It's Blog on the Med but is sunshine enough to sooth the Toon Army's pains?

By Lee Ryder on Jul 29, 08 12:05 PM

Newcastle United will jet off from Tyneside tomorrow afternoon to escape yet another media storm in the UK following Joey Barton's release from prison.

Many Toon fans were starting to make their way across to Majorca for the Mallorca Summer Cup this week and the sight of United supporters wearing the new purple kit at Palma Airport was there for all to see here on the sun kissed Balearic Island, with many of them greeted by a temperature of 31°C when they stepped off the flight from Newcastle at 11am local time this morning.

Barton won't be joining his team-mates though and with the club's Academy side also in Germany at the moment, the Toon's training HQ will be a lonely place for the Newcastle midfielder, whose solitude is set to continue, albeit in a different sense.

And a United side, already licking their wounds from Doncaster Rovers at the weekend, will arrive here in Majorca without their controversial former Man City star.

The players will be training in the sun but by the time their first game on Friday night kicks off against Hertha Berlin at 8pm local time it should have cooled down a little.

Fans arriving in Palma will be greeted by official touts at the airport with tickets costing 65 Euros for all four games.

And with many holidaymaking Geordies already on the island, there could be as many as 7,000 fans backing Kevin Keegan's side.

Not bad for a crisis club eh?



chuck said:

Aboot what ?

Mark said:

Go and see Fab Coloccini and get him signed mate HE IS NAILZ!

Brad said:

Cant wait till this comp kicks off, hopefully be able to see spiderman, and danny guthrie, who knows even colocinni.

David K said:

Pre season games often flatter to deceive so I personally am not panicing....yet.
I might start to if we end up, a couple of days before the ManUre game, still worrying about Barton's future, or whether Dennis (sleight of hand) Wise has managed to tie up Owen's contract, or whether anybody will still come in and take Slowla off our hands (please Taily-Boy get the cash and buy him, pretty please).
We're still linked with some handy players and as long as we don't let them slip away like we have been, I still think we've got more than a dogfight to look forward to next season.
Going off at a complete tangent. Has anybody else noticed how Coloccini is the spitting image of Julio Geordio?

Jacko said:

Having been at Donni at the weekend it seems best for all concerned to disappear from the Toon for a while. Additionally the constant speculation by the media must have a negative impact on all players, not just Mr Barton! Interestingly there isn't any speculation regarding impending departures for Shola and Alan Smith; pity that!

Paul Patterson said:

It’s understandable due to the nature of the crime, but the national papers have bent over backwards to lambast Newcastle United and Kevin Keegan in particular, for the defence of Joey Barton, but there is one defence for Kevin Keegan in his actions.

All of Joey Barton’s crimes have occurred AFTER Kevin took over, so therefore giving him another chance is probably the right thing to do. Plus he has served his time (However shoddy a sentence it is) But the one thing that must result from this is finally -This MUST be Last Chance Saloon, Joey-

Personally I’m not confident in the slightest he won’t do it again, but if, as rumoured Mike Ashley and his board want clauses inserted into Barton’s contract, then this must be viewed as a good sign and Joey Barton and his advisers would be stupid not to accept it and thank themselves lucky.

Either way, the possible move for Fabricio Coloccini is a welcome move, as he is a brilliant player, as long as he adapts to Premier League football. He has looked good when I’ve seen him.


RAF Mark said:

Lee, as you know criss or not the toon fans will follow the club so you can hardly use that as a level. As you well know the B&W fans will always support the club they love even if they don't like what they see. Yes we are demanding but I think the fans who have passionately supported the club through some of the worst times the club has seen, players fighting on and off the pitch, bad management and false promises, under acheivement, I certainly think we as fans have earn't that right. I don't think we have a bad side but we definately need some more quality players to bulk up the squad. As for thre Barton situation I am still on the fence about him. I think they got it right on the Radio today by saying that he can go 1 of 2 ways, remain in the gutter where he currently is or become one of the best examples for young kids around. He is currently sitting in at the bottom of the barrell, this gives him a huge opportunity to demonstrate to alot of kids that this need not be the end of the road. I am not saying it is going to be an easy road for himn and nor should it be, but there alot of kids out there in very similar situations to him without a light to guide them out of it. I for one am willing to give him a chance to be that light, not so much for him but more for the kids out there who look to footballers for a bit of inspiration. I just hope that Barton realises that if he betrays Kegans trust then he betrays us all.

After previous performances in friendlies I thikn the players need to have a look at themselves and get it into there mind that the season has started and it is time to starting earning that pay packet again.


karl said:

I can't believe the club has kept Barton on it's books. There again I shouldn't be suprised really. The Premiership players and to a lesser extent those in the other leagues set examples for youngsters these days - what an example Barton is! It's alright lads you can run about assaulting people, do a bit of time then stroll back into your highly paid footballing life no worries. Has no-one got the balls to take a stand and sack the player for what he has done? If I'd behaved like that out on the street (1) I'd probably still be in prison and (2) you can be sure I wouldn't have a job to come out to. I know people will argue he's a 'business asset', but I'm afraid it doesn't wash. On a lighter note can anyone send me the list of Championship clubs so I can find out their locations in time for next season??!!!!

David K said:

Karl wants to know locations of Championship grounds for next season. Can anybody give him directions to the Riverside and the Stadium Of Light?

he he he.... only kidding

Ivor Clark said:

Only KK as Newcastle manager could sway the opinion to get Barton fired, but I think its as much a financial reason as a forgiving one. But Barton must now know this IS his LAST chance. If alcohol addiction is his problem, and the source of his aggresive nature, then that can be dealt with, but if he is just a born troublemaker I cannot see him lasting another season at NUFC - Ashley just wont tolerate it, and neither will the fans. Fascinated by the possible influx of quality Argentinians - Collocini looks very hard


Lee Ryder

Lee Ryder - Proudly born and bred on Tyneside, the Chronicle's chief sports writer has followed the fortunes of the club over the last three decades as a Toon fan and football writer.

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