Your chance to quiz James Milner!

By Lee Ryder on Feb 20, 08 10:42 AM

James MilnerIt might seem like he's been around for decades but James Milner is still just 22.

He's probably been one of United's most consistent players this season too and remains a huge favourite with the Toon Army.

Thankfully with Milner under contract with Newcastle until 2011 and the player looking settled on Tyneside, United have a future England winger on their hands with a story to tell already.

And with Blog on the Tyne and the Chronicle, you can ask James your questions.

For Milner has not only tasted the bitter potion of relegation with his boyhood team Leeds United but also experienced the highs and lows of life at a cut and thrust club like Newcastle.

In his first season he helped United to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Cup in 2005 but months later he was farmed out on loan to Aston Villa.

Newcastle of course got Nobby Solano back as part of the deal but he was soon back with United and played alongside the Peruvian.

However, Milner was just seconds away from joining Villa permanently when Glenn Roeder opted to let him go in August 2006.

Yet a U-turn decision by Roeder meant he was back up the motorway from Birmingham before turning out to be one of the now Norwich manager's better players that year.

Since then he's tasted penalty agony with the England Under-21s as they lost an amazing shoot-out at the European Championships.

And when Kevin Keegan arrived as Toon boss last month it meant that Milner has now worked under Sir Bobby Robson, Graeme Souness, Glenn Roeder, Sam Allardyce and now King Kev!

To leave a question for James simply use the comment box below and we will get the question to him.


Duncan Baines said:

My question is:

Have you ever regretted joining Newcastle United? Do you wish you play for a team in the Champions' League?

Charles said:

A question for you, Mighty Milner...If we get relegated(IF!) will you stay or will you rather go for a better, premiership team?

Simon said:


I think you have a similar gate to the legend that is Chris Waddle, albeit a right footed version.

Have you ever thought of sporting the same mullet haircut and getting up on stage with possibly Oba, he seems to be doing his own music videos?

More seriously like Waddle do you have any ambition of playing overseas in Spain or Italy?

Terry said:

One thing I've always been interested in is the diet/daily regime of a footballer, could James give us a typical day in his life? What time he wakes, what he eats and when, what sort of fitness work he does, etc.

james kenny said:

Do you think you will ever return to Leeds and do you still go watch them when you can?

Richard said:

So far this season you've been one of our most consistent players and I for one want to see you stay with our club for many many years but is your loyalty to the club tarnished by the decision to let you out on loan and almost permanently to the villains?

Kat said:

Hi James

I had a photo with you a few weeks ago, I have been contacted by James Coulson, who saw the picture on facebook, who said he played with you for Leeds and wondered if I knew you. Do you keep in contact with many players from your junior team and Leeds?


Phil said:

As a Newcastle fan for 50 years, I would like to congratulate you for your enthusiasm and professional attitude. No matter whether you are on top form or otherwise, I think the vast majority of Newcastle fans respect and admire your honest effort, and dedication. On your day, you can be a tremendous player, and you will be even better when the new boss gets in more players. Do you see yourself staying long term with Newcastle? I hope so. I also hope you can step to the next level, and add a little more consistency to your play and belt in more goals like that cracker against Man Utd! Good luck!

Micky said:

Hi James,
What are you thoughts about global warming?

Peter said:


Do you ever play any of the FIFA games? If so what's it like seeing and playing a virtual you in a video game?

mark Blades said:

james love the energy levels you bring to the team, love to see you chasing back when you have lost the ball mate, well done. i get up at 3am in New zealand to watch the lads so i appreciate the same effort. Question who is the best manager and coach you have had..all the best

Dave B said:

Hi Lee – one for Jinky Jimmy Milner:

In playing terms which player do you have the best understanding, the best chemistry with?


Adhip Somanna said:

Hi James...
My question is a pretty straight-forward one..
over the seasons we have seen you play under different managers on both flanks (and you do a brilliant job on either flank)..
which flank do you prefer!!

P.S i miss those stunning long range efforts..please crack em im from outside the box!!!

- A Toon fan from India

Pedi said:

Hi James,

Which player would you like to see signed for NUFC and why?
Please dont say Titus Bramble!

Big Phil said:

I think you're probably the most consistent performer we have in the squad and have been for the last few seasons, it's unusual to have a winger that works as hard as you do. Would you agree that one thing you could improve on is your crossing from the right flank, i think you tend to play better on the left as you can come inside from there whereas on the right the end product is invariably a cross. Would you rather have someone like Shearer who you could rely on to meet the deliveries from the flank?

rob said:

what is your favorite goal for newcastle? Mine is the goal against manyoo last season because i traveled all the way from california USA to see you play!

Biffajk said:

Hi james! What ive always wondered is what happened with the whole aston villa saga? Because I quite clearly remember listening to an interview with roeder where he said he was delighted to have you as part of his team and you wouldnt be leaving then suddenly you were being carted off to villa!!! When the deal fell through did he say anything to you afterwards and how did it make you feel?

May I also just say at this point that i was delighted when the deal fell through as i was devastated at the thought of you leaving my club!! I hope you finish your career here

Ryder's reply: James will reveal all of the answers in next week's Chronicle.

stephen trotter said:

with the form you have been in, in the last couple of seasons including your year at villa do you feel a bit annoyed you havent been given a chance by england ? in my opinion you are a better player than stewart downing and he has about 20 caps .

damo said:

All right James? Hope you're well and fighting fit, we need you to be. As one of my fave players I'd like to ask you if you had a favourite player when you were growing up - or did you keep changing your mind every few weeks like most people seem to do these days!

Cheers and keep up the good work fella - you know our luck will change soon.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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