Gan on man get carried away!

By Lee Ryder on Mar 31, 08 08:14 AM

The crazy world of Newcastle United will always mean that life as a Toon fan is always either really, really bad or like the trip to Spurs really, really good.

In fact Spurs summed up exactly what Newcastle were all about after the gung ho display at White Hart Lane left Tottenham rattled and with no answers to a superb attacking display.

A couple of people have said: "Don't get carried away."

But if you can't enjoy a rare away battering of Spurs and look ahead to a brighter future, exactly what is the point in following football?

True, when it comes to the calculators Newcastle aren't actually safe yet and the 12th position they currently hold in the Premier League right can easily change between now and the end of the campaign.

But there was something about the win over Spurs that almost made a statement about what KK wants to do with the current Newcastle team.

And any sceptics who utter the words: "You should never go back in football" may now disappear back into the woodwork.

Aside from the fact Newcastle were awesome going forward and lethal when it came to finishing in the second period just like they did against Fulham previously they got the lucky break.

Good luck hasn't been a permanent feature throughout the season on Tyneside and while the Toon Army were delighted by Nicky Butt's well crafted equaliser, the shot just sneaked in and had United conceded a goal like that fans would be tearing their hair out (if they have any left after such a frustrating campaign.)

But as far as this author is concerned getting carried away is no bad thing.

My gut reaction after the game was: "We'll stuff Reading now."

Forgive me in advance for being so positive, naive or unrealistic but having witnessed the impact of Kevin Keegan once before, if the future is half as good as it was last time surely it'll be better than some of the dross served up during the darker days of the last five or six years, wouldn't it?



gav said:

what an absoloutly fantastic result that was for us yesterday but it was more than the result it was the passion and performance that every player put into the game that got us the result that on the day we deserved .... more of the same please lads and we are sure to rid any relegation talk

Ronnie Lambert said:

YABADABADOO!!!!...I feel vindicated in my resolute support of Keegan after this one game. I even feel, for the moment at least, that my scathing comments about most of the team recently may have been a tad harsh.... nah, maybe similar comments embarrassed them into action. Anyway, on this performance, KK's saying that we only need 2 or 3 ' top notch ' additions sounds reasonable...on this performance. It will still be a small squad though unless a few good bargain basement buys are also made, people like his buys of old e.g. Andy Cole, Rob Lee, Philipe Albert etc. Hopefully Wisey and Jimenez will unearth a few great unheard of ( outside of U.K. )lads who will rock the football world in 2 or 3 years, or even next season. My constant optimism is working overtime after Spurs and I will get carried away if I want. I'm sick to death of the negativity that's crept into our ranks lately and I'm not talking about the slagging-off of the inept performances of Barton, Butt, Smith etc. lately, they were very much needed. I mean the the wrist-slashing plonkers who've criticised the re-appointment of Keegan and Mike Ashley's upstairs boys. I know their names, and it will be very interesting to see if they do a u-turn or keep their heads down for a while. Even now, if they read this blog they'll be saying, '' Divvent count your chickens Lambert.'' Well lads, I count my chickens, my blessings and my debt every day. Come on Kev, let's get your unfinished business at NUFC back on track, you'll do it son.

Duncan Baines said:

We're missing Duff and Smith badly!

Mark Greenwood said:

Brilliant result for the lads yesterday that further built on a good turning point against Brum. I listened to the match on Radio 5 and it was very satisfying to make the commentary team eat their words. I couldn't beieve the garbage they spouted in claiming that Owen was playing too deep and that Spurs were much better in turning defence into attack. How they must have felt when Oba ran clear on to a great ball and out muscled the Spurs centre backs. All those times they've written Owen off claiming he's looked jaded and desperate - it's absolutely fantastic to see him not only captaining a winning side but also playing deft and intelligent passes into Viduka and Martins. As for his goalscoring - don't say we didn't warn you. Write off Michael at your peril! What an inspirarion he is to players like Geremi, Barton and Butt, who for me have given their best performances since Keegan's brave and exciting formation change.
Sorry for getting too carried away though - afterall, according to the Radio 5 KK bashers Spurs are already on hoilday! If they seriously believe that Rambo Ramos would let them enter a game with that attitude in front of their home fans than I'm a mackem's uncle.

Do us a favour Radio 5 and try to give KK a little credit - European footballer of the year, former England manager and the man who took us from the foot of to Division 1 to European glory while also playing football that had the nation drooling. He's back and if he gets the players he wants we'll be back where we belong next season.

Up the Toon.

revo said:

Time to salute the bravery of the manager who has never wavered in his support for his players.
To take on the job when we were in the mire with a squad so unfit lacking confidence and motivation.
KK has gradually built in fitness confidance and defiance in his squad and sadly they are all going to be fed up when the season finishes.
Everyone associated with the club should raise a glass and salute the special one so brave and so inspirational....Well done Kevin

Jason said:

Excellent result and display. No wonder our strip is black and white stripes - one minute dreadful the next wonderful. I agree this will probably be the springboard for a good run of results. Confidence is a wonderful thing. But now that relegation is off the agenda there should be some serious thinking about the squad. There is no doubt that there are some players that are not up to scratch - Barton, Geremi, Cacapa, Carr, Duff and Smith - KK shouldn't let one of two performances mask who got us into possible relegation in the first place. Also if N'Zogbia wants to go let him - both NUFC and him would be better off. The time to start planning signings is now especially as PL status is assured. We don't want to be scraping the bottom of the barrel again come August. can we also once and for all get the defence sorted out!!

cav said:

what a result.come on the lads just go and win them other 6 games and climb that table.geordie boys taking the mick.

Snapper said:

Great performance, had taken the wife out for the compulsory Sunday lunch got back in at 4:30 looked at teletext thru my fingers, nearly fainted when I saw the score, at that time it was showing 1- 3. Happy days.
One sour note about the Fulham game, why the hell was Rob Beasley in the directors box, it is almost as bad as Having Bernie Slaven in there.

Fredrich Nietzsche said:

Opptomism should come with a public health warning. Amazing how quickly you can go from wondering where the next point is coming from to being absolsolutly dead certain of seeing Newcastle win their remaining fixtures. Same applys for the team. Same 11, same formation for the last three games and seems like hes realy found a system that works and gets his best players on the pitch. Again you can lurch from sack the lot of them to 'tow or three will set us a light'. Obviously the big issue now is which two or three. Were not in Europe THIS season but surley only Chelsea and Man U have the current sending power of Iron Mike. Are players like Darren Bent, David Bently or Wes Brown realy that far off the radar, with the wages we can pay or is this all getting a bit opptomistic?

cav said:

well its about time we got a big scoeline absolutly buzzing.a thought we would win as we always beat the spurs.well the last five games.ha.great preformance great score keep it up lads................

medan said:

Mr Ronnie Lambert congratulation on predicting rightly that KK will turn this team around and your belief on him. I am one of those who was not sure he had what it takes but based on the last 3 games it is evident that he has exceeded my expectations. But I still have a point to make about your blog, you should not critize fans that gave scathing comments about players like Butt, Barton etc when they were underperforming that is the right of a fun which includes praising them when they play very well. Anyways KK has them playing like a team let's keep it up and look forward to next year.

stuart cameron said:

what is duncan baines talking about when he says we are missing duff and smith badly does he not realize when them 2 are not playing we win get rid of both if you ask me

Ronnie Lambert said:

Medan, appreciate your humility kidda but I must reiterate again and again to you that I've slagged that duo + a few more, as much as anybody on this blog and I only criticised the Keegan/Ashley bashers. They are of course entitled to their feeble brained opinions. Huw man, I'll eat twenty humble pies and do somersaults if Kev keeps them playing like this. Anyway, we should all enjoy the ride from now on and show the poo-stinkin' southern press that we're behind KK and that beautiful Mike Ashley. Their malicious mischief making did succeed in rattling our cage for a wee bit, but just watch them jump on the entertainers bandwagon again next season, they'll just love it and the Geordies will be everyone's second team, AGAIN. Gan canny Median old mate.

Steve said:

The thing is with Kevin Keegan, people love him for a reason. His players now have some pride, passion and look to be on their way to becoming a TEAM ! Add to that some confidence and we are on our way.

Ok - so there will be changes but whoever gets to play for Keegan can get to be a FOOTBALLER, (one who performs to the best of his ability).

We've had enough of the spoilt young rich kids who run around a bit as and when they are not perpetually injured, whinge incessantly, think they are God's gift to football and life in general etc - "bye bye" - we want FOOTBALLERS.... and Keegan (if allowed) will give us this. A TEAM that can play FOOTBALL - that's all we ask.

Paul Venn said:

"Forgive me in advance for being so positive, naive or unrealistic but having witnessed the impact of Kevin Keegan once before, if the future is half as good as it was last time surely it'll be better than some of the dross served up during the darker days of the last five or six years, wouldn't it?"

Lee - you are well and truly forgiven!!

Trev said:

Duncan Baines get your head examined! Duff by name and Duff in ability. He is the most ineffective winger in the premiership. Dribble dribble dribble - then nothing! No final ball, no goals - NOWT! Bought for £17m by Chelsea, let go for £6m. What does that tell you?

He was bought by a desperate Roeder hoping to appease the fans.

Smith is hardworking but again never has a positive bearing on a game. In fact his wild tackling makes him a liability. What is his best position? He can't score goals and he can't assist in making them. Alex Ferguson does not get rid of players who can perform.

I hope they are both sold.

Duncan, you must have been watching a different game if you think we missed these two.

Paaulie'sWalnuts said:

It's about time We had some reward, to all the clowns that say We would have been better off under Allardyce, poppycock !, He had the benefit of a ludicrously unbalanced fixture list, in his last 9 games he took 9 points, as many as Keegan took in his first, much harder, 9 games. This is no doubt why the club binned Big Sham, he's still out of work, not doubt holding out for the manyoo job the pompous, deluded fool, though Bolton might want a new gaffer for next season and at Big Sham's level too.

Notoriez said:

You guys should have watch Big Sam's face when he was interviewed by ESPN Asia host about Newcastle's performance against Spurs. The look on his face is PRICELESS. Big Sam was in Asia to become a pundit for the Liverpool vs Everton game.


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