Gutierrez couldn't have picked a better role model

By Lee Ryder on Jul 23, 08 11:07 AM

Toon new boy Jonas Gutierrez has yet to kick a ball for Newcastle United but his words today will no doubt go down well with the Geordie nation.

For Gutierrez is hoping he can emulate Nobby Solano as he looks to make tracks on a successful career on Tyneside.

And as most United fans will know if Gutierrez can be half as popular as Nobby, he can leave St James's Park with his head held high.

Solano's popularity was underlined when Sir Bobby Robson opted to axe the little Peruvian when he sold him to Aston Villa for peanuts.

And when Solano made an emotional return to Newcastle, fans chanted his name on the same day that Michael Owen arrived at the club and 20,000 fans packed the Leazes End.

Gutierrez arrives here with a reputation of a player who likes to put himself about and that will go down well with United fans.

The winger is also a natural provider of the ball and with plenty of targets to aim for in Michael Owen, Mark Viduka, Oba Martins, Andy Carroll and Alan Smith, he could give the Toon's strikers plenty of options from out wide next term.

And in a summer which has resulted in little in the way of transfers to shout about, as it stands many are looking for somebody to pin their hopes.

Over to you Spiderman.



Geordie Boy said:

I hear what your saying and whilst its nice to hear... i'd rather be hearing about who on earth we are going to sign...

i know people will say we have 6 weeks left etc.. etc.. have heard it all but lets face facts! we were light on numbers last season, have lost players to other teams already this pre-season and with no obvious sign of improving the squad i'd rather know what on earth is going on in the heads of our suposed transfter guru's mssrs Wise and Jiminez??

can you find that out for us Lee?

richardM said:

If KK says Gutierrez is a top player, then that is good enough for me. However, the lack of transfer activity is a real worry. I have full confidence in KK but I am yet to be convinced by the new management and new ownership.

Patience is a virtue but being a fan of Newcastle United is a recipe for constant Paranoia.

My real fear is that our owner is trying to resist the direction of the market. I am not certain whether he is being pragmatic or just cheap. In every professional sport there are owners who decry the cost of transfers and salaries and claim they will be a one-man force to stop the trend. Most fail. A very small few resist the market and secure quality in their squads. None, using this approach, reach the heights of their profession.

The reality is transfer costs are soaring, while wages are just creeping up slightly. Whether we take a great player this year or next year, we can all logically conclude that we will pay more the longer we wait. Player X may cost ten million in 2008, but he will surely cost 15 million in 2009. Worse, the cost of lesser players will rise as well. Today its 100 million for Ronaldo, tomorrow it might be 30 million for Boumsong.

Clearly, to avoid this trend, action must be taken sooner rather than later. Howay the lads.

ronnie lambert said:

Now just hold on there a cotton pickin' minute, Nobby, Tino, Robledo's, has he never heard of Francisco ernandi Lima da Silva.? Mirandinha to us. He was arguably the most enigmatic and entertaining of them all. I well remember his great debut on a cold midweek night in Norwich where thousands of us descended on that sleepy village for a 2-2 draw, then drank them dry in their pubs with the arms around the Canary fans, and their lasses. You couldn't see the pitch for sombrero's and Brazil flags. And Gazza on the coach home, teaching Mira all the swear words he could, must have taken the whole journey home. I recall too the terrified defences at St. James' cowering when Mira ratcheted his right boot back, forty five yards out, and his pinpoint headers. Aye Jonas bonny lad, get doon to the Back Page for the video's of Mira. If you do half as well as him you'll be fondly remembered.

Paul Patterson said:

I can just picture the scene at St James’ Park, first home game, Nicky Butt plays a one-two with Steven Taylor and then spots Gutierrez free in acres on the left flank, he receives the ball, the crowds eyes are razor sharp in anticipation, the Argentineans brain read what’s happening in front of him and delivers a pin-point cross into the area and before the goalkeeper can come out and claim- ‘Little Micky’ has rose and nodded the ball into the back of the net. 1-0. Crowd go bananas.

And so a new hero is born, of course we all live in hope that this is what pans out.

Nobby Solano will always be remembered and it will be the one blemish with Newcastle supporters and Sir Bobby Robson, that he was sold for near nowt.

He claimed in his autobiography that ‘Nobby had stopped getting past the last man’ but to me this was never one of Solano’s strong points, he was better at spotting a runner and feeding him the ball with a spot on delivery and (usually Shearer’s head) would do the rest.

David Beckham has never beat a man in his life, yet he has always been held in high regard (Not by me like) so if ‘Spiderman’ can deliver like Nobby AND take a man on, we will have a tremendous player, especially if, like Solano, he chips in with a few goals.

Now if he can tackle as well?. . . . .


donal said:

get rid of alan smith!!!! seriously

Anonymous said:

I agree with donal, he isnt worth having in a team when all he can provide is heart and passion, we need goals from strikers not a battering ram. Were not bolton!

Ray WILSON said:

Hi lee-Jonas will need to be good-we do not seem to be getting much else. MA and Wisey need to wake up fast -Where does MA expect us to finish ? does he not understand we have a squad that lacks real depth- Why bring KK back if he is not going to support him? I am sick of the local papers telling us every day who is going-ie Milner -if the price is right -Charlie in a cash swop for Mcgeady- Krul if we get 2 million and now Edgar -what is going on here-When fat fred went I thought our stability would return -far from it -we seem to be having to sell to get anything -MA is supposed to be a tycoon business man -well he should know by now if any business does not provide quality -then you wont have a business very long.I do think KK will get fed up with all this cost cutting and if he walks -there will be an awful lot of us walking with him. What exactly are wise and Jiminez doing for there big salaries -not a lot from where I sit. Wake up MA this is the premier league-not some minor league and premier league players cost premier league money and demand premier league wages -you know market forces its called Mr. Astley.

Anonymous said:

Why on earth get rid of Alan Smith ? - he runs all day. We are short up front with Viduka injured & As is years younger. You watch next season with the right service he will come good.
NJ - Scotland - Galloway Mag

ronnie lambert said:

But seriously freinds, do like Donal says, unless of course that the genius has worked his magic on him and the very canny lad has learned a few pointers from him and Kev spots a niche for him, please God.

ronnie lambert said:

Try him at left back ( Smith )

wendy said:

Is it time to sack Wise and crew? Part time worker's based in London who have not delivered. They are not doing their jobs and bringing in new players.
But is it their fault? How much money had tight wad Ashley spent on players since he came? I bet comings and goings balance out money wise. Correct me if I am wromg. He won't pay the going rate for players and he won't pay the wages.
Is Kev on a hiding to nothing here?

Old Tom said:

Kevin i am no expert but could I suggest playing Smith right Back. To where he came from. I do admit he is a good passer of the ball. To the other team. Send him on loan maybe to Macums.

Jimmy Rawles said:

Try him left back at Leeds.

Rob said:

i agree on the smith debete, all the guy gives us is a garunteed yellow card, if not worse! he's a striker who can't score goals. He's a defensive midfielder who can't protect the back four. He's an attacking midfielder who can't get into the box because he's too slow! tell me again we should keep him? As for the lack of activity on the transfer front, it is a major worry! Don't get me wrong, for years we have been a soft touch for any foreigner who wanted a decent pay packet and not do too much for his money! So I like the idea of being a bit more shrewd with the clubs money. But as Ray mentioned, you have to pay premier league wages to premier league players! People of the calibre of modric or aimar won't come to the toon for peanuts, yes aimar is 28 and i can maybe see the sence behind not giving him mega bucks as he does present a small risk having never played over here and we may not get a massive fee for him, were he to fail. But modric on the other hand is22 years old and is regarded as one of the top young players in the world, we couldn't lose no matter what!
i want to see a left back, centre half and a play maker brought in, along with a bit more youth to boost up the squad. we are strong in goal, out wide and to a certain extent up front, although an alternative to the injury prone viduka would be greatfuly welcomed. but we are short all across the back and in midfield! so if i can see all of this then you can bet your ass the mighty one can and will be doing everything he can to sort it out! so lets just get behind the lads and ignore the snipers. come on!

jon said:

i tink holdin midfielder would be better

Snapper said:

My goodness what is going to hit Owen next? Bubonic plague, there always seems to be a reason why Owen cannot start pre season training. KK says himself that pre season is of paramount importance, if so, once again it will be Spt/Oct before MO is fully fit. It is now obvious for all to see why Owen never gets 20+ goals a season. Signings, I give up, the wages budget tells you all you need to know about the ambitions of the club at the moment. I am 68 and supported NUFC for 60 years NEVER before have I been so depressed about whats going on.

Snapper said:

Am I the only one sick to the back teeth of reading in our local paper the opinions of Harper and Given, in case anyone needs reminding they are not the voices of the top floor of St James, we want to hear from KK, Ashley, Wise or anyone else with some clout. Whats happened to Keegan he seems to have been struck mute since his return, our opinions are obviously being ignored as they have been for years. The Makems look like signing a CH from Spurs, who the Spurs supporters say is the best defender they have had for years Kaboul, yet CH is one of our problem positions, are we pitching are we hell.

gav said:

you know im not sure which one im bothered about more . The fact that we are desperate for signings or the fact that the press seem to think its ok to link us to every tom dick and harry going from every single division new contract signed or not , of course the lack of signings really is bothering me but im sure we wont go without before the end of the season i just hope it doesnt get too desperate and keegan is forced to opt for every waife and stray from off the street just to make up the numbers .

Thats the problem he has got, not every quality player is going to want to come here and the position we are in at the moment just solidify's that fact, there is no doubting keegans persuasion skills but you just have to look at other teams in the league and say we are gonna be near the bottom of the list for them . Of course i dont want to see the club in that position but we need a good season to really break the ice , to put a beacon up to players to say that we have more to offer them, the likes that say portsmouth have this season ,manchester city , so on so forth.

We already have quality players at the club but is just playing with other good players enough when picking a club to move to , we all know thats not how it goes i am desperate for us to have a good season but lets face it a good start where we can make sure of a top ten place throughout all the season would be more than good enough for me , im not gonna kid myself by thinking champions league but top ten just pushing for uefa would be more than good enough for me !!


we should go for pedro mendes 2.5 million what rangers quoted to buy him.
he would be a exellent aquisition, still got plenty years in him loads of prem experience, and a class player.

Snapper said:

Liam perhaps its the fact Ive supported NUFC for 60 years and apart from the oasis in the desert one John Hall Ive been constantly been promised cavier and then delivered dry bread. You critise people who complain, get a life when we are apying in excess of £600 for tickets do you not think we have a right.


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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