zogbia was fielded on the other flank.

Shay Given was also back between the posts with Steve Harper making way for the Republic of Ireland star.

Meanwhile Big Sam dropped Joey Barton and derby day hero James Milner as Nicky Butt,

Alan Smith and Emre made up the midfield engine room.
In attack Oba Martins, as anticipated, started the game up front with Mark Viduka.

The first real sight of goal came the way of Liverpool when a free-kick on the edge of the box was driven in by Steven Gerrard, however, the England midfielder – who was roundly booed by the home crowd after the Croatia debacle – could only find Given’s mid-drift.

However, the glimpse of goal proved to be a rarity in the opening stages as both team cancelled each other out early on.

But on 22 minutes Gerrard forced Given into a good save when the Irishman had to fist away his effort from 25 yards and just 30 seconds later after United had cleared his team-mate Jamie Carragher sent an effort fizzing the wrong side of the post.

And Liverpool were presented another opportunity when Emre upended Fernando Torres on 27 minutes.

This time Gerrard made no mistake as he lashed it past Given after Lucas Leiva rolled the ball to him from 25 yards as the Reds captain hit back at his critics.

Eight minutes before the break United gave their fans a flicker of hope when Viduka fed Smith in the right channel before the Yorkshireman juggled the ball on the edge of the area and sent in a wicked snap shot which just bounced wide of the goal frame.

Yet Liverpool should have gone in 2-0 up at the break when Torres was released by Dirk Kuyt and was gifted a chance following a defensive mix up.

Given came hurtling out of his goal to block his initial attempt but it then fell for the Spaniard who sent an effort against the bottom of the post in a wonderful chance for the visitors.

But Liverpool took less than a minute to double their lead at the start of the second half when Gerrard’s corner was backheeled by Sami Hyypia into the path of Kuyt who applied the finish from close range.

Shell-shocked Newcastle struggled to get back into the game and the biggest cheer of the afternoon came when James Milner warmed up in front of the Gallowgate End.

On 55 minutes Viduka won the ball in the air on the edge of the box but Smith’s effort was high and wide.

Milner finally emerged just before the hour and when he replaced N’Zogbia with Big Sam's decision roundly booed.

The margin almost got bigger on 62 minutes when Torres wriggled his way through and his shot struck the knees of Given.

It was 3-0 on 66 minutes when Gerrard pulled the ball back for sub Babel to lash home.
Liverpool could have ended up with a cricket score as Kuyt and Torres wasted further chances before the end.

And it was no surprise when Newcastle were booed off at the end.

UNITED: Given, Geremi, Enrique (Carr 78), Rozehnal, Beye, N’Zogbia (Milner 59), Smith, Butt, Emre (Barton 51), Viduka, Martins.
Subs: Harper, Edgar.

LIVERPOOL: Reina, Finnan, Hyypia, Kewell (Babel 58), Gerrard (Crouch 81), Torres, Arbeloa, Kuyt (Riise 76), Leiva, Sissoko, Carragher.
Subs: Mascherano, Itandje.
Crowd: 52, 307


desmond said:

HA HA i was wrongggg he played viduka up front

but instead he made enrique a centre back ....HE IS A GENIUS....HE IS A TRUE TACTICIAN, TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE!

and i think he could have let david edgar play for 30 minutes when we're already 3 goals down...

arghhhhhhhhh i wanna cryyyyyyyyyy...but well...we are used to this...magpies never live up to their standards...

fast eddie said:

Terrible tactics. Terrible substitutions. Terrible manager. He has to go. That was worse than anything I saw when Roeder was manager. Maybe even Souness too.

Paul Patterson said:

That’s it!

0-3 and out- or it would be if I had my way, that was the most ridiculous excuse for football tactics I have ever seen.

Allardyce has murdered this squad, a squad of players that are pretty good in my opinion.

Today was summed by the moment that James Miler came on- ‘Oh Joy’ I thought, finally Allardyce has seen sense and brought on an orthodox right winger instead of the shambolic Geremi out on the right side, now we can see N’Zogbia and Milner flying down the flanks and whipping crosses in for Viduka and Martins, I joked to my friend, ‘Who‘s he replacing?- He’ll probably take Martins off’

Little did I know that, Sam Allardyce- Tactical Idiot was still in charge of Newcastle United.

Sadly it was Charles N’Zogbia, replacing a left winger for a right winger, with Butt, Emre, Geremi and Smith in the midfield,- to top it all off he takes Emre off and puts Barton on- these are not the tactics of a manager intent on keeping his job, just exactly how many central midfield players do you want to play Allardyce.

Lets be fair, if Torres had had his shooting boots on it would have been 6, 7 or 8-0, from a Liverpool side that wasn’t all that great, heaven knows what an Arsenal, Chelsea or Manchester United will do to us.

So much for swamping the midfield at the start, Liverpool were allowed to pass the ball at will and create chance after chance, the shots on target tell their own story- Newcastle didn’t have one.

Then the decisions got worse, taking a left back off (Enrique) and throwing a Right back on (Carr) Carr doesn’t even have a right foot never mind a left foot.

Oh and Alan Smith got his yellow card!!! Yippee- That record continues at least.

The fans on the T.V monitor shouting ‘You don’t know what your doing’ just behind Allardyce showed just exactly how far the gap between supporter and manager has got over the last few months- Bizarre tactics, shoddy formations, and, no doubt ridiculous excuses afterwards. (I’ve held out from submitting this post to hear just that so I can comment)

He has said in playing the system we did was- ‘To protect the back four as much as we could’ and ‘We couldn’t leave a back four like that exposed’ well the only way we can protect a back four, is to utilise attacking strength Viduka, Martins, Milner, N’Zogbia, Emre, Butt.

Bizarrely he has also said ‘Two games ago it was great- now it’s a disaster’ well correct me if I’m wrong, we haven’t played well all season, if you take ten minutes out of the Spur’s game and another ten out of the West Ham game, there’s our season in a twenty minute highlights package- food for thought eh?

He’s also said (Brace yourselves) ‘We had a containing first half’ CONTAINING FIRST HALF???? Where?? What exactly did we contain?? Liverpool swamped us.

All I ask for is a bit of honesty- if a manager of Newcastle United CANT do at least that, then go- GO NOW!!

I don’t think Allardyce is on this planet personally, he’s deluding himself if he thinks things are going smoothly, performances have been awful and we HAD been getting away with it up until Portsmouth- The Portsmouth, Sunderland and now Liverpool games have shown us were we are- AWFUL- Results are now starting to reflect our performances- AWFUL.

My Solution- Keegan till the end of the season and then make an effort to get Mourinho.

An interesting take on the current situation is, even Souness and Roeder had better starts to their reigns at St James’.

Merry Christmas everyone??


darren robinson said:

Sack Allardyce now!!!
Negative tactics,players out of position and poor players bought in the summer.

watson said:

alladyce is playing a faultless hand of cards..he wants a big payoff as fast as he can.dont sack him put him in charge of the toilets, he knows how to handle that stuff.

dean said:

Thank you sunderland..... I was in desperate need for a bit of cheer and you have provided it yet again with an amazing 7-1 defeat. This is how bad things are getting at Newcastle, having to rely on the mackums to keep me slightly happy and save the cat from a kicking.
Today the toon were at best 'shocking' and at worst 'sunderland in disguise'. I thought Roder had no clue about tactics but Big sam really takes the biscuit. Yes he may have changed things for the better on the training ground with all the new staff etc but what really matters is results and performances and so far we have seen neither.
I hate seeing newcastle play this style of LONG BALL, how many times did a defender just boot it long hoping to get martins in behind the defence..... it was never going to work against this back four. I know we had a few injuries yet again, but why do we constantly play players out of position. How many times has milner been on the left and charlie on the right???? and lets mention alan smith (oh no) He should never get into the team, he runs around but does nothing to influence a match. The match sponsors names him man of the match for newcastle, I hope this was a joke..... butt and Shay were the only ones who could hold there heads up slightly.
Another thing to make my stomach turn was seeing fatty carr coming on, i wish they would just cancel his contract and chuck him out of newcastle for good.
Things must change NOW not later, it may be too late. The fans finally lost any remaining patience with sam and have already started on certain players. Not too sure who would come in and replace sam and his 200 back room staff. Everyone has there dream team, mine is probably Keegan as gaffa and Shearer as his number two (to finally take over from keegan) also get rob lee back into training staff and beardsley. These are people that would happily spill blood for newcastle or someone elses if they didn't give 100%.
Lets hope.

Rich said:

It's been something of a week for trying out stupid formations in important matches, and they both went about as well as each other. The last straw was the substitutions: taking off N'Zogbia and Emre for Milner and Barton showed a hopeless understanding of the qualities of players at his disposal. Milner on the RIGHT, N'Zogbia on the LEFT. It's not difficult. I know it, you know it, the fifty-odd thousand baying their disbelief know it.

Not good enough, Sam. Not nearly good enough.

Duncan Baines said:

It could easily have been 0-9! Geremi must have been injured as that was the worst performance I have ever seen from a Newcastle player. We are in crisis- the people who think 'Big Sam' should be given until the end of next season musn't be going to the games!

John said:

well, after finally coming to terms with what i sore at SJP, i can only come up with one option, new manager needed, i just totally am bewildered by tactics, subs and the peformance, I have seen most of our matches, i cannot say i have seen us this bad, in many a year, experts always say when the crowd turn against the manager, its very hard for the manager to turn it around, i cannot see this happening, the only comfort was seeing the everton result today

peter RUSH said:

Big Sam, the only thing big about him are the garbage decisions he makes. What is this long ball crap? you have a striker who is five foot nothing against big six footer and you keep puttig high balls in,it's a no brainer who is going to win the percentages of these attacks. Get rid of him before we end up below Sunderland.Bad decisions are a premium with is coach

Sandy said:

I would love for us to have some stability in the club by having a manager for more than a season and a half but really the tactics used today and his decisions were shocking! I doubt Big Sam is going to be sacked any time soon but something has to be done he needs to atleast wake up and realise that playing players out of position will get us no where. Maybe we should just be patient I mean look at Mark Hughes at Blackburn and Martin O'Neil at Villa, they got no where in their first seasons and now look at them.

steve said:

Its getting worse no shape no method no creativity.
Our midfield looked as though they had all been given a free role.
Liverpool picked the holes and dominated.
The space afforded to Gerrard and Kuyt was criminal.
We never ever acheived any starting positions to feed the front two any decent service and we are in trouble with this lot!
Benitez played on he wing barking instruction after instruction Sam chose to watch his team flounder whilst his backroom staff sat arms folded with body language saying nothing to do with me.
We need Keegans enthusiasm and encouragement to help this squad start again after all on paper its got good players.

Andrew Davis said:

We as geordies are known for getting at the other team and the fact that we are looking at containing the other team is something that no geordie will ever accept.

Sam will be sacked if we do not do better, as that is a certainty and i hate for that to happen so soon but the team is lopsided, and i understand why milner was on the bench as he played 2 games in a week but i would of gone with Oba and smith if viduka is not match fit as yet and barton is not fit either.

Roll on next week and blackburn will be interesting and we have to be on the front foot there as we have arsenal after that.

Good luck magpies fans.


phil matues said:

Allardyce must go....and he can take all his witch doctors with him !!!
Another weekend he has ruined for me....Even the dog knows how angry I am...its taken the wife for a walk !!!


Liverpool 3 Newcastle 0 -we go from bad to worse-it really could have been much more if Torres had not missed a sackful.Where do we go from here? Further down the table I suspect as we now have Blackburn away and Arsenal at home.The current performances are the worst we have seen for ages. There is no flair in the team and no etablished pattern of play everthing in black and white at the moment looks a shambles. I dont think big Sam is able to motivate or produce a team performance which in any way resembles a premier league outfit and frankly think he is out of his depth at Newcastle.He has this insane policy of packing the midfield to protect the back four-gosh thats working well isnt it with 7 goals conceded in the last two games.he certainly has a self destruct button if he thinks the gallowgate faithful can be whitewashed playing this way. Pundits on the box and every where else keep saying he has only been there a few short months -give him time-Time for what? to take us further into disaster. The guy just cant hack it his teams lack direction, motivation and are tactfully inept,there is no leadership on the field and we look like a ship lost in the sea.Sam brought in several players and to date their impact has been dismal,great salaries paid to several players taking a last pay deal at Newcastles expense. His tactics are awful,his team selections and deployment of his players even more awful. the good players we have are going backwards. he says like some of our clever pundits what a great benefit it will be to have Damian Duff back-cant think why when he also had a season of under achievment also last year. Final analysis says we have again signed some poor players,we have not improved with his coaching methods and if he stays no doubt we will sign more over rated players in the window and waste more good money-strange when you think the one and only player who would go through a brick wall for the cause ie Stephen Taylor is left in limbo as Sam obviously does not appreciate his worth.GET MR. SHEARER IN PLEASE MIKE.

mag in boro said:

well where do you actually start
ok i take back judging BS in May we need him out and the quicker the better(does BS actually stand for big sam)
Negative,inept,hopeless an absolute disgrace
Amanager with a reputation for getting things right at the back 7 goals last 2 home games and if it wasnt for torres it could have been 12
Enrique as centre half laughable smith instead of milner ridiculous alladyce still in a job getting more annoying by the minute
BS said the other day"ill do it my way thanks" WELL YOUR WAY DOESNT WORK and if you cant see that you are an idiot(well you did play for the mackems....tells its own story)
Hoping Ashley decides it good sense to pay this fat **** off the same as he done to the other one
And more i think about it if Shearer being considered for England job we dont want to lose him to that poison chalice
No he got no experience so what alladyce got years of it not doing him any good
Shearer knows what we want in terms of passion and commitment and with style of football we should be playing
He would be able to attract players and the right sort
But all that said....We can still laugh at the mackems today no matter how bad things at SJP are and seeing them in bottom 3 did bring a ray of sunshine to my gloomy day

Philip said:

And I thought things couldn't get worse after the debacle against Portsmouth! Rozenhal was crap and demonstrated again that the Premiereship is a level above him. He was caught standing still most of the game. Geremi and N'Zogbia were worthless as they had terrible touches, got pushed off the ball and gave it away time and again. Substituting Emre was a shocker as he was the only one in the midfield with any sort of ball control and passing ability. If the best we can do is play long, lofted balls to Martins and Viduka against Carragher and Hyppia, we might as well not even leave the tunnel.

There has not been any convincing football played for any length of time this season. Even some of the early wins were dubious, and the draw against Sunderland came down to a flubbed cross and could have very well been a loss, too. It is embarrassing to watch such poor football, especially when I am supporting the team playing it.

Ashley needs to make a decision before the transfer window opens in January: try to salvage something from the season by replacing Sam and spending real money on a real manager, or simply avoid relegation and make a coaching change in the summer. Sam is not the answer for Newcastle.

mark Blades said:

lads..i got up in the middle of the night as i do down in New Zealand when ever the boys play. This continued to confirm what i thought when we seemed to get a few results early on...we were playing bad and hadn't played any good teams. Now that we are we are being exposed badly. Players out of position does not help matters, odd sub changes seem just plain odd.

On Big Sam's side of the ledger.... the usual injury complaints, season in season out. Paper thin squad, that lacks attacking flair, we still have not replaced Beardsley, Dyer(when he was fit) Ginola and the like, dare i say Bellemy(who had to go by the way) Milner runs his heart out, but lacks flair. WE replace players with the same type of player the small squad is full of the same.

But sacking Sam is not the answer, like him or not, i was home when Shearer scored the record breaker and managed to get to 5 games when back on Holiday at that time, lets get behind the boys as we do,and like e did back then on that small run to Europe. We wont make europe, but some positive support wont hurt.

Howay the lads..... for peets same, howay man Newcastle, lets see some spine. Give us something to shout positivly about

Charles Ma said:

Why in the world was Alan Smith and Nicky Butt playing together ? Both players like to sit deep and both of them cannnot dribble and create chances for our strikers. It was a huge suprise to see Emre taken off since he is one of the few united players who can unlock defences. Jose Enrique looked poor. He was spraying long passes that were of no threat. Geremi passed the ball back to whoever that passes to him. Geremi kept trying his crosses to no effect. Beye and Given were the only two keeping the score line respectable.

Siomi said:

Why was Carr smiling when he came on? Was this performance supposed to be some kind of carefully orchestrated "Office" comedy?

Actually, I was so embarrassed with this abject display. And my son was crushed, he just couldn't understand why we were so awful. I could hardly look him in the eye.

We have to get rid of Allarydce and the exceptionally inept Pearson and the rest of the head scratching pencil and paper brigade sitting on the bench. What a bunch of losers.

Come on Mr Ashley, they weren't your appointments and you owe them nothing. You have a reputation for being a shrewd and ruthless business man. You wouldn't allow any of your companies to mismanage their performance or alienate the paying customers like this! Did you see how angry and miserable we were? Please start handing out the P45s so that someone with more ability can try and get this (very talented) team back on track.

Paulie'sWalnuts said:

Honestly, what do Our defenders do on the training ground all week ?, We have a manager Who's teams are supposed to be resilient at defending set-pieces, I'd like to see some eveidence please !. We look dreadful at the back, devoid of ideas in midfield and starved of service up front, Why can We not get on the front foot from the off ?, why does the manager insist on a safety first approach ?. I would much rather see the team thrashed trying to win the game as opposed to thrashed trying not to lose, it's one thing winning ugly but losing ugly on a regular basis is unacceptable I'm afraid.

william p said:

Well I could'nt agree with you more Siomi well put" S Carr grinning like a cheshire cat when he came on Im not suprised, £30,000-£40,000 wage packet every week who would,nt be it,s not like he was going to turn the game around was it! And I wounder who Mr Ashley was texting! his laywers perhaps "will i get my money back" He,s a business man and he did,nt get where he is today on making bad decisions
he will know what to do, "Or was it KK he was texting" just trying to cheer some of us up!!, Having lived abroad for the last couple of years I never miss a game when it is televised and just for once it would be nice to sit through a full 90 minutes without discarding my precious black and white shirt, It cost a lot of money!!Lets hope something turns for the better and gets the smile put back on Terry Macs face again He,s the only true Mag weve got left on that bench even though he does come from mersyside he wore the shirt with pride when he was playing he deserves better than this. Haway- the-Lads...

John McCourt said:

I have to say that I believed that Big Sam was the right man for the job when he was appointed our manager. Given his record at Bolton where he turned a side that really should have been relegation fodder after being newly promoted in 2001, to a team that finished in european contention regularly, given the fact that the Toon were consistently beaten by them, mainly away from home until last season, and the fact he got the best out of his players at Bolton, I really thought given time we've got the best man for the job. What I can't understand is the fact that he plays players out of position (N'zogbia against Pompy) so that they can't possibly produce their best or be effective in anyway, and the complete lack of creativity in midfield, and lack of service to Martin's, Viduka and Owen when he's fit,not just in one match but consistently, how on earth is anything going to be turned around? Both Milner and N'zogbia should both start in their best positions supplying crosses that any of our strikers can polish off, and either Barton or Emre alongside Butt in the centre of the park.It doesn't matter what strikers we could have up there if there is no supply of the ball fairly regularly to them, then there'll be no goals. He also needs to decide on the system he wants to play. 4-4-2 is the only system I think (maybe I'm wrong) we have that will enable the players to produce their best form. 3-5-2, 4-3-3 are systems they've tried and don't work for them. Whether that's down to the fact either we don't have the right players to play in those system or the fact that they aren't given enough time to embed the players into those systems I don't know. But what I do know is that there is a real lack of service to our strikers up front from the 4-3-3, 3-5-2 systems he's used. He needs to select the best Toon players that make the best team, in my opinion with Milner/N'zogbia on the flanks, Butt in the centre, Given in goal and Rozenal in the centre of defence, and see who else fits in. He certainly needs to decide what to do with Smith, and stick to it. I just hope things begin to improve and quickly. I'd already written this season off before it had begun anyway thinking that he needed to use it as a transitional season. I hoped we might finish at best top eight. Even that now looks along way off if he's going to continue to have his team selections and team systems based on players playing out of position, players who should start, on the bench, and no service being provided to those players up front consistently.

haroon said:

I'm not sure if you guys noticed this but somewhere near the end of the first half, Geremi had ball down the right flank just behind the half way line and no one within 8-10yards of him, yet he hesitated in bringing the ball forward and eventually only did so after being "coaxed" by Nicky Butt. That moment summed up the entire game. We hesitated in moving forward and when we did, we lacked creativity and vision to execute good passes.
We gave away the ball to cheaply and took off Emre (the only player who drove the team forward) only to replace him with a defensive midfielder. The only player to come away with something from the game was Habib Beye, made a few well timed challenges while playing as a center back.

The team's performance really hurts, especially when its at St James's Park.

Big Sam should realise that Newcastle is not Bolton, he played defensive football at the Reebok as it was matter of survival after being promoted. It won't work at SJP, he got away with it at the start as his team were able to win a few opening games. His luck has run out, its back to the drawing board now. Viduka is past his best and Rozehnal is not premiership standard.

Big G said:

Yesterday was Big Sam's nadir. I hope anyway! We can't get any worse - it's impossible. We have a manager that parallels the ability of the just departed England supremo. To regularly get a performance that is less than its constituent parts is termed 'antisynergistic' apparently (there's a word to make a note of and drop it in to polite conversation). But we had better get used to it because we are going to get a hell of a lot more of the same.
I can't see BS getting the push this early into his reign, as much as we would like to see it. If he does, he will simply say that it wasn't his fault as he wasn't given the time. But, sometimes you can tell very quickly when something is right and something is wrong. A perfect example was Stephan Guivarch.
And let's not forget the effect (and also the hilarity) that Howard Wilkinson and Lawrie McMenemy had on our erstwhile neighbours. Least said, eh?
I heard from one of our international players during the week. He didn't know I was a Mag but when I suggested the idea that we were bound to get better in the near future, he retorted 'don't bet on it. The place is a shambles, not organised at all. No-one knows what they are supposed to be doing'
Well, if that's what the players think, what hope have we got? I can only hope that the powers that be at SJP can sense it too and do something about it asap.
We have the individual players to be doing a lot better. But without the appropriate guidance, that's exactly what we will remain. A collection of individuals and not a team. Win, lose or draw, all we ask for is a team that works for each other. It's worse now than it was 30 years ago. Now that really is saying something. We may have the ground we always dreamt of, but what's on the pitch is the stuff of nightmares.
But let's put our confidence in Messrs Ashley and Mort. They're clever chaps, otherwise they wouldn't have got to where they are.
Up the Toon
Big G

Angry Fan said:

What the team lack now is a creative playmaker who can unlock defences. we look totally uncreative going forward and we are too predictable the whole season so far. In every game we have been playing way too much long ball.

Big sam !! Please manage Newcastle as the attacking force we would like to see, playing fluent attacking football and not changing it into another Bolton!

Cacapa and Rozenhal showed promise at the beginning of the season. But now? I'm wondering if Cacapa is Bramble in disguise after the portsmouth game. We better bring in quality defenders or work much harder in training because we are clearly not good enough!

I remember during our time with Sir Bobby, he always made postive substitions that had helped us win the game. Seeing the substitution made in the last game, i couldn't help but switch off my tv set because i know we are not going to win with these changes.
Big Sam clearly doesn't have a clue about what he is doing!

mag in boro said: much more patience are we expected to have if we were trying to attack teams and losing fine patience would be there but at home looking for draw not causing the oppossition a sniff of a threat and leaking goals and worse the manner of those goals is unacceptable
was sam anybodys first choice did we all jump for joy at our ex fat controllers last screwup or were most of us praying he didnt try to turn us into a poor to watch long ball team but we gave him a chance but when you are constantly playing perfectly good players out of position playing football less entertaining than most sunday league teams and then having the arrogance to come out and say he will do it his way followed by a performance worse than the mackems away.something has to change and unfortunatly for sam its him(the couple mil pay off should lessen the pain)
yes we have injuries but so do most teams but they play their players in positions they are familar and comfortable with
would micheal owen have made a difference yesterday .not a chance oneill and hughes were both attack minded players not a lumbering centre half
Why not have a Geordie Dream Team set up
Shearer and Beardsley players with Newcastle in their Blood
get Bobby Lee and Gary Speed back players who never should have been allowed to go anywhere in first place as their experience should have been getting passed onto wor kids coming through
Something has to happen to put the excitement back on that pitch and alladyce isnt ever going to do that
Yes it wouldnt be a coaching team with any experience but it would be one that knows what its like when SJP is electric
when the talk all week is of saturdays match with expectation getting up on a saturday morning and it dragging on so slowly to time to leave for "the toon"having to hit each bar in sequence in your pre match ritual making sure you got to the strawberry by 2.15 as it took 43 mins to get served and when you got in SJP it was buzzing
People have said the atmosphere has gone now,its a place where away teams and fans no longer dread coming to because at moment we are mediocre at best
Now chatting last night over a quite a few too many vodkas for medicinal purposes to ease the pain we came up with a simple check list starting from scratch
1.Get rid of Fat Fred.Done.
2.Get rid of above Idiots Mistakes one by one(could take a while).Bye Sam
3.Get a Manager who knows what this team means to each and every geordie everywhere and not just here for the money
4.Manager must know a left back plays there and not centre half and that goes for all positions
5.Be aware scoring goals is a must and your midfield is a link between front and back not something to kick the ball over(if god had meant us to play football in the air he would have given us wings or crouch)
6.Play good football and attack teams the atmosphere comes back and we will give as much patience as is needed

hey isnt football such an easy game

Alladyce said he wanted to win a trophy and that could take 5 years
I CANT TAKE THIS FOR 5 YEARS christ its hard enough being a newcastle fan at times

So onward to blackburn hoping to get something before arsenal (great)2 games we need to perform in and turn up unlike yesterday because then we got birmingham,fulham,derby and wigan and we should be picking up 12 points there but at minute can anyone see us doing that

Paulie'sWalnut's said:

William P, good shout re Terry Mac, black n white through and through, this is a man that had a season ticket when he was'nt employed by the club a few years ago, one of us !.

bill said:

Forget the Liverpool result and we will lose against Arsenal and Blackburn. It is the next games against Birmingham (H), Fulham (A), Derby (H), Wigan (A) which are the ones to concentrate on. If we don't pick up a minimum of 8 points from them then we are in for a long hard winter and spring. Replace SA? Yes, but only if we continue to play as we did yesterday. After that group of four games we have Chelsea, Everton, Man Utd, Bolton and Arsenal! Replacement for SA? How about AS with SBR as his mentor?

andy s said:

I thought it would take time for things too change. I thought he might do a good job. I expected too see an improvement in certain areas pretty quickly. Newcastle players taking a throw in without three of them looking at the ball and each other and wondering what it was when we get throw in.I thought the goalkeepers kicking would be worked on and his distribution. I thought set plays would improve and there would be an end to those awful corners. The simple fundementals. No those things have not improved. The way they play and look is worse than it was. I did not expect too see him alienate the best centre half we have who has a long time ahead of him. Mourhino and others have shown a keen interest in Taylor and his ability so he cannot be that bad.The Liverpool game was disgusting. No shape, no ideas, no attack. I feel sorry for Smith. He is a forward not a midfielder. Took a left back off and put a right back on in his place.
Let Lee Clarke go.
And this five years business to win something, that does not add up. Is it going to take 5 years to assemble a team.If so when will it start.Has it started now?I bet he didnt say that in his England interview.
Very worrying. I dont care about what those who dont support the club think about getting a new manager,no one else would put up with that. I cannot imagine the Liverpool and Man U supporters wearing this for 5 minuets never mind 5 years.

jonny said:

what is going on at nufc why play people out of position where was edgar who was played as a full back but is actually a centre half and what about the kids give them a go at least they would try and impress i am regrettably starting to lose heart what can we do.forget shearer for a manager we need a winner lets break the bank and get the special one

Sandy said:

Mag in boro what would be ideal would be shearer to manage us but do we really want our hero to go from being the legend he is in Newcastle to then being an enemy among the fans if the results don't go our way? I definately wouldn't want that. We can't just keep sacking managers when results don't go our way though saying that if we show another performance like that against Blackburn then maybe we should lose Allardyce. As for St James' not being the place it once was that is up to us supporters and us alone to change.

Lee Glynn said:

Sam must be sacked sooner rather than later, I hate to say it but after the performance on saturday its hard to see whether Big Sam can turn it round. I know every club needs stability, well he needs performances quickly if he wants to stay past christmas because every game this season has been terrible. Worse than souness and roader put together. No quality signings, crap team selection, subs are awful, fans at the liverpool match were right "He does not know what he's doin"

Terry said:

Sam, you cant play your usual long ball, put it up them, type of game with the players you have. And please dont think you can get away with it with our supporters!
At Bolton you put together a team of hard men (some people say thugs), the best way they could play when not kicking their opponents, was chasing the long ball and playing the averages game.
A lot of the Newcastle players are ball-to-feet players not up to the type of game youy ask them to play. Add to that the fact that you ask them to play out of position, well you ask for the problems you have created.
As for the supporters, we cant stand the system you play, its not our type of game, for generations we have been dreaming of a team of all tallents, playing entertaining football and winning games. Our Kev almost got there, Bobby did try, but as for you, your not even on the first rung of the ladder. If you had any idea of the Georgie mentality then you would have realised that your biggest mistake was taking the job in the first place. And now if you had any honour you would fall on your sword!

Suicidal Mag said:

It's only a blip, well for me its a mess a complete and utter mess.

Like most of us I bleed Black and White and it's November and the season has finished already, less the potential relegation fight if nothing changes soon.

I think we will soon see if the new owner really is a Black and White supporter as I honestly perceive he is after seeing him looking like a proper fan at Sunderland.

However he is obviously no fool and knows that in changing the manger we again start from scratch.

So let's put ourselves in Mr. Ashley's head, what has he been thinking all weekend.

Do I give him more money and buy his way out of trouble with January coming?

Do I make contacts with potential future manager's test the ground see if they would be willing to take on this challenge?

Shearer I hear the geordies cry to lead them, but is that fanatsy football and the risk factor if he fails could be massive?

Then there is the lad from Portugal, the chosen one, would he be interested, then if he did would he want the same cheque Book as he did down South?

Its getting cold these winter match day's and the brochure does not look so good now, can I be bothered to hang around?

But if we turned it round wow wouldn't it be great, sod it I'm staying hang on in with me lads, we have had a knock but we will get it right.

God I really do hope you can Mr Ashley.


Well if we can believe aspects of the Sunday press and those supposedly in the know-then Big Sams job is apparently safe-not that I wish any one to lose their job-but businesses can only profit from success-and so far we are heading in the opposite direction. I wonder what Terry Mac thinks of Sams teams and stategies ? I guess cause the big man is fond of regularly telling us he does it his way-then other members of the team have no say-please dont any one tell me Terry Mac does not care because go back to the Keegan days -much as king kev was good -he always had Terry with him and they both have a shared philosophy of how the game should be played-those of us lucky enough to have seen Kevin and Terry in a black and white shirt will know that.We know Terry is one of us while we also know his current boss is not of this planet. Do we really need to keep a manager who wants at least five in his midfield,plays good players continually out of position,and does not seem to understand if you starve your stikers ,then you wont score goals and you cant win games. Big Sam was said to be high profile when he arrived,well Gary Megson is not thought to be high profile -but his Bolton team beat Man. United yesterday-which is something we are not going to do-I mean even lowly Derby took three points off us. So the manager says he will carry on doing it his way and 52,000 of us are completely stupid- I have no confidence at all that this guy is taking us anywhere but into the doldrums -and we all had such high hopes.

Darren Border said:

How to ruin a weeked... Get stuffed 3nil by the scousers @ home while looking like a team of part time plumbers running around the pitch.

How Can a team of pro's not pass the ball between each other more that 3 times, and not create a chance for 90min.... except smith shot (Why has no one taught Martins how to look up and pick a pass 1st half Geremi x2 free on the right!!!!)

How can a manager not understand that Geremi is not a good player, not quick, cant control a ball, cant pass a ball and yet play him on the right wing with our player of season sitting on the bench...

I cant go on, as I will just sound like another moaning Geordie (read rest of posts!!!)

I would like to make a personal plea to Big SA to come out and talk to us FANS and talk us throught what went on for 90min of the worst football ever played by a Toon team @ SJP ever and I include in that the loss against Sheffield UTD last season under the no hoper GR.

dexter said:

I love reading this blog. Shearer as manager! Well they say love is blind.

If we are to get rid of Allardyce then can we have some sensible suggestions on who will replace him. We all laughed at the suggestion that Sven would take over but look what he has done at man City.

Souness, Roeder and now allardyce. The common theme is the players. Regardless of tactics what I witnessed on saturday was a bunch of amateurs being paid professional wages. When guys like Nicky Butt just stops tracking a player into his own box and watches him have a shot it tells a story. He would never had done that at Man Utd.

Big Sam needs to bring in his own players and identify some real leaders. The only people I have seen show any energy this season are taylor, Ngzogbia and Milner. All under 21 players. I suggest that the senior players start pulling their weight and earning the huge salaries they receive.

It does look like Allardyce has lost the players but they done this with Roeder and Souness and from what I heard it was player power that led to Robsons dismissal. What's to stop them doing this with the next manager. It seems we have a similar problem to England, over paid players, worshipped by 50,000 fans and never doing anything to deserve it.

trevor said:

Like many other of our supporters, I never wanted Allardyce in the first place. What real success had he had before? Errr.... None.

He is a pathetic tactician, pathetic! This football is as bad, if not worse than anything we have seen in years of poor managers: Dalglish, Gullitt, Bobby towards the end of his tenure and then Souness and Roeder.

This guy is deluded. His team is producing 5th rate football and then he can't admit it. Injuries? Cobblers! How many internationals were on our team on Saturday? Virtually all of them.

Persisting in playing people out of position, long ball, hit and hope tactics, no playmakers in the squad, no wingers, etc etc etc., is the stuff of relegation.

He will be gone in two or three weeks because we are likely to lose at least the next two games.

Neil Irving said:


I wasn’t too happy when Sam came but I thought let’s give him a chance, at first I was satisfied with what he was saying and a couple of his buys and chuckouts but as the weeks have gone on I’m losing faith and quickly.

Sam has to stop playing people out of position to accommodate his golden boys i.e Smith and Geremi. Its making the team suffer. We have good enough players to be pushing for a European spot but the tactics and formations currently are relegation battles.

Shearer would be the ideal manager. He is a Geordie, he loves Newcastle, he knows what is required and he would have the full respect of the players and fans. He’s a born winner. Rob Lee and Peter LEGEND Beardsley to be his coaching staff.

Come on we are better than this it’s so heart breaking.

Ian Mearns said:

One conclusion only can be drawn from the displays of recent weeks.
Big Sam is actually managing for the quick big pay off.
Derby County only team they have beaten Newcastle United.
Reading go for a point get nowt
Man City make an ordinary team look excellent - Look what chelsea did to them.
Sunderland scrape a draw against a side that concedes 7 at Everton
Portsmouth Humiliation
Liverpool flattered by a 3-0 home humiliation it could and should have been 6, 7 ,or 8.
And things were great two games ago?
Not in this Universe Sam.
Tactics - inexplicable!
Team selection and placings - inexplicable!
Substitutions compound the previous errors inexplicably!
Conclusion Sam wants to go and doesn't mind who he hurts in the process and that includes 50,000 Newcastle united fans.
Please Chris Mort give him his wish!

mag in boro said:

its not love is blind dexter as you so put it....Its putting someone in charge that actually knows what football means each and everyone of us..someone who shares the same passion and desire for the toon
Shearer was a leader on the pitch and would command the same off it
Alladyce turned down the job a number of times so if we were not good enough 1st time we shouldnt have give him the chance 3rd or 4th time of asking
I hope ashley thinks that we better off paying BS off sooner rather than later makes fund available in january because leaving the fat man in charge giving him millions to waste then deciding to sack him leaves us in a worse state

just imagine in jan nolan or davies even diouf or in sams eyes all 3 wouldnt that be great
i think judging by the majority of the posts we are UNITED in thinking Sam you couldnt organise a p*** up in a brewery never mind a team that plays attractive football

And wasnt it good to see chris morts vote of confidence because we all know generally what that means in football
tick tick tick time running out for you Sam and quickly

mag in boro said:

i understand what you say Sandy but can any of us see Shearer failing either now or when the inevitable happening and he eventually takes over

and yes it is down to us to get the noise and atmosphere back into SJP but that comes hand in hand with what happens on the pitch but 3-0 down after 15mins outplayed but got lucky against the scum then systematically destroyed by the scousers kinda passes on a negative vibe

Alladyce is never going to give us the type of football we want

we need a manager (A)we can trust and (B)plays the football not only to win games but gets the volume levels back up

we get a manager that reignites the excitement and gets the place jumping coupled with Mr Ashleys money we can once again become a place that teams do not want to come to


bennytoon said:

everyone who was there on saturday knows what a shabbles it was. hes had all week too. embarrassing. we havent played well all season ...fact. the present man in charge cannot be trusted to reverse this decline. get rid and let terry mac look after things until...

Duncan Baines said:

I'm sick of discussing who is worse: Allardyce or Souness on the way back from every game!


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