Milner future should be on Tyneside

By Lee Ryder on Jun 24, 08 05:51 PM

So then Milner must stay - or at least that seems to be the opinion of large sections of Newcastle United fans and seemingly Kevin Keegan.

Interest from Liverpool and Aston Villa (once again, are they obsessed?) looks set to be resisted for the winger and quite rightly so.

At the end of the day why would you sell one of your better players to two rival teams in the Premier League and at a time when United need as many quality performers as possible?

Milner's season ended in disappointment after a foot injury sustained at Anfield but despite his exit from the team coinciding with team's best and most exciting run of the season in the final straight, there's no doubt Mille would have slotted in some where at some stage.

And in some ways perhaps the injury was somewhat of a blessing in disguise.

Don't forget Milner was heading for almost two years consecutive football after involvement last summer with the England Under-21s at the Euros in Holland and then an early check in in 2006 with Newcastle after returning on loan from Villa to prepare for Glenn Roeder's Intertoto Cup campaign with the Mags.

Now with his rehab well underway, Milner will return with a proper breather and not just the week or so off he's had in two years.

That should make for a fresh start for the Yorkshireman who at just 22 is still a future international star and one of the prize assets Newcastle should be looking to develop further and not be looking to cash in on.



Dev said:

Milner is young, he has tricks up his sleeve and is a very hard worker so he will only improve. It's too easy to forget he's still so young that he still dons an England Under 21 shirt.

As we all know though, the Premier League is getting better and better each year and for a winger, Milner's pace is a massive issue.

People will say Beckham has no pace but the likes of Beckham doesn't need it due to his abilty to grab himself an assist from just about anywhere in his opponents half, and even his own sometimes.

I remember seeing Milner as a central attacker once though. It was Newcastle v Heerenveen a couple of seasons back under Glenn Roeder and he had a great game and scored a peach of a goal.

I really believe if Keegan can work with him regarding link-up play and short quick passes, which at the moment he is not at known for, We could have a player capable of playing just as good as the likes of Nasri, Arshavin etc.

Far Fetched some will say, but Milner already has two of the main ingredients to be a central attacking player. Skill, the natural quality of wanting to beat his man and good shot technique with both his left and right foot.

I'm sure Keegan is looking at him and thinking that if he can improve on his link up play and passing, and let's not forget he's only 21, then he may already have what he's looking for in the next....

Peter Beardsley.

Barry Borthwick said:

I would move him on. We need more pace in the team, especially in midfield and unfortunately James doesn't have any and is extremely one paced.

Tom said:

What is it about Milner i see him week in week out and really couldnt give a toss about what we do with him.

Paul Patterson said:

I don’t see why we have to get rid of Milner to make a move for Aaron Lennon. Can’t we not be a bit greedy and have both, imagine Lennon and Milner as wingers?? They can both operate on either flank. It would be great strength in depth.

I think it’s a shame that one of the best lads at the club, is one of the players that this set-up (Keegan excluded) would be happy to sell.

I’ve supported the deals done thus far Emre was too lightweight, if when he got off his sickbed to play, Rozehnal was too lightweight, Ameobi was just rubbish and Stephen Carr- likewise.

There are plenty of players that could be shown the door ahead of James Milner- Joey Barton, Geremi, Viduka, Smith, and Duff, must ALL be on double what Milner gets a week, yet if the club got a bid of £6m+ you can bet your bottom dollar that he would be sold.

Even Charles N’Zogbia is a worky ticket and should be dealt with if he even shows the slightest hint of wanting to move down south- Funny, he was happy enough to sign his new lucrative contract at the start of last season, yet now fancies the cockney move to be with his mum.

He might not be the finished article, but getting rid of Milner would be a travesty, this should be the least of our problems.


Charles said:

Finally some light to assure one more talent staying on toon instead of being painted red or tarot.

Over the years, its easy to see why Milner deserves to be here, simply by working hard, never giving up, and certainly never look back like what Roeder did to him.

The mishap injury that coincided with the good run was simply too easy to explain: A.Smith. Of all the flops in Newcastle united, A.Smith is the only one now that couldnt redeem himself even when given the chance. Hardly seen him play every time he comes in.

Next season, Milner will get his chance of playing right wing where he belongs, instead of the left where Big Sam used to put him. A waste of potential under Big Sam but thank goodness the nightmare is over.

Sy said:

Milner or Guthrie? Nuff said.

JC said:

Like some others on this page, I've never understood the fascination with Milner. Yes he works hard but too often for my liking he looks out of control, his delivery is awful, as is his passing, and he rarely scores. If £10million is a realistic possibility, I would crawl back from Anfield/Villa Park, were I Mike Ashley. The team needs an injection of raw pace, it wasn't that long ago people were talking £20million for Lennon. Personally I would LOVE him or SWP. The longer this close season goes on though, the more worried I get with the complete lack of activity!

Graham Southern Toon said:

Of course Milner should be kept on, he is so hard working, he always gives 100% and he also seems to be a very quiet down to earth kind of lad. At 22 it would be easy for him to get into trouble down on the Quayside but so far he has been a credit to the club with no bad headlines, unlike some! If the club sell Milner ahead of getting rid of Barton then there is something seriously wrong.

We keep hearing that Ashley isn't going to spend big as he wants to build a future for the club by getting in promising youngsters, well that will surely prove false should they sell Milner? He is the perfect age, is an England International and proved to be one of a few positives from last season.
As Paul said above, there are plenty of others that should go before him, so I for one hope the club keep him.

As for the talk of bringing in Lennon as his replacement, what will that do for us??

Lets keep our fingers crossed for some great transfer news soon, can't wait to pick up the morning paper and see KK with a great player either side of him with blank and white shirts on!!!

richard johnson said:

if milner is to move on and with the obsession villa have for him, i propose a trade with agbonlahor. we would then have one of the fastest attacking forces in the premiership. wonder if martin o'neil is game for that

neal said:

Milner should stay,when he plays for the under 21's he plays central midfield and really looks the biz. I know the premiership is a lot harder but when you look at our other options he should be given a chance.

ron lambert said:

Thank goodness the latest news implies that NUFC and James Milner will be together at least for next season, common sense prevails on that one. I've compared him potentially to the Waddler on past occasions and stick by that, though at his present age and ability may overtake Chrissy, given KK's handling of him. Charles nailed it when he reminded us of the lad's character on and off the pitch during the Roeder fiasco, a future captain's quality?. Paul P's ' why not be greedy and have him and Lennon on each wing ' would be great when we have to play 4-4-2, as they can both score goals as well. Strange, the doom and gloom of recent weeks from most of us has suddenly started to evaporate slightly since someone got back to his desk on Monday. You inevitably become bi-polar supporting this rollercoaster club. At least in my case he's taken my mind off some negative things, for the moment.

barney said:

Milner. Not a big fan one paced and gives the ball away far to often.
Lennon. John,s a better player and he,s been left for years!!
He is an "open the gate player" no end product Franz Carr anyone

ActionSteve said:

Milner is totally over-rated, he works hard but that's it...poor delivery and tends to fall over the ball when he tries his one trick...9 million quid? i'd sell him at half the price...Lennon is hardly the finished article either, but if you could get him for less money than Milner I'd say it's worth a go as his pace makes him more of a threat than Milner.

Swanny said:

The thing with Milner is he dose well and gets to the by line then...... turns back on himself and gets into trouble with a defender straight on top of him ........ either wing same thing

Its like parkers turn in the middle of the park all over again

WH LEONG said:

i would like to keep milner in the club. he is a potential and hardworking player. most importantly his heart is in the newcastle united. we dont want the player who come here is for the money.....


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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