Sorted from top to bottom?

By Lee Ryder on Jan 31, 08 08:55 AM


So Newcastle United have called upon three Wise men to address their torrid record in the transfer market and look into the production line that lies beneath first team level.

With United welcoming Dennis Wise, Tony Jimenez and Jeff Vetere to the black and white legion the plan, hopefully, is that incoming transfers and off the field stuff runs smoothly while KK does the business from the sidelines.

Wise would appear to be "director of football" even though his title of executive director suggests otherwise - but while the masterplan from chairman Chris Mort and owner Mike Ashley is now well in place Toon fans are wondering if a two tier management systems hasn't worked anywhere else in the Premier League, why will it work up here?

What happened at Chelsea which resulted in Jose Mourinho leaving the club and the problems at Spurs, when Jacques Santini left, are down to the role of a man behind the dugout.

And is it a coincidence that Frank Arnesen was in the thick of things at both clubs?

There is also a trend in football that a "director of football" ends up as manager.

Indeed, Avram Grant and David Pleat can vouch for that.

But it could be worse, don't forget Southampton did have Sir Clive Woodward in a similiar position not so long ago!

Hopefully though, United's executive team will work together with the coaching staff and the results will arrive eventually.

And let's be honest the transfer recruitment system in place at Newcastle in recent years was in desperate need of review.

For that you have to give United credit and at least they are attempting to sort out what can only be described as a bit of a mess.

Was the club Mort and Ashley took over less than a year ago in great shape?

I don't think it was and with the likes of expensive (transfer fee and wages) flops like Marcelino, Luque, Boumsong, Babayaro, Goma, Bassedas, Bowyer and a long list of others surely United have at least a policy in place - in theory - that can stop any repeat deals.

And don't forget that in the space of 12 months a few years back, Newcastle signed Hugo Viana - the best thing since sliced bread in Portugal - while Man U signed some bloke called Ronaldo!

Whatever you say about who is coming in, something needed to be sorted.

The flip side of the situation is the worry and concerns that too many cooks could spoil the broth.

KK never struggled to attract players in his first stint at Newcastle as he got Ginola to swap Paris for Newcastle and told Rob Lee that Newcastle was closer to London than Middlesbrough plus a host of other top name signings, so why does he need Dennis Wise to point him in the right direction.

The backroom staff at United is already huge at Newcastle after Sam Allardyce but that has now increased at boardroom level.

Like any club it will take time to work through the staff at St James's Park.

But if you had a pound 12 months ago for every person who said: "The club needs sorting from top to bottom", you'd be a rich man.

And it looks like Mort and Ashley are attempting to do exactly that.



Shaun said:

Mike Ashley has looked at the club with his strategic review and decided that the way to add value to this business is to get in some good young players who will appreciate in value. He cant get it from TV as thats fixed or from the turnstile-in the long term it must come from producing our own players.
KK must be in control of transfers-he must decide where he wants to strengthen and he must know how much of a transfer budget is available. No point scouting a 10m player if you can only spend 5m.
What with these 3, possibly Shearer-a new No2?-McDermott,Cox,Pearson,Round etc things could get a bit confusing.

William P said:

The Cockneys" are only here for the MONEY!! from a club that just keep producing MONEY! just look at the weekly attendances? and if I was KK Id watch my back, But hey! I'm just a supporter!!!

Ryder's reply: I disagree I think that Mike Ashley is here for the long haul, a quick look behind the scenes proves he is rebuilding the club but not for a fast buck.

Ivor Clark said:

Maybe....just maybe.....we are going to see a change in philosophy at the Toon....No more hurried big money buys in the hope of a quick fix and success.... when we have just kept losing heaps of dosh....a culture of seeking out new and emerging talent, fostered using modern day scouting and development methods. KK to do the biz in the shorter term with the current squad over say the next 18 months whilst new younger players are nurtured and fed into the 1st team....hmmm sounds like a Wenger philosophy to me....Ashley is NOT going to sanction big money buys - NUFC have already proved time and again it does not work, so a different business model has to be developed. KK appointment will buy time from the supporters - lets see how the new youth development and talent spotting program works. Mid table is best we can hope for this season as long as we can avoid mire of relegation teams below us. Once secure younger blood will be fed into the team, with maybe one or two class players in the summer. Rebuilding team skills and player confidence will take patient toon supporters and the rewards will come.....

STEVE said:

AYE LEE,it might be ok in the long run but just now i cannot see owt but a relegation dogfight.....and remedial action SHOULD have been the IMMEDIATE priority for the club,then fetch in whoever else behind the scenes.I am totally disillusioned with this window.....i hope we have the means to do real business in the summer(please god we dont go down),and its not just the clubs heirarchy making the right noises....i apologise to all you positive thinkers out there but cos of the latest(non)developments i am, in a word ...WOUNDED...

Ryder's reply: I'm sure that victory over Middlesbrough would sooth that pain but the game has now turned into a must win fixture, wouldn't you say?

iain said:

is wise hear simply as a buffer between keegan, jiminez and vetere ???

looks like he was appointed becuase he was a footballing man who knew keegan.
dont underestimate the fact wise is younger than keegan. i bet having an older name like venables above keegan would of made him flip and he would be on his way back to his soccer circus already.

if keegan left us last time due to plc boardroom conflicts he was never going to be happy about having 2 people brought in to do half his job for him when in all fairness there not football people in the way keegan would see it.

jac Mills said:

To the football world, NUFC IS in a state of confusion. And it probably is. All organisations go through that with new management. It takes time to reorganise, put in place the right people and methods, so patience is needed. KK has the toughest job -- to keep the team in the PL with the limited talent he has. He certainly does not need the distractions of second guessing and the added uncertainty of a guy like Wise in the mix. The thought goes through my mind that KK might just say, "To hell with it" and move. There are some hanging around NUFC who might just be waiting for that!


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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