Oba and out? Not likely if Martins is allowed to live his dream of joining Shearer and Co

By Lee Ryder on Jun 20, 08 05:04 PM

Another day, another story linking Oba Martins with a move away from Newcastle.

It might sound like a crazy idea but if you were to actually listen to the man himself in his two years on Tyneside so far, then it would be quite obvious that the only way Martins will leave St James's Park is if the Magpies allow it to happen.

On numerous occasions Martins has at least told this writer he is determined to stay and become a real legend.

At the end of last season he clearly proved how humble he was when he said: "I am not a real legend yet, Shearer is a real legend but I'm not one yet."

Martins isn't stupid and appreciates the power of the number 9 shirt, he knows about the players that have worn it before him and wants to join them.

He'll probably be the first to admit that last season overall the player was below par compared to his first season when he struck 17 goals.

It made last year's tally of 10 seem disappointing but 27 in total in black and white isn't a bad start.

And when you consider that Newcastle's strong (ish) run towards the end of the season featured Martins in fine form alongside Mark Viduka and Michael Owen, if all three are fit then surely KK's front three pick themselves?

Or at least they earned the right due to the late season run in which they re-captured the imagination of the Toon Army.

We know Viduka will start the season with injury trouble but Martins looks likely to be fit for the start of the season.

Viduka's absence could be the chance for Andy Carroll but despite a pretty gloomy summer so far, United aren't short on firepower.

And despite "interest" from Arsenal, Martins' dreams of being a true Toon legend remain intact for now...



Chris said:

I really hope you're right Lee. I'd hate to see Oba leave the Toon. He's a crowd puller and an exciting player on the ball.

Paul Patterson said:

Isn’t it typical, we find a foreigner, who is willing to show loyalty and has untapped ability, that just needs to be desperately brought out, and the manager (Allardyce) wanted to flog him at the earliest opportunity.

I’ve said this before, he WILL beat Alan Shearer’s record,- IF (And at Newcastle it’s a big if) he gets developed and sorts his first and second touch out, because we all know what his shots are like, usually thunderbolts from anywhere. I wouldn’t sell him for £30m, I love the guy that much, but sadly if a bid were to come in for 12m+ I think this regime would snap hands off.

I still have a mistrust of Mark Viduka, lets call it a question mark over his fitness record, especially when it’s cold and wet, but I think if we could get someone in to replace him, then we would have a formidable forward line-up, Owen, Martins, player x and Carroll backing them up.

He’s only 23 and he will easily be the best part of the Roeder regime to remember, a bit of a contrast between, him and Damien Duff for £5m eh?

I still hold a doubt over the ambition of this club (Manager apart) as I’m not entirely sure what money will be involved with player recruitment, but we’ve been linked with 15 year olds, 17 year olds and not much else.

I am absolutely furious beyond belief that we’ve apparently just let John Arne Riise swan off to Roma, without an apparent serious bid, and for what? £4m? A Champions League winner and the best left back in Premier League history, at 27 years old, with a brilliant left foot and can operate as a winger as well, AND score goals (Not own ones mind) to lose him has really shaken me.

It’s obvious we need to take the heat off Steven Taylor this season, to avoid ruining the lad and a centre back with PREMIER LEAGUE experience is vital, how about David Weater at Boro’ or Joseph Yobo at Everton?? Next we need cover for the whole back four, Aaron Hughes for heavens sake?

Next is the problem, an attacking midfielder in the Robert Lee/Gary Speed mould- step forward, Joao Moutinho, sadly he would cost over £10m, so that would rule him out, he’d get us a hatful of goals, he’s like a fit Emre, only better.

Then we need a left winger- assuming Duff’s finished and N’Zogbia’s going to huff off to London, so we should be calling Stewart Downing, he’s been wasted at Boro’ he’s a flying winger yet doesn’t get any freedom to do so. Sadly again, he would cost a bit, so that rules him out. Riise would have been the cheap option, but the club were obviously blind to that as well.

Worrying times lie ahead, not with Keegan in charge, as he will walk if things aren’t what they seem and so will 52,000.


Charles said:

Yes Lee, I still rather think Martins wil leave only if Newcastle said so, otherwise the No.9 shirt justifies itself. Even Shearer will leave if the club allowed it. I mean, what player could vote himself to stay when told "Not wanted" by managers?

We should be lucky to have sacked Big Sam before he does further damage. Martins was not in his scope and because of him, and not Owen, that Martins became unsettled. Sam cannot see what KK had seen, evident by the three striker formation which totally eluded the fat manager.

I like Martins as much as Owen. I have been supporting them both since Martin's arrival. (Sorry Owen, just I cannot see you before Martins got here.)

We know what Martins is capable of when given the right vision. KK's magic can strike goal if he harnessed the capabilities of Oba Martins. The man's quick, pace with ball, able to skip past players and shoot a thunderbolt into a net. The only thing is that he isnt much trained, and still retain his inability to pass good defenders. KK can sort that out...hopefully.

I see Risse going to Roma, not too much a cry nor a laugh. We can dispense with fools who won't play for Newcastle. I realised to buy good players, we have to give them at least Uefa football, as Luca Modric joined Spurs for the same reason. (You'd dont think Spurs can match Newcastle's potential, do you?)

I like to see Viduka playing but his fitness definately goes down. Its the physical, passing, and heavy-heading striker we want and we just missed out Asthon. Too bad, but seriously a physical player is really needed for the Owen-???-Martins to work. So unless anyone want to see A.Smith in black and white again, we'd better pray that KK can grab a striker.

And to Mike Ashley, we need your purse to be cut open, not otherwise. We need the money...BADLY! I dont want to wait another year for another season. I want to see players in, and bad ones out. But note that even I know, we dont need big names. Arda Turan, remember that name, I think the supporters would want him, no matter the cost.

Save Milner, throw Smith. That's my advice. Barton? I think he deserves another chance, but one more offense and I'll personally lead him out of St. James.

Siomi said:

Obafemi HAS to stay. He is lethal and could be the difference next season. We have to cling on to any player that is exciting the interest of the big four; doesn't that show he is real class?

We should just be thrilled that we have him and that he wants to stay with us. We should assure him of how important he is for us and that he won't be sitting on the subs' bench.

Depressingly, if I was Obafemi's friend, I would probably be advising him to leave the uncertainty that is Newcastle United and to go for Arsenal and European football and fantastic coaching from Arsene. Oh dear....

Ryder's reply: It's worth noting that Martins is close pals with Emmanuel Adebayor but with the player linked with a big money move abroad, that could work two ways.
Either Martins will replace his pal after Emmanuel Adebayor hands Wenger a glowing reference or his hopes of a dream partnership with his buddy go up in smoke.

Sy said:

Selling Martins surely shouldn't be an option. The only striker we should be looking to sell/replace is Viduka, purely down to his fitness record if nothing else. If they do sell Oba, then it'll easily cost more than the £10m we paid for him to bring in a replacement of equal ability. But that's the problem, I can't think of a player with his attributes. He can grab you a goal out of nothing, we should be desperately trying to keep him in our starting eleven, not looking at getting £12m for him.

I agree with Paul Patterson that losing out on Riise for less than £4m is disappointing. But (no offence intended, Paul) I still pray we don't go for Downing. Seeing as the sort of price for Downing and the price for Arda Turan will be comparable, it has to be Arda from where I sit. It's really frustrating that we could've tied this up for £12-13m before the start of Euro 2008, but trying to skimp and putting £8m on the table has now allowed him to shine, and I'd be surprised if the asking price hasn't gone from £13m to at least £15m, not to mention the competition we'll now face from, let's be honest, more attractive clubs at this moment in time.

One thing's for sure though, we're in for a difficult enough time signing the players we need to fill the holes in our squad without creating more holes to fill.

Brian Smith said:

Well said Paul Patterson I couldn't agree more...I can quite clearly see what Ashley is up to and it will hack fans off no end. He will continue to buy young talent for 250k etc. the coaches will bring them on....maybe 1 in 4 will make the grade, they then sell him to a bigger club for a fine profit and then start again and so the vicious circle continues. Ashley continues to cream off extra profit and rip fans off. I wouldn't be a season ticket holder with Ashley in charge, you will get no value for money, but one thing you will get is mighty frustrated!
NCLE UTD is more than just a business Ashley and your customers (season ticket holders) deserve a decent and fair return. Where will your business be without good loyal customers?
I hope the fans boo him out of the ground and club when the season starts

Ryder's reply: But surely you can't boo if the club are in the top six come the end of September? Fans frustrations over a hike in price are understandable but the fact that people are renewing show they are willing to give the new regime a fair crack of the whip.
Last season Mike Ashley was getting his feet under the table with a manager he didn't pick and it was clear United were heading the wrong direction, hence the removal of Sam Allardyce.
With a clean slate at the start of the season and right man in charge of the players on the field, in my humble opinion and with the benefit of hindsight after last season's turmoil, let's hope a better campaign lies in wait.

Topher said:

Let's put this "cheap" thing in context - the one person who we've seriously gone for this summer, is Modric. We offered more than Spurs in transfer fee but more importantly, we offered more than them in wages - just like we did with Woodgate. This is in stark contrast to the talk of Ashley's ultimate priority being to lower the wage bill and make a profit.

Let's face it, Modric hasn't set the world on fire - yes, he is a promising young player but for the reported £20 million, I would much rather have someone like Podolski.

In conclusion though, I think it is typically disappointing of Newcastle fans that someone has come into the club, looking to build solid foundations financially and playing wise - we signed seven players in January aged between 17 and 18 - and we are criticising them. It's disappointing and let's face it, it is premature. Arsenal have signed no-one neither have Manchester United, Everton not even Man City. KK is back in this week and he will always have my confidence, my full backing and my trust. Let's see what happens then - if we're still talking about the same problems in a month, then maybe I might join in with the criticism.

John said:

I have to say, heard where in for a long hard winter, but never expected a long hard summer, i wouldn't be surprised if we don't sign anyone who's value is in double figures, i think we will spend very little money, and on cheap buys.

As i have said before, the only bright side, is no one else is really setting up deals, lets hope with KK back at the healm next week, something will happen


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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