Toon all geared up to finish on a high

By Lee Ryder on Apr 24, 08 01:30 PM

Kevin Keegan is that determined to finish the campaign on a high that he's kept pre-season plans a total secret from his players.

It's all quite amazing considering at one point the season had been written off completely with relegation a real possibility.

But the fact that KK is focused on nine more points from the last three games is superb indication that things are going the right way too.

No goals conceded in April so far and the chance to overtake the likes of Spurs and Saturday's opponents the Hammers is still very much up for grabs.

Off the pitch Luka Modric has been on Tyneside at the plush Malmaison Hotel to discuss a move to Newcastle United.

Whether the big guns such as Arsenal and Chelsea will gatecrash the party and snatch the glory remains to be seen.

But all the talk is about getting another three points against West Ham with KK's team picking itself at the moment.

Competition to get on the bench is now as intense as ever which is how it should be, everybody wants to be part of this team now at St James's Park.

For Newcastle to extend that hunger outside the four walls they need to win the last three games and keep the feel-good factor snowballing.

And that all starts with three points in the East End.


Fredrich Nietzsche said:

Heard alot about this geeza and he sounds like a real Keegan player. Sadly, if Chelski want a player they usualy get the player. Come on Kev, work your majic!

Ronnie Lambert said:

If Kevin can get the concentration of his troops right which wasn't entirely there on Sunday, then 3 points at Upton park is very realistic. This would serve as a catalyst for another great atmosphere at home to Chelsea which in turn might well provide that twelfth man, and upset the cockneys' rhythm. At this point I'm confused, cos my fixture list says Man. city but I know it's Everton so would you correct this in my mind please Lee, I was away at times this season and must have missed some goings on with fixtures. Cheers mate, Ron

STEVE said:

NOT sure what to make of all this modric carry on,half of me thinks that this is totally keeganesque,going for the best before anyone else,the other half says he came up to look and alert chelski etc.All i do know is that he would be a top,top signing for us,and give other potential targets food for thought over a move to the north east.By the way,i dunno bout anyone else,i DO NOT like the noises that that mort character is making about this summers transfer dealings......i may be jumping the gun but to me......he just aint us.

tony cro said:

Luka Modric for Newcastle the best scope we could have, I have bin watching the lad for some years and can only say he is not Maric. He is committed, he is good on ball and he is type of player toon army will like.
Man is small in build but so strong and very clever, like Peter Bardsley player in so many ways.
Go on get him he is good

Brunahl the Viking said:

I am stil pinching myself. This transformation in form is beyond explanation. Just what kind of poison HAD Alladyce been feeding these most excellent players!

zulu said:

Luka Modric - great news ! Confident that Super Kev can pull this off. Talk in the national daily`s that we are also on the tail of Thierry Henry ??

Snapper said:

The proposed Modruc deal was supposed to be hush hush, but in the way of these things agents let it slip a team is interested in a bid to stir up a bidding war.

dick said:

same old story with modric, toon will just not go that final step to get top players, trying to save a few quid they will just get players nobody else is bothered about. going to be another frustrating close season

Fernando said:

No worries guys, we'll get better players in. Trust in keegan. Although his time at Man City iss something i'd rather not think about. The signings he made were pretty close to obsolete players or redundant

Richard Johnson said:

Will there be an exodus of players this season, With many top class managers threatening to leave/sacked (Rijkaard and Sven) and the (Supposed) appointment of Jose at Inter will we get some top quality cast offs Elano, Petrov, Richards and Dunne all quoted they signed for the future Sven laid out, and he is no more Deco and ronaldinho are said to be interested in premier league football, I cant see any of the big 4 going for deco after he slated them in the press, and i'm confused at what will happen at Inter will the special one, ego after ego in the teams. Summer sales start here and hopefully Special K can spend Mike Ashleys millions


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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