Gunners nicked Toon's title but can United beat them at our old game?

By Lee Ryder on Jan 24, 08 12:07 PM


They say what makes you bad makes you better when it comes to most Newcastle fans' other main hobby!

And to be honest many Newcastle fans have been feeling bad ever since KK left Tyneside in 1997.

So is the re-emergence of entertaining and free flowing carpet football at Newcastle a case of hair of the dog?

Could it be that the post-Keegan era has been somewhat of a hangover period with Sir Bobby's stint in charge a bit of light refreshment?

Now Newcastle will be aiming to beat Arsenal at the Magpies' old game!

In Arsenal though, United face a side who are easy on the eye and capable of carving open the opposition at will.

Like the old Keegan side, visiting teams struggle to get near the Gunners at home and they are yet to be beaten in domestic competition at the wonderful backdrop of the Emirates Stadium.

It won't be so wonderful come teatime on Saturday should Arsenal inflict the agony of an FA Cup exit on Newcastle.

But hopefully the days of going to Arsenal for a draw are over.

A replay would be very welcome of course yet going for the draw seems like a risky business and surely it would only invite pressure - is going for the throats the only way to beat Arsenal?

At his Press conference KK pledged that his side would: "give it a go" and it has to be said that under the circumstances, United did that against Bolton.

For all the possession though United didn't threaten the goal too much but Bolton spent much of the game trying to get the ball off Newcastle.

People were still singing Keegan's name come the end of the Bolton game though and fans went away much happier because even with a patched up team United had gave it a proper crack.

Hopefully the Toon Army will see more of the same at the Emirates.



Mike Ashburn said:

It's a differant situation to the norf
Larndon derby that was played out on Tuesday night,but Spurs got stuck right into Arsenal from the off,never letting them settle,whilst their combination of skill and controlled aggression even had two of the Gooners scrapping with each other near the end.
So it can be done.
Going there and trying to play out a draw,isn't really an option,so,lets give them a fight(or a fright)that they won't forget in hurry.
Keep the faith!

Carl said:

Rather tough one on saturday, but you know if we can come through this tie be it through a replay or whatever, then we have a serious chance of winning the cup. Weve nowt to lose so im sure Kevin will set his team out to go for it, so expect plenty of goals from both sides. But i dont this tie is as one sided as people think, anything can happen in a cup competition so lets hope saturday is one of those fluke days.

Campbell Waddell said:

Is'nt it amazing how many times that a team draws a team that they are about to play in the league and at the same venue.

Well if there is a good time to get Arsenal away twice it's now, they are showing some signs of dissharmony and maybe the season is beginning to catch up with them.

Make no mistake about it, they are still going to be very hard to beat, but it can be done, and something is telling me that we are going to get through this tie maybe in a replay, and as we're are due play Man U around 5th round time odds are we'll get them.

On the transfer front why are we being linked Jonathon Woodgate again when we know he is a injury nightmare, we should be looking for top players who actually manage to play 90% of the time and not 10% of the time.

Lets get Michael Richards, Eidur Gojohnson and Juninho they will do to start with.

jac mills said:

Sorry, Lee, but Newcastle will lose by at least three goals to The Gunners. Arsenal must be fuming still over their game a few days ago and will be out to punish any team. Too bad it will be KK's lads. But be honest, the Toon team is woeful, and plays well only in spurts. Until KK reorganizes, gets rid of some dead wood, it will remain that way. Owen, Viduka, Duff, Butt are remnants of good players, and should not be considered part of Newcastle's future.

Phil said:

I'm sure the players will, in most cases, do their best for our new leader. I hope the press and fans realize Keegan has inherited a team that just lost 6-0 to Man. Utd. This is not his team. Players will have their chance to show who is committed and who has the skill. We cannot expect miracles, even from Keegan, or football wouldn't be the game it is. I hope people including you Lee, have the sense to support what Keegan is doing, and what he will, in time, achieve. We know that Keegan, like most positive people, is sensitive to detractors, and responsive to encouragement. He has a MIGHTY MESS to sort out, and it will not occur overnight.

Brian Robson said:

There are only two obstacles to overcome. One is a team of skilful determined players, young, athletic and playing like they enjoy their football as opposed to a team that looks as if they want the season to end now and that one team has a knowledgable tactician for a coach.

Bean said:

what sort of attitude is that. How on earth is the toon supposed to get back on the right track when we have no hopers like yourself jac mills doubting them before they kick a ball. if your not showing your support for newcastle here, we dont want you posting here. it really is that simple. I personaly believe that newcastle will go to the emirates tomorrow and win. Not because we have a secret team and not because KK is back, but because i have to believe that they can. the fact of the matter is, there are so many so called "NEWCASTLE FANS" out there that dont really support them at all. where is the sense in saying your own team is going to get beat by at least 3 goals. you should be saying there going to win by three goals.

Anonymous said:

Very tough game, but not impossible. A few spectacular saves and offensive bombardment and pressure and Newcastle can win. Keegan needs to set his team. Altough I'm a big Emre fan. I haven't seen anything out of him this year. I knew it before the start of the season when he missed the first few weeks. I knew it would be tough for him to get his grove on. He shows signs of greatness and then the next game doesn't do anything with the ball. Come to think about it he hasn't shown consistency at all in Newcastle. He needs to gain confidence and play the ball like he is capable. Good thing he is banned and has time to reflect how he should play. And that is drive into the opposing defense and take shots at goal.

John Best said:

A lot of effort but the side is thoroughly classless, Spare a thought for KK; he must be wondering where to start; sorting out 10 years of mayhem.Bringing in WOODGATE will just add to the problems; unfortunately he will never play more than 20 games a season.Keeping the club in the Premiereship, must be his number one priority, then rebuild in the summer.Not many of the present squad are capable of making the transition, from mediocrity, to QUALITY. If we achieve 42 points, that should see us clear of relegation because in reality; we have one of the worst sides in the Prem.thanks to Mr. Shepherd.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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