Handy Andy is Newcastle's hero against Boro!

By Lee Ryder on Jan 22, 08 08:54 PM

Andy Carroll Lee Ryder reports from Billingham Synthonia

The turnstile operator was an excited man on the way into Billingham Synthonia's Central Avenue tonight as he revealed to me that Kevin Keegan was on the way.

However, with KK busy attending first team matters ahead of the weekend's FA Cup tie at Arsenal there was no sign of the Messiah to the disappointment of the autograph hunters.

What the handful of loyal Toon fans did get though was a superb hat-trick from Andy Carroll who threw his hat into the ring for the trip to the Emirates in fine style against a Boro team who pride themselves on graduates from their Academy as well as an appearance from Mido.

There was also a Toon debut for Hungarian U19 international and former handball player Tamas Kadar who showed some fine touches as he starred in the heart of the back four.

Kadar has already trained with the first team and showed why United were so keen to make his move permanent.

However, sadly for him a knock on 69 minutes ended his night early but it is thought there are no major problems with the slight knock.

Also injured was recent first team debutant Kazenga LuaLua who was stretchered off with a shin injury casting doubts over his involvement with the first team at the weekend.

Carroll bagged a first half header in the first half and this was quickly followed up by a Jonny Godsmark strike which made it 2-0 at the break.

Carroll then missed a penalty in the second half in the foul that resulted in LuaLua's injury.

Yet after cracking the bar he showed his composure to score with an even more difficult chance to make it 3-0 with a low left footed shot across the penalty area.

A good cross from Godsmark before another cool finish from Carroll made it 4-0 and a hat-trick for the 19-year-old with the report that lands on KK's desk certainly a happy read for Newcastle boss.

On 90 minutes Daniel Neary completed the rout with a close range finish to complete a 5-0 rout.

All in all a good night for the second string as Adam Sadler enjoyed his first win as reserve boss.


STEVE said:

HES a canny young-un carroll,i hope he makes the transition to the first team,i think he will.Maybe we wont have to fork out another fortune on a striker and we can concentrate on buying a couple of top quality midfielders and a centre half...although i do like taylor and faye,cacapa is too old for me,beye is good too and i beleive enrique will get there....we just need REAL quality in midfield as we arent too badly off me pace,willingness to run with the ball and have an eye for a pass are minimum requirements these days for a top 4 midfielder.I hope KK can get a couple of good signings in in the next week to give everyone a lift.....HOWAY THE LADS

david mcmillan said:

Is it true that Kevin Keegan was in the Malmaison with Celtic's Aiden McGeady, Scott Brown & agents last night?


I just want to echo some of steve's thoughts, i also think we are sadly lacking in midfield. For me in the premiership these days its a must requirement to have strong & pacey runners in midfield, players who have a bit of everything in their game. the game has moved on, and the likes of butt & smith dont cut the mustard in my opinion, i suppose its possible to have one of them in a holding role, only if they have commited good runners with them, Barton does have these requirements, but at the moment his career is up in the air. zoggy is CLASS and can only get better with keegan, milner & duff are quality. BTW DOES BUTT AND SMITH SUIT KEEGANS STYLE OF PLAY? I DONT THINK SO, SO I THINK AND HOPE THEY WILL GO.
We know its attack attack now keegan is here and to do that we definately need lots more pace in the side, because we do have the strikers to stick the ball in the net if only we had the umph to stretch defences.


Hi Lee-Hope the United interest is Bentley is real-we really need this lad in the team-he is currently about the best crosser of a ball in the premiership-he certainly plays like a young David Beckham-Blackburn may well issue a hands off warning -but if King Kev goes in -money talks-Blackburn simply have not the resources to resist-and I am sure given the right wages Bentley could be swayed -he knows playing in front of 52000 is going to give him a stage he could never get at Blackburn-he wont come cheap-but my if we could get him -what a signing-Berbatov is another who also could be swayed -his mum insists Shearer was his hero and he slept as a kid in his idols shirt- if we are ever going to make a true impact -we can with these two players-we can get a few bob back from some of Big Sams misfits-if Mike was to provide the funds for these two -you would not get into St james Park -certainly next close season the ground could still be extended -this is a must if we are to compete-and we would do -to think I stood in St. James park as a youngster in crowds of 70,000 dont tell me it cant happen again-look at our record attendance- Time we got back where we belong -we can only do that with quality-I ask you what good did Big sams second rate signings do for us so far-absolutely nothing-and millions wasted on salaries in the bargain-we can also get rid of Sams baggage -all 23 of them and save a few more bob on the unwanted. PLEASE MIKE TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY -WE HAVE THE MANAGER -WE NOW NEED SOME PLAYERS OF REAL QUALITY-KEEGAN DID MORE FOR THE CLUB -AND THE CITY THAN ANY ONE IN HIS LAST TERM -SUPPORT HIM NOW AND HE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN-IN A BUSINESS SENSE THE MONEY WILL COME BACK-NOT MANY CLUBS COULD DO THAT -BUT NEWCASTLE COULD-WITH YOUR HELP. NOW IS THE TIME-BLACKBURN COULD NOT REFUSE THE MONEY.BERBATOV IS NOT HAPPY AT SPURS -HE ALSO HAS A DREAM TO FULFILL.

Phil said:

We must be realistic about the size of King Kev's task. He has to entice top players to join a team which is currently not perceived as a winner, or even one which will enhance a career or bring medals and success. His work will take patient, step-by-step improvements to change the outside perception. Our big trump card is the magnificent crowd and stadium, and now, a great motivator at the helm. I hope local talent like Andy Carroll can prove themselves good enough to become another trump card. The change of outside perceptions won't happen overnight.

Andrew Davis said:

Hi Lee,

I do like the look of Andy Carroll and i just hope he will be given time as i do think they will let go of Ameobi.

Ammo is a different type of player and he just needs game to get in the swing of things.

Its strange that we are linked with so many players and the latest one is Woody and i am hoping that we sign 3 or more next week

Woody is injury prone and a bit like my current toothache.

Alaways breaking down but he is class and unhappy at boro as per the main mans info (alan oliver).

Whats the story eh...



Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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