Barton happy to let his feet do the talking

By Lee Ryder on Apr 29, 08 10:11 AM

picresized_th_1209670656_861043.jpgJoey Barton knows better than anybody that his reputation usually walks into the room a few seconds before him.

And he knows that he'll probably never shake off the bad boy tag that large sections of the media have attempted to hit him with ever since he first pulled on a black-and-white shirt.

True, at times he can't help saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong people.

But although, there are plenty of tales of controversy in his past, perhaps Kevin Keegan is beginning to iron out a midfielder who was once tipped for big things with England.

Firstly, Barton has been told for his own good to blank the media with court appearances pending for whatever happened on December 26 last year.

But if there is any psychological strain regarding the above matter, it certainly isn't showing.

He's been in top form and the 4-3-3 formation - which seems to be doing several of the Toon players a lot of favours - is doing him no harm whatsoever.

Back on October 22, Barton's return to the first team actually coincided with the beginning of the end for Big Sam.

His first goal for the club at Fulham also coincided with THREE months without a win for Newcastle fans.

But game by game he has shown he's a player that Newcastle have to stick with.

And his recent application to the job in hand proves that Newcastle just might still have a top, top Premier League battler on their hands.



Davey G said:

Joey Barton has been Excellent for NUFC over the last 4 Months.
I doubt very much that I would be able to perform at such a high standard of work in my job if I had the same personal worries.
Maybe the worries are fully deserved, maybe they are not?
Only Mr Barton and his solicitors will know, as the general public/fans will not get the truth about his indescretions until the court case is carried out and completed. Maybe we will only be fed the stories of the 'shamed, violent, monster of a football star' that the media will have us believe he is!
But one thing seems to have been forgotten in the whole Joey Barton scheme of things is that the Lad is innocent until proven guilty! Or am i going to be accused of being too PC these days??

Sam said:

Personally i'd love to see the back to him due to his off-field reputation - i know he shouldn't be judged on his past but i can't help it.

His performances have been average and i've lost count of the times he lets a simple square ball go astray.

We shouldn't have signed him in the first place but we seem to have a desire to have a controversial player in our ranks.

Snapper said:

I was outraged at the nasty comments that the fat bundle of lard called Eammon Holmes leveled at Barton pre season. Holmes a Man U glory hunter, is fond of slagging people off in the press, its a pity someone could not do the same to him

Paul Patterson said:

I feel he is a great player busting to show himself, his performances haven’t really been that great over the last six or seven games.

An attacking midfielder should boss a game and make various assists and even score a few goals to be truly top class- It’s simple Joey hasn’t done this yet- yes he’s shown desire and determination and that HAS made a difference to the side, but we need a goalscoring midfielder to rival Gary Speed or Robert Lee.

The outstanding candidate for any midfield award over the last month for Newcastle United must surely be, Nicky Butt.

Even Geremi has been outstanding in productivity, whilst having long periods where he’s done nothing but pass to the opposition.

Barton needs to hit ten goals next season before we can safely say we have a top quality midfielder on our hands.

I’d buy one more Attacking midfielder (Moutinho of Sporting) as I can’t see Kevin using the 4-3-3 for a full campaign and when the Geremi, Barton, Butt combination fails, he has another option to fall back on.

Lets not forget the width either, whilst we’ve kept it compact with 4-3-3, we must surely utilise a 4-4-2 or even 4-5-1 on the odd occasion, to stop ourselves becoming predictable, that is where Duff, Milner, Beye and Enrique come in, as the latter pair have done in recent weeks. Maybe Kevin will look to sign another left winger, to pressurise a performance out of Duff, especially with mummy’s boy N’Zogbia set to leave for Cockney paradise (Get your bets on Portsmouth getting him)

I'm just a little concerned with the move for Richard Dunne if it does pan out- he's FAR TOO SLOW.

Still, Like I’ve done in the past, I’ve vowed to end all my comments with the following remark till the end of the season.

I Trust Kevin Keegan.


Davey G said:

SAM, some of our countries most talented players over the years have had mega problems off the field, Gascoigne, Adams, Merson, Best to name but a few, yet they do not seem to have been hounded half as much by the media as Joey Barton has.
Why? only the media will know, Adams & Merson in particular were afforded nothing but sympathy for their problems, gascoigne to an extent also but then gazza was gazza, he didnt give a monkeys what anyone thought of him anyway.
Joey Barton should be afforded the same sympathy as those gone by, and i must stress again that he is innocent of all charges until proven guilty.
Lets hope Joey continues to improve on the field, as well as off it, and I am convinced we will have a gem on our hands.

Ryder's reply: I think Barton probably just wants a fair crack of the whip, which he hasn't always had. For example last year he did a piece with the Chronicle, who were the only paper who could be bothered to turn up for his reserve team comeback, saying he wanted to focus on his club football first, the rest of the media recreated the story as a "stuff England" line.

Fredrich Nietzsche said:

He's definatley improved. Whether thats down to Kevin or just a decent run in the side, who knows. Personaly, i'd like to see him getting into more goal scoring positions further up the pitch. With three in the middle we can afford to have one trying to get beyond the strikers. Isn't this why he was signed in the first place. I mean he has improved, but for a 'goal scoring midfielder' a return of one penalty in about 20 odd games is shocking by anyones standards.

cav said:

a think joey can be world class

JC said:

Lets bring back Bellamy! Couple him with Barton and the opposition would truely hate us, as well as almost every referee. As for Barton, well yes, he gives the ball away a heck of a lot, but slowly and surely he is begining to look like the dynamic, goal threat of a midfielder we all hoped he would be.

Ronnie Lambert said:

During months of the worst football I've seen at this club since George Riley's tenure, Barton came back from injury, publicly supported Sam whilst calling us fans vicious and got arrested
. I, along with thousands screamed for his scrawny guts to be displayed in a gibbet. Then came KK with his magic, which took another 3 months to sink into their brains, then hey presto ! our recent unbeaten run. Joey's done as well as any of the other much improved players, but more importantly, kept his gob shut. I hope he can rediscover the form I saw him produce for City last season with his bursts from midfield, creative passes and occasional stunning goals. This would wipe the slate clean for many I feel, but ' one swallow doesn't make a good drink, or a summer'. I well recall the numerous stupid mistakes I made at his age, things that make me blush in retrospect, and it does appear that the penny may have dropped for him in recent times. Yes let his feet do the talking, but it might take another season to repair the dropped clangers of this one

Craig, Salisbury said:

Give me a fit and happy Emre over Boey Jarton any day. Although for him to be happy, he needs a run in the first team. And to have a run in the first team, he needs to be fit! Emre reminds me of Beardo. The whole 4-3-3 fits the players we have and is working. I can't help thinking that Kev will revert to his previous regime formation and adopt Emre as Beardo playing just behind Micky and setting off an irresitable run of goals AKA Cole and Beardo!

Bret Maverick said:

He put some great balls through against West Ham and made some great tackles, but he's caught ball watching and needs to be more consistent. We desperately need a midfield play-maker - someone who can pass and play like a younger Nobby, but in the middle of the park (though another one on the right wouldn't hurt either!)

On top of that, we need another good central defender, a right back and a left back because we've no cover we can rely on, and another sharp and powerful striker.

M. Sebastian T. said:

Joey who?

Charles said:

Come on, lay off the Barton for a few games...He proved to us that a no-good, useless player can change under KK. What will you feel like if you have been trained by Big Sam?

Joey showed some inconsistency but still is the only youthful and tackle-happy midfielder we have for a brief time. On top of that, he made a couple of good passes and crosses to the strikers not to mention the one he made for Martins at West Ham...

As for his controversial thug-life...he can still come over it if he put more effort into it. Maybe an anger management class can cure his sick attitude. If you want to see REAL footballer gone mad, look no further than Roy Keane, and young Rooney then compare them with Barton...


With KK a lot more players will play their best .JB is a very good player who always play for the team and his best KEVIN KEEGAN FOR EVER.

Richard Johnson said:

What will KK do without Barton against Everton, Will he revert to a 4-4-2 or will he stick duff or risk milner, so many questions, can't wait for the answers.
Barton is a the quality player that newcastle have lack in seasons gone. Lee Boywer, Woodgate all have put the problems of youth behind them, lets hope Barton does the same

STEVE said:

Looking more like a player under KK.however,lets get real, the man is gonna get time.....end of.

Anonymous said:

the guys above me are right - he needs to start scoring goals. and hopes he mature and turns into a Lampard. But isnt time = money? e.g. Dyer was once rated as Paul Scholes replacement with a 25 million price tag. and look what happen!

Well still early days to rate him(joey) tbh. I think judging him next season makes more sense.



Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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