We all sing together

By Lee Ryder on May 23, 08 12:30 PM

For years Newcastle United fans craved some kind of section where they could let off steam in an area of the ground where everybody wanted to do the same thing.

And now largely due to Chris Mort, they've got one.

Since St James's Park was rebuilt from the crumbling concrete mess - before Kevin Keegan took United into the promised land of the Premier League - it's no secret that we've still had some of the best atmospheres of all in both the top flight and in Europe.

The list of crackling atmospheres that have scared the opposition to death is still long when it comes to the black and white army whipping their team into a frenzy.

Now though the singing section that will be appearing in Level 7 of the Leazes End corner from next year can only be good news for the club.

True, fans up there seem a million miles away from the pitch in terms of vision.

But in terms of noise, well, even some of our greatest rivals (given that they will fill the old away section) have proved that you can be heard even from the dugout.

Therefore the coming together of those who want to sing their hearts oot for the lads is a real feather in the cap for the atmosphere.

In fact the news about season tickets was good news all round for most fans.

Indeed, a cheaper and extended family enclosure and a three year price freeze for those willing or able to sign up for it, will offer reductions.

This is far from an advertisement for the club.

But given that the previous regime seemingly had little or no time for fans' opinions, the first full term of Mike Ashley and Chris Mort has repaired damage that was in danger of driving some fans away for good.

It's a great start to the season but now we wait with great anticipation as to who United will sign first.



Diane said:

I hope that those in the ground who dont like to sing, who criticise those who stand for more than 3 seconds, and who should really be at the theatre rather than a football match stay away from the singing corner. I know that several of my friends who have endured years of being told to shut up in other areas of the ground are looking forward to being able to vocally support the team next year. Shame that the whole ground isnt a singing section though, the people who complain, moan and leave after 60 minutes should find something else to do on a matchday.

David Simpson said:

St James' Park has been crying out for something to be done for the last few years. This is obviously a positive step forward for the fans and the club, but the fans still have to play their part in this and actually use the singing section to fulfill its potential otherwise it's going to be a waste of time. Also the price changes and 'Price-Freeze' is a great idea, giving the proper working class football fan a chance to support their club again. It's those types of fans that make the club what it is, rather than the so called 'fans' who sit in their seat and sulk for 90 minutes. BRING BACK THE NOISE!

Richard Ellwood said:

Fantastic news for all passionate fans, that will surely not be regreted by the NUFC staff. I just hope that the cheaper tickets don't attract any "fans" that wish to complain the full 90 minutes at a cheaper price than normal especially considering the price rise AGAIN in season tickets.

STEVE said:

MY seat in the gallowgate was a beauty,top crack,chants, i am surrounded by women....end of it sexist or not,its the way,ARE we gonna sign anyone?

Ryder's reply: Yes it does sound sexist, but there are plenty of men who choose not to sing and there are plenty women out there who are just as vocal elsewhere in the ground.

Bill said:

I fancy joining the singing section. When are the auditions? I hope Simon Cowell isn't going to be a judge. I am a natural tenor - they can't touch you for it - so I hope there will the right amount of basses and baritones. In this non-sexist era we must have a collection of sopranos and contraltos as well. Castrati though might be going a bit too far.

I also would like some indication of the programme for each game. I like opera so how about when we win, “One fine dayâ€? from Madame Butterfly, when we lose, “Nessum Dorma - None shall sleepâ€? from Aida, and a draw,  .. can’t think of any.

Great idea. Do you think MA would become a member of the section?

STEVE said:

Youre bang on lee about plenty of men not singing anymore,when you try to start a chant these days either no-one joins in or it fizzles out immediately....i dont think we will ever get back to the way it used to be,but maybe this is progression and i am living in the past...we used to be second to none in the country though and its a shame its gone this far as women are concerned,i have no probs with them being there,just let yer hair down a bit and have a bit shout on man!

Ryder's reply: All seater stadiums have played there part in this Steve, you must remember in the Gallowgate if you started a chant and nobody joined in people would taunt you with "ON YOUR OWN - ON YOUR OWN", the prawn sandwich brigade have also helped kill off terrace humour but with football a business these days it was always on the cards.
Let's hope the singing section helps.

Dan Hays said:

I think that the singing section is a fantastic idea. The atmosphere at St, James' Park has been lacking over the last three - four years and it's great to see that the club have listened to what the fans want. It's also great that the club have decided to make the 'Leazes Corner' one of the cheapest places in the ground, I'm sure the singing section will be sucessful.

Andy said:

Hopefully this will help make St James' Park a fortress again. Future looks bright for Newcastle United. Well done Chris Mort.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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