The night that Seghill will never forget

By Lee Ryder on Mar 28, 08 09:46 PM

If you had a pound for every conversation that takes place this weekend in the pubs and clubs of Tyneside about Newcastle United and their trip to Spurs on Sunday, you'd probably be a canny rich Geordie!

Yet Toon fans in super Seghill had a priceless surprise visit from the King on Friday night as Kevin Keegan proved just why the Geordie nation love him to bits.

In Newcastle, KK is a figure that commands respect in every room he enters.

Or at least judging by the superb reception he received that is and being in Seghill to witness that triggered the usual question of just what would it be like if we actually win something?

KK shocked locals at Seghill Social Club to mingle with fans and help raise funds for Seghill Juniors FC, the club in which reserve team coach Adam Sadler began his own football education.

KK has always underlined the importance of the United faithful and even opened the gates to the old Maiden Castle training ground with 5,000 fans cramming the touchlines.

And he has always been on cue with the people who are literally the heartbeat of Newcastle United when it comes to going out and meeting them - the fans.

The Toon boss was also joined by Steven Taylor, Alan Smith and Steve Harper who all chatted with supporters ahead of the trip to Spurs.

One thing is for sure KK has already laid solid foundations at St James's Park once in his first stint as boss and it looks like by putting the fans first again history could repeat itself.

And anybody in Seghill will never forget the day KK and his troops and proved just why Newcastle United aim to be the real people's club.


damo said:

No surprises here.

KK not only lives and breathes football - he lives and breathes people, from all walks of life. He does not stand on ceremony. He does not need to. It's what makes him special. Bobby had it in spades too.

Take note all you 'visionary' directors - and any doubting Thomas fans out there alike. This epitomises what Newcastle United have been sorely missing in recent seasons.

Special K will not hide. And nor shall we.

Paul Patterson said:

I always feared getting a manager in from abroad, as they would never tap into the local area and it's people- We have no worries about Kevin Keegan on that front.

You couldn't find a different contrast between Kevin and Allardyce, one gives the fans what they want and the other gives the fans what he says is best for them- a subtle difference between the two statements but I know which one I'm going for.

Attacking, attractive and flowing football will always win the day- Allardyce always bleated on about his good record against Arsene Wenger- but where did Arsenal and Bolton finish every season- Attacking, attractive and flowing football will always win the day.

Kevin will always be the bigger man, admitting when he's wrong- could you picture Allardyce walking away from the England job and saying 'You know what maybe I'm just not big enough for this job'- Fat chance!

Arrogance is a trait I like if it's backed up with sound ideas and at least an ounce of charisma, Jose Mourinho has the lot- Kevin may not be the greatest manager in the world, but trust is important and he certainly is the only man at present I'd TRUST in the job.


M Sebastian T said:

Say a bg thank you to Bolton who have saved Toon from the drop! Guess BS left them in an even worse position -- hard as it is to believe!

Who will help KK out of the mire next season.


Well said Paul Patterson I and thousands more feel the same way. KK will always be special to us toon fans and if MA gives him the support he needs -he will end up with a team to be proud of-forget the stupid remarks made by sections of the press who support teams that could not hold a candle to the support the toon gets. Kevin will take us where we want to go. His heart and soul is in Newcastle and we the geordie nation will never turn against him. When Kevin was last here he not only revitalised the club-he brought new life to the City and the north east. I was jumping for joy when Kev came back to us and I know we will soon have a team to do us proud .Long live the king.

Cliff Anderson said:

Well said Lee, I completely agree with you. I waited and wished for KK to return with every change of manager since he was pushed out of the St James door by those sorry excuses for directors after Sir John made his exit. The moment I heard he was back I had a warm feeling that things must get better. Hes taken the squad that SA left him and with tactical changes, enthusiasm and honesty he has made them not only better to watch but instilled in them a sense of pride that was evidently missing before he arrived. KK is a genuine man with a fans passion for the Toon I hope he stays with us for the rest of his life.

JImmy said:

This guy is a legend not only on the pitch but off... I have not and will never doubt his complete 100% commitment to our team and our people... managers in the rest of the league look up and take note, coz this should be the stature you should be aiming to achieve. A legend status amongst not only football fans but their families too... Come on the toon and wor Kev!!!

graham pestell said:

We have tried all the managers the media wanted and in fredie and douglas hall we had a chairman without any idea of how to run a football club.
we had the best manager in the premier league in kk and fredie and the rest of the board got cold feet and would not back him.thought that been a public limited company was the way forward.
How wrong they were.
We are now a very luck club to persuade kk to come back and give us back a club to be proud of once again.
It is not going to happen over night.the squad he has inherited is as bad as the one we had in the 1st dev.
Lack of quality in depth,squad is too small.
I agree with paul patterson, KK is the only man i would trust to do the job right.
Apart from Sir bobby the rest of the managers who have followed kk have been a joke,So full of there own self importance.
If we as fans give this special guy the support he deserves, im sure we will reap the rewards we have beeen striving
I was one of the the fans who spent my time at maiden castle and the bond the fans and players had was very special.
Now im living in australia and saving up for our next trip to wembly, AND IT WILL HAPPEN.I dont need to cross my fingers or pray to god.
HAIL the messiah.
Hail King Kev.

Phil said:

Kevin Keegan is a great man. When he signs his own players to go with those who deserve to stay, we'll see his football philosophy in action. I'll never forget when Kevin made Maiden Castle open to the public to watch training. The morale was marvellous, and I think the players benfited from Kevin's allowing of them to feel the support of the fans close up. I had my leg in a cast, and Kevin came over to have his photo taken with me - marvellous times! Now let's hope Kev can find the new Beardsley, Lee, Cole, Venison, etc. etc.

STEVE said:

RAY WILSON......well said that man.

Siomi said:

Woah!!! Hold on there! My God! Saint Kevin the Messiah!?!

Now, I do think Kevin will be great for the club, and there is no doubt that he is a man of the people (read the above as a testament to that), but is he THIS good?

This is the guy who sold Andy Cole and who also lost the plot and the Premiership. This is the guy who wasn’t up to the England job and who had a less than successful stint at Man City. This is also the guy who is often tactically naïve and who regularly gets selection and substitutions wrong. He is not Jose Mourinho, Fergie, Sir Bobby or even Ramos (as we will see shortly).

But he is OUR Kevin. He ALWAYS tries his best and he is NEVER too ashamed to say he was wrong and to change things (look at Alan Smith). That’s why we luv him!

I do firmly believe we could do much better with a Wenger or Mourinho, but in the end I think we will do well enough with him

M Sebastian T said:

Luke, A lot of people on Tyneside (including you I think) are totally irrational about the abilities of Keegan. His philosophy and approach are now more than a decade out of date relative to what is required in the modern Premiership. But not worry because looking at the Championship Table it is obvious how he will get out of the mire next season!

The teams coming up will be the likes of Bristol City, Hull and Stoke. Undoubtedly half of the remaining Premiership teams must have already figured out that next season's wrong end of the table is more or less determined in advance. Seventeen comes from discounting Fulham and Bolton as Premiership teams any longer (i.e. after yesterday’s results), along with Derby of course.

It might only take 20 points to survive in 2008-09 season and even Keegan will manage that. Would be a perfect time to bring in Shearer who can learn the job at a time when there is no serious pressure.

Ryder's reply: Spurs 1 Newcastle United 4, and my name is Lee by the way.

peter said:

To Ray Wilson:

So true - let us not forget KK revitalised not only a football club but a region. Despite having a torid time since taking over he still has the backing of the vast majority, he may never win the champions league but he will never alienate the fanbase...

To Siomi
You are also correct - KK is not a Ramos...which we have seen today. No matter what preconceptions we may have, Ramos's tactics were totally inept and his mega expensive team has been played off their own park.


Well hello you guys up there KK is not a Ramos ? we the faithful dont want him to be a Ramos - Where was the brilliant Ramos today Newcastle 4 Spurs 1 We like our KK just as he is -could any one have seen us go to white hart lane a couple of months ago with the big fat man and put on a show like we did today- I dont think so better get used to it doubters the special one is back and while we wont win every game we will always go home happy knowing that our managers thoughts and dreams are the same as ours and any team he sends out will want to play football the geordie nation way. I too hope Kevin is here for the rest of his life-fat sam was only ever interested in his own big fat ego. KK has the black and white blood in his veins-hope your reading this MA cause the geordie nation can be fearsome on the warpath should you ever dispense with our special K.

Siomi said:

Ha Ha! YES! I eat my bobble hat! Kevin certainly is not Ramos, thank God! And am I enjoying being a Newcastle supporter today!

But I was trying to say that I loved Kevin for who HE is. He isn't perfect, but he is honest and enthusiastic and respectful. That is enogh for me.

Ray said:

Siomi> so what if KK sold cole? in came shearer who helped keep us respectable; same man with these decisions here.

would cole have been able to do the same? i dont think so


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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