It was never Rozey in the garden for departed Toon star

By Lee Ryder on Jun 11, 08 01:36 PM

Memories of David Rozehnal in a black and white shirt will never be inspirational but his departure to Lazio yet again sees another player with a good reputation heading for the exit door without fulfilling his potential.

Rozehnal always came across as an honest bloke but after arriving from Paris St Germain to bolster his medals collection with Newcastle he left just a few months into his move from France for pastures new.

Regardless, of a few dodgy performances for Newcastle you don't become a bad player overnight in football although their seems to be a list of those who check in at United before heading down the slippery slope.

Rozehnal, a tall defender who actually liked defending, will be in action for his native Czech Republic at Euro 2008 once again today and playing Serie A football next term.

It shows he has got quality but never produced much of that at Newcastle.

True, the first part of his career at United was under the long ball era of Big Sam and despite experiencing the hullaballo of KK's return, just three games in and he'd seen enough after being fielded in midfield in the 3-0 roasting at Arsenal.

No guarantee of regular first team football meant it was see you later for Rozey.

And in an unpublished Chronicle interview just hours before his move to Lazio, Rozehnal uttered: "Something just isn't quite right here."

And another one had bitten the dust in a black and white shirt.



Hepstyle said:

this transfer season is killing me. Will we have 11 to field by the end of summer?

Billy from Consett said:

He was never that good for us. He bottled tackles, wasn't strong, and as such, wasn't suited to Premiership football.

He wasn't that good against the Swiss the other day. So it's no shame he left. Not good enough.

Dave said:

I think Rozey may well have put his digit on it there. Something definitely isn't right. How can it be that we've bought (with vast sums of money & extortionate wages) some of the worlds best talent, both emerging & established, only to see them fail utterly to even produce performances on a regular basis. Remember the likes of Gavilan? Bassedas? Viana? Emre? Dyer? Robert? Marcellino et al. I see only one option for the club, scout very young players and produce from within. There's little point throwing more cash as we're now something like 10th or 12th in the pecking order for even mediocre talent.

James 09 said:

Another weak defender bought from the Continent - a flop. He was rubbish - summed up by his limp tackle and marking.

Dave Robson said:

i get the impression, this getting the wage bill down as much as possible is just adding to ashley's plan to sell the club off, in the not too distant future headlines will be newcastle taken over, this new season is going to be a very long hard slog,unless ashley relents and lets kevin bring the players he wants, richard dunne is just the type of player we should be getting in, tough premier player who does not miss games, bullard never missed agame until that bad injury , came back as good as ever who be fantastic for us, we need players who want to play week in week out and thats how kevins will if he is left to do his job with NO INTERFERENCE.
the man is newcastle united , perfect for each other let the man do his thing or we will lose him.

Alex said:

Although Rozenhal wasn't the best, at least he added depth to our squad.

As you and your colleagues have reported lee, Ameobi is going, Given (our best ever keeper), Carroll and Milner could also be heading for the exit, Rozenhal's gone, emre has left and contracts have yet to be sorted out with Taylor and Owen.

It seems that our already thin squad, which at the end of last season KK said he only wanted to add to, shows no signs of increasing.

I hope I'm just worried over nothing but the fact that very little has been done at St James's regarding contract renewals or acquiring new faces, whilst clubs around us are continually signing players before the euro's double their price, is making me anxious.

Good luck to Rozenhal, you're quote might have been spot on!

Dave Robson said:

i get the impression, this getting the wage bill down as much as possible is just adding to ashley's plan to sell the club off, in the not too distant future headlines will be newcastle taken over, this new season is going to be a very long hard slog,unless ashley relents and lets kevin bring the players he wants, richard dunne is just the type of player we should be getting in, tough premier player who does not miss games, bullard never missed agame until that bad injury , came back as good as ever who be fantastic for us, we need players who want to play week in week out and thats how kevins will if he is left to do his job with NO INTERFERENCE.
the man is newcastle united , perfect for each other let the man do his thing or we will lose him.

Adhip Somanna said:

Its agonising to see so many of Newcastle's players deserting the club!!!
Rozehnal was one who showed some promise in the early stages of the season..
We should have kept him and give him a fair chance..
After all he just demanded to be played at centre half and not as a full back as "master tactician" Big Sam did...
Always thought he was one who could resolve the defensive crisis..
With Taylor's contract renewal taking an eternity and with several other clubs already concluding deals with amazing players it has come to stage where we the fans have come to think has the club lost all its charm!!!
Young talent Diggard Prefers BORO with Newcastle rumoured intrested in him!!! (When was the last time we lost someone to The Smoggs???)
Is Ashley ever going to open his cheque book or do we have to sell St.james Park and watch the star players play a young exciting team like spurs at the training ground..
Now with rumours persisting that Shay Given the most patient stalwart going to the goooners and James Milner on his way to scouse and barton JAILED!!!it is really depressing to read..
And about the incoming players thats a different story only rumours and more rumours and some other team getting our targets and players not wanting to come to seems more and more likely that we need to rely on reserve players like Godsmark, Kadar and Baheng to fill in the gaps and finally a couple of seasons later watch them go to a bigger club..
the only positive thing is that keegan has not walked out of his job yet..
So guess its he same old look forward to next season with the same players..
With the new seating arrangements in place..I guess that people will have a much different view of this season practically but no where in reality..
Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that someone of some ability will sign in the near future..


Jimmy said:

Never really sparkled, dont think he can cut the premier league. At least we havent lost any money on him though!!

Siomi said:

Spot on Lee. I liked him. He seemed honest and liked to go forward. He often seemed to turn up in the final third and could be a threat.

I thought this kind of enthusiastic, tall, attack minded defender would have been right up Kevin's street.

But I guess he was less impressed with the club than they were with him.

I wish him the best and am sure he will have a positive and successful career having moved on and out in time.

Let us hope that Kevin can fix whatever it is at the club that is obviously broken.

Paul Patterson said:

Whilst watching the Czech Republic last night, a commentator highlighted the fact that Rozenhal came onto the field when we were 3-0 down at Old Trafford for the last ten minutes and we lost 6-0.

Now looking back through the Chronicles very own ‘United Front’ supplement, I’ve noticed through the match reports that after a good start against Bolton, Villa and Boro’ he was dropped for seemingly no reason by Allardyce, for the Barnsley cup game, played well in the next two against Wigan and the shambles at Derby and Alan Oliver said ‘What a buy he is proving to be’ in his West Ham review.

Then it all went wrong, he was brought on against Everton and we conceded, then he went downhill fast, Sunderland, Liverpool, Blackburn, Birmingham, Derby again, before, yes, concede ding three in ten minutes to Man United, we even conceded one against Stoke AFTER Rozehnal was introduced and concede two in the last ten minutes at Arsenal, AGAIN AFTER Roz was brought on.

All of a sudden, with him being dispatched off to Lazio, we went on that great run and he doesn’t even appear in Alan Olivers summing up for the season.

£5m wasted if you ask me, but after all, the wonder that was Sam Allardyce did come out with a peach of a motivational speech, ‘These aren’t my first choice players’ and ‘I wouldn’t want my job decided by this bunch of players’ Charming!!

He isn’t the first and he won’t be the last of the defensive flops at St James’ Park, but all those games I’ve listed can’t hide the fact that he was very poor or at best very unlucky. Yet another player who simply couldn’t make the grade in the Premier league and got muscled out of everything. Lets hope a replacement fairs better.


john gilroy said:

Talking of transfers, whats all this about goalkeepers. Rumours that Given is going to Arsenal and that we are.trying to buy the Rangers goalkeeper. What do we need him for. Even if Given is sold Steve Harper has proved, to me at least, that he is a first choice keeper with Krul as substitute

M Simpson said:

I think players will start coming in in July after Euro 08. Hope its not too late by then.I have a sneeking suspicion Kev has got a surprise package lined up and is keeping it so far under wraps not even the Chronicle can sniff it out!

Ronnie Lambert said:

Dream on Mr. Simpson, you're entitled to that. I'm very worried for the future of this club after a London contact told me that allegedly, Ashley, Mort,Wise and Jiminez meet once a month in the backroom of a boozer in Chelsea to discuss club policy. Not a Geordie fan in sight to witness these until now, allegedly clandestine meetings between what purports to be Cockneys and ' Spurs supporters '. This could have a very dark significance to recent events i.e. Modic being snapped out of our grasp and an eerie state of 'goings with no comings' in the market. Oh, and good riddance to Rhozenal the fragile. Paul Pat's journalism on him is again top notch.

John Best said:

Depressing these days; we are shipping out players, like an Autumn sale. Its not all paper talk !! 6 are already gone and another 6 MILNER,GIVEN,AMIOBI,CARROLL,BARTON & N,ZOGBIA strongly tipped to follow them.There must be, a top secret plan to re-stock the club..KK, has gone AWOL, not a squeek in weeks.The players who have left, clearly have spread the poison. What is plan "B"

Mal said:

Personally I'n not worried about those going out of the door at the moment. How many games did messrs carr, ramage, troisi, emre, rozenhal and ameobi actually play for newcastle last season, or more importantly how many times did they play for kk? Quite honestly the £7-10million pounds off the wage bill makes sound sense, as this lot were hardly value for money. I don't think selling shay would be a disaster either as we are well covered in that position and krul and foster need to be given (sorry) more opportunities or, as future internationals, they'll be off elsewhere. More concerned if milner and carroll allowed to leave.
Having said that we do need to get players in, but it's too early to start panicking. Not many clubs have signed anyone yet. This is going to be a good test for the new management structure as many have doubts about whether it will actually work.


Hi lee. Its no surprise Rozzy has gone -thought he was a good pro -but he was never going to make it in the premier-summed up he was too slow -easily brushed aside by any physical approach and distribution was weak. I am concerned about the talk of Carroll going -even on loan -This could be his season at Newcastle-never mind the age thing -Supermac was only 21 when he came to us - Carroll looks like he is afraid of nothing and though the bench might beckon this season -he would get a lot of games as a result and I do think the boy is good enough. More worrying is the thought of Milner and Zoggy going -just the sort we should be hanging on to -and also the eternal dragging on of MO and ST contract renewals -maybe Rozzy was telling us something was not right. I get the feeling we are missing a football man at the top -one who understands the players,fans,and manager-also who can act decisevely-make decisions and buy. We dont have that and its obvious we are going no where fast-this is not the way to make progress -the squad is paper thin -even more so with the recent outgoings-we have to get players in now and quickly-ok talking about all the good kids we have signed but if we lose out on signings again this year -the survival rate will be even harder this season. Something is definitly not right and the London gang need to support Kevin now if not we will know who to blame and it will never ,never be Kevin Keegan- I just prey he does not leave us.

iain nicolson said:

lee he was useless for psg no wonder we got an internatioanl ch for so cheap.

my memories of watching psg play before we signed rozehnal was one of horrifc comical defending and i only had to watch the highlights to know that.

somes it up that it seems sam based his decision to sign him on a good game vs wales.

Dave Pattinson said:

I get the horrible feeling that we're turning the clock back to those dark days when we were a nursery club for the really big clubs, losing players like Beardo, Waddler, Gazza etc. Is that Ashley's real intention? I don't see much action on the transfer front, and if not cash, what can we use to tempt any big name players up here now?

dexter said:

I'd disagree about us becoming a feeder club. Closer to the truth is the larger clubs feed us their rubbish and we gladly take it.
I don't see this season being vastly different to the one just gone. It seems we are stripping the guts out of the team and starting again. It's not a bad thing but it does mean we'll be struggling again.
I think it will be a case of band aids again and getting loan players and youngsters. Not too concerned about losing the players as there is a really bad vibe about the club. It's good that we can use the opportunity to get rid of players like Emre, Barton, Duff, Nzogbia etc who say they love the club but never produce the goods.
Nobby Solano is available again!

JAYS said:

Should we not resign Rozey as hes having a great Euro.

Aidan Condie said:


Totally right. It's no use saying "useless", "never any good", blah, blah, blah. Just look at the signings we have made in the last n years and ask yourself "am I more happy after 12 months with this signing than I was when they arrived". 80% is less happy. Somewhere along the line we do it wrong. Ashley is spot on to change the way we work.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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