Newcastle coach Sadler takes lessons from a true Dutch master

By Lee Ryder on Apr 17, 08 12:06 PM

It's a long way from Kingston Park and even further from Seghill Social Club but Adam Sadler is taking lessons from one the world's managerial greats in Louis Van Gaal as part of his UEFA pro licence.

And while Tyne-Wear derby fever grips Newcastle, Sadler is taking a watching brief as AZ Alkmaar prepare to take on Sparta Rotterdam.

Sadler, who has done a great job with the reserves this season, is currently on leave from Newcastle United's training HQ in Benton to work alongside Van Gaal at AZ Alkmaar.

The Dutchman of course dumped out the Magpies from the UEFA Cup last term against Glenn Roeder's side and Sadler was part of the coaching staff more than 12 months ago in the sleepy Dutch town of Alkmaar.

Back then Van Gaal refused to speak to the Tyneside media in English leaving many of us reaching for the Dutch phrase books but Sadler has encountered no similar problems so far!

Seghill lad Sadler says: "I am keen to work with Louis van Gaal and AZ really impressed me last season, putting in a commanding display against Newcastle.

"I'm liking my stay here very much.

"I have been given a hearty welcome by Van Gaal and the AZ coaching staff."

It's true that Sadler's side have been playing some neat stuff this season and purposeful attacking style of play arrived in good time for the reserve team coach with the second string crushing Boro 5-0 away soon after Kevin Keegan returned.

And if the week spent with Van Gaal means even more total football for the future kids of Newcastle United it can only be a good thing.

A certain Jose Mourinho did exactly the same thing many years ago learning the ropes from Sir Bobby Robson.

Whether Newcastle have the next "special one" on their hands remains to be seen but certainly it's a week that Sads won't be forgetting in a hurry.


Paul Patterson said:

I have the negative approach to the stupid UEFA Pro Licence.

It’s a complete waste of time, it’s a product for the F.A to make money and get every participant to be taught coaching- and you can’t teach coaching.

It’s funny, the two coaches that I despise the most, Allardyce and Mclaren are both a direct output of the coaching courses and Allardyce himself was very vocal in his support for the courses, to the point where he was happy to have Glenn Roeder ousted out of the job at Newcastle, simply because he didn’t have his Pro Licence.

One of the main requirements is to travel round Europe and take in the atmosphere of many top stadiums and sample the coaching methods of their clubs, yet, Roeder did this for a full season while in charge at Newcastle.

Another is that you have to study the game, via textbook and write coaching session plans etc, now I’d like to see the look on Bill Shankly or Brian Clough face if you asked them to do that in their time.

Plus, the hypocritical part of the whole thing is the top managers don’t have the licence- Wenger, Ferguson, Grant, Benitez don’t have it and I’m sure Jol, Mourinho, Ramos to name but three don’t either, Keegan doesn’t have it, so will he have three months to get it or be sacked?

It’s all just a gravy train for the F.A as you CAN’T learn about the game via a textbook, that’s why we have s**t coaches, they are all programmed to do the same things.

But good luck to young Sadler, his only hope is to get the award and then IMMEDIATELY forget everything you learnt or be pretty much doomed to fail.


Ryder's reply: I don't see how there can be a negative part to spending a week in the company of one of the world's top coaches, it did Sven Goran Eriksson no harm with Bobby Robson many years ago.

Paul Patterson said:

No Lee, you slightly miss my point, watching Bobby or Van Gaal would be a dream.

It would be great for someone such as Sadler to look back on with delight.

But it's just the course I have the utmost disdain and lack of respect for.



Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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