Jellied eels will be no consolation for the East Enders!

By Lee Ryder on Apr 26, 08 07:15 PM

Only Newcastle United could grab a point like they did at the Boleyn Ground.

On a day of thrills and spills in the sunshine in the capital a crazy game earned the Toon a decent point and stretched the unbeaten run to seven games.

But this game probably left the West Ham fans with a sour taste in their mouth after chucking away a 2-0 lead!

Newcastle fully deserved to be 2-0 down in this one and had West Ham snatched another one it could have been another disappointing away day for the Toon Army.

Uncle Mike Ashley took his place in the away end once again today and was happy to pose for pictures in the sunshine.

Another interested spectator was Rob Lee who enjoyed an emotional reunion with KK after the game.

But getting back to the game and that West Ham 2-0 lead.

Newcastle didn't even get anywhere near Rob Green until minute 36 but after Oba Martins had chased a lost cause for the first time in the game, it paid off.

A cool finish from Martins to haul his side back in the game.

And just when Toon fans were happy to be back in it at 2-1, their side only went and levelled!

A strange goal really in a move that started with a wild shot from Martins against the back of Viduka's legs.

Eventually another Martins shot flicked off the head of Geremi for 2-2 cue crazy scenes from the away end.

Both teams could have won it late on and David Edgar left the field soaked in blood.

A party of 20 bodyguards pushed the Tyneside press out of the way to escort Paolo Di Canio (complete with shades indoors) out of the ground.

The look on his face was that West Ham had thrown it away.

And the flashy Italian would be correct in thinking exactly that.

Hope he enjoyed the jellied eels afterwards.



Fernando said:

Disappointed. Why is it still a characteristic of Newcastle turning up half asleep for matches? This shouldn't be the case. Ok credit for the fightback and we all share the view back in January we would've lost this, if not by a bigger margin than 2-0.

Flashes of the "poor" newcastle that lost against derby is still there. Not quite sure if this is down to the manager or the players. Are the players prone to complacency. Is there a reason behind why i want "scott parker" back at SJP. Possible reason is Scott Parker usually gets his body in the way of shots and limits opposition the space and time.

It's in my opinion Newcastle give away these luxuries as freebies.

4-3-3 will not survive next season, we need a Joey Barton to add youthful mitochondria and the center of midfield.

Ronnie Lambert said:

Back down to earth again!! Just when we were talking about 9 points from the last 3 games. Well, we would've snatched a draw at the bubbles a short while ago, and to be realistic another 2 draws won't be a tragedy. The season was dead long before Kev came but at least we secured safety in style and passion against the mackems, which was totally pleasurable. Next season can't come quick enough for us now with the most confidence I've personally felt since Kev was last here. Rock on super Mike Ashley.

indian toon said:

its good to come from 2-0 down and get a point.
a few months back, if we were 2 goals down, we would have got beaten by 4-0.

Mike Ashburn said:

Can't really figure out if the Toon rescued it,or if it was the Irons that threw it away.
As you rightly point out,either side could have won it at the end,but,it being the strange match it was,I'm wondering who would have been the most
dissappointed,had their respective
fans had left the(Upton or is it the
Boleyn)Park/Ground with nothing to show.
We'll certainly not get the same chances,or lack of staying power from Chelski and possibly Everton as we did from West Ham yesterday.
How far we have come under KK will surely be placed in stark relief once the game gets under-way on Bank holiday Monday.

jon said:

great character....if this happened round january...i would expect us to get routed

Rob Hanson said:

Well, if nothing else, this should tell KK that he desperately needs a centre back to play alongside Faye. We could've done with Milner and Emre in the second half. Hope to God the mackems don't catch us!

keir said:

i think the draw at west ham showed the national press yet again that under keegan the days of going one down and giving up are long gone.
im concerned at all this top six talk next season. yes well do better but when you take out our first choice side then you arent left with much.
emre, duff, smith and co were the players who got us into the mess we were in.
we need to build a squad not a team and this talk of 5 players is crazy we need at least 10.

Ronnie Lambert said:

Fernando, you should hide away using words like this er... I can't pronounce it so here's a dictionary rendering of it and it's meaning....mitochondria....An organelle containing enzymes responsible for producing energy. Why not lucozade ?

John Best said:

Has KK just papered over the cracks ???.It would appear that we have already missed out on 3 potential signings.Just got back from a weekend on Tyneside and it is easy to see why top players wont come up north; it really is a culture shock.We had Chris Kamara, staying at our hotel; looks entirely different to the tele.version.

Bub Hewski said:

We despeately need a tried and trusted central defender to play alongside Faye. Taylor isn't at that level.

jackie w said:

Culture shock ??? John Best must have been living in a cardbooard box for the last few years and a visit to Newcastle must have been like winning the pools. Because if he is trying to insinuate that Newcastle is a world apart from down the Smoke in a negative way he is wide of the mark.Other than the usuall tourist parts of London, the city is a rats nest with every chancer and crank in the whole of Europe lurking in its doorways . They say in London you are never more than 10 foot from a Rat but what they dont tell you is these Rats stand on two feet. Getting back to the Hammers game a fair result and a typical end of season nothing game but with the added bonus of a Keegan fightback which bodes well for the future.
The only down side is since i now find myself wishing my life away as for the last few years i am looking forward to the next season months before the current one ends ...Happy days Jackie

Ronnie Lambert said:

Worriyih taakin aboot John Best, culture shock comin' yem ? Boy are you brainwashed ? I've done the London gig, working down there for 6 months last time and I couldn't believe the improvement in the quality of life immediately felt upon landing at Central station. You can cut the friendliness atmosphere with a knife, in the station alone. Whereas in the Smoke, you could lie down and die on any street without anyone thinking you were no more than a wino, of which there are hundreds. If you really feel like Michael Winner who mistakenly said that coming out of Central station is like walking into eastern Europe, you shouldn't trouble yourself bonny lad. He also said that nobody would come here unless on business, for which he was roundly castigated by everyone of true Geordie heart. Is that why you came, or did you get a corporate freebie ticket from a posh pal with a plummy accent ? In what way is Keegan papering over cracks John ? I believe " we " as you put it lost out on only 2 transfers e.g. Woodgate and the Croat who both sacrificed better wages to get European football next season. We've always had top players at Newcastle who preferred it to London, being an expert I'll let you name them. Did you enjoy seeing Kamarra's face in your hotel John, did you say hello to him or anything like ?


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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